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Easy Ways to Take Care of Hair Extensions
'Luscious locks', 'dazzling tresses', 'silky strands', we can go on and on about how we feel about hair and how we undoubtedly consider it as our 'Crowning Glory'. We're always looking for different ways to style our hair and enhance...
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College Season: 15 Easy and Effortless Hairstyles for College

The college phase is undoubtedly one of the best phases of life. No matter how many submissions you've got or how tired you are, you'll always want to create new experiences, have fun and explore through all your opportunities. The rush to look amazing and keep up with all the beauty and fashion trends almost seems like a necessity. Young blood at college thrives to look their absolute best. But unfortunately the endless cycle between late night submissions, weekly tests, group projects and so much more barely leaves any time for some good self care rituals and routines. We get how balancing between self care and academics during uni days can be a task but ergo you won't have to 'pull your hair' (literally!) over it because we've got some tricks up our sleeves that can help you achieve cool, fun 

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8 Reasons To Revive Your Look With  Human Hair Toppers
Hair Thinning is a problem that women all around face today. Be it bald spots or loss of density, hair fall and thinning has become a major concern. 1 Hair Stop's Human Hair Toppers are the perfect solutions to add volume to your to make it look dense and fabulous. 1 Hair Stop offers a variety of Human Hair Toppers that look completely natural and can add volume wherever you'd like. Hair thinning is common, but with these variety of products, your best solution is just a click away!
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