What Kind of Wig Is Most Suitable for Chemotherapy Patients?

Hair loss post chemotherapy and other treatments can be difficult and emotionally challenging for people. Picking a good wig can help them boost their comfort and confidence while making them feel good even during treatments. Due to cultural norms and climate, investing in the right wig in India is more necessary. Wigs for cancer patients should be lightweight, breathable, and adjustable.

Feeling truly empowered requires more than a wig that looks good. For this reason, we have curated a collection of wigs for chemotherapy patients in India. 1 Hair Stop’s wigs are light and allow your scalp to breathe, offering great coverage and support for sensitive skin. Additionally, they are adjustable to adapt to the rapid weight fluctuations that may occur during chemotherapy treatments. 

Understanding Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most widely used medical treatment to destroy cancer cells. However, it can cause major hair loss as the cancer drugs increase the rate of cell division, including hair follicles. This side effect results in hair loss during and after the treatment and can be devastating for most. That’s why people seek to regain and maintain their self-esteem, appearance, and confidence, by wearing comfortable and natural-looking wigs.


We recognize the importance of finding the ideal wig for those who have gone through hair loss because of radiation treatments. That’s why we have created this quick and easy guide with all the essential details to help you find the best wig in India. Explore everything there is to know about hair wigs, the factors to consider while selecting wigs, and how they can help one look and feel good during this challenging time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wig

1. Comfort

While investing in wigs for chemotherapy patients, it’s necessary to prioritize comfort above everything else. Look for wigs that are created with lightweight materials to dodge any irritation to the scalp. Opt for soft caps, and adjustable straps that will ensure a snug and comfortable fit that can last all day!

2. Materials

There are two types of material used in wigs:

Human Hair: 


Curated with real human hair, human hair wigs are light and breathable. They give a very natural look and can be maintained and styled exactly like natural hair. They are high quality, durable, and flexible, so they are on the expensive side.

Synthetic Hair:


Made of high-quality synthetic fibers, synthetic hair wigs too come in different lengths, colors, and styles. They are easy to maintain and can stay in shape after multiple washes. Even though these artificial wigs are less costly than human hair wigs, they are heavier and unbreathable.

    3. Style

    Consider personal style, habits, and preferences too while exploring wigs. Some chemotherapy patients prefer short wigs for easy maintenance, while others may like long hair wigs for versatility.

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    Type of Wigs Available in India

    1. Human Hair Wigs:


    Most chemo patients in India prefer wigs made of natural hair for their incredibly natural look and feel. Human hair wigs are very durable, lasting up to 1 year with regular care. Nowadays, even human hair wigs are available in different textures, lengths, and shades. Check out our collection here, and find the perfect match for your desired look, effortlessly. 

    2. Synthetic Hair Wigs:


    Synthetic hair wigs are a great option for people looking for a budget-friendly fix. They are less expensive yet synthetic wigs still offer a decent, almost realistic appearance and texture. With a proper wig care routine, they can last up to 6 months, providing a temporary, budget-friendly solution.

    3. Custom Hair Wigs:

    For those who seek even more affordable wigs, custom wigs are available. Custom wigs are premium hairpieces that are customized to the head shape, hairline, thinning areas, and desired style. Ideal for chemo patients who prefer custom wigs that offer comfort with instant volume, easy application, and maintenance. Made with high-end materials, custom wigs offer a natural, blended, and seamless look. Match your hair type to the different lengths, colors, textures, and volumes available. Custom wigs are best for patients seeking a perfect fit, appearance, comfort, and confidence.

    Choosing Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients: Key Considerations

    While choosing wigs for chemotherapy patients, some factors must be considered. Considering the following factors, they can find the perfect wig to provide support and instill comfort and confidence during and after the treatment.

    • Prioritise comfort and breathability by opting for wigs made from soft materials that won't irritate the scalp
    • Consider different wig lengths, styles, and fits to suit personal preferences.
    • Try for wigs with adjustable straps and secure fastenings and pick the easiest one.
    • Choose versatile wigs for experimenting with different looks.
    • Opt for easy-to-care-for wigs, allowing people to focus on their health without needing to care.

    Caring for Your Chemotherapy Wig

    Whether you opt for a human hair wig or a synthetic hair wig, it’s essential to maintain their condition. Following a proper hair care routine for your wig can extend the longevity of your wig and offer a flawless look every time you wear it!

    Wig Care Tips


    • Gently brush hair to detangle the hair wig or use a wide tooth comb for less breakage.
    • Wash the wig with a mild shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, and cold water for human hair wigs.
    • Use a wig shampoo specifically designed for it and follow the instructions mentioned.
    • Avoid using heat styling tools for synthetic wigs or exposing them to extreme temperatures when damp. Let it just air dry on a wig stand before storing it.
    • To dry human hair wigs, you can blow dry it after applying a heat protectant spray/cream and style it as desired.


    • Store the wig in a cool, dry place, far away from direct sunlight and humidity.
    • To store it – use a wig stand or mannequin head. This maintains its shape and prevents tangling or flattening of the hair.
    • Cover with a hairnet or scar to protect the wig from dust.
    • Avoid folding or crushing, as this can cause creases and deformity.
    • Store it in a wig holder provided, in a way that helps to retain its natural shape.

    These are the steps you can take to store a hair wig. For more detailed information, you can read the blog 'Your Guide to Storing Wigs.' Here, you will learn in detail what you should and should not do.

    Where to Find Top-Quality Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients in India


    Look here! At 1 Hair Stop, we specially curated comfortable wigs for chemotherapy patients, as we believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and flaunt their dream hair! Visit our store or check out our online catalog to find the perfect human hair wig and hair extensions for you.

    Key Features of 1 Hair Stop Wigs:

    • Ready to wear, pre-cut, & styled
    • Made with 100% human hair for a flawless natural look
    • 3x5’’ Silk Top for multiple inconspicuous parting styles
    • Fully-ventilated invisible lace cap
    • Elastic adjustable strap & 3 comb clips for custom fit
    • Ribbed 1HS Silicone Wig Grip for confident fitting
    • Can be worn with or without glue/wig tape

    Our Human Hair Wigs let you feel beautiful and sure of yourself! They cover your whole head and are super easy to use. Try our full-head wigs for Ladies and feel confident. With our wide variety of real hair wigs, you can get your dream hair and feel more sure of yourself!

    Other Reasons for Wearing Wigs

    • Fashion: Some folks prefer wearing wigs to try new looks or different hairstyles without changing their natural hair permanently.
    • Medical Reasons: Wigs aren't just for chemo patients; people with conditions like alopecia and hair thinning use them to enhance their appearance and confidence as well.
    • Cosplay and Events: Fancy hair wigs are big in movies and parties for dressing up and trying different looks.


    Picking the right wig for chemo patients means thinking about how comfy it is, what it's made of, and how it feels and looks. Whether it's real hair or synthetic, the aim is to give patients confidence during a tough time. Consider all available options before investing in a permanent solution and take good care of your wig to increase its lifespan. Choose a wig that resonates with your hair goals from our Human Hair Wigs Collection and be a head-turner wherever you go!