How to Rock Different Hairstyles with Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide for Trendy Looks

Hair is the ultimate form of self-expression, offering endless possibilities! Welcome to a world where you can get a makeover every day! Whether it’s a romantic updo or a daring braid, these simple styles will help you unleash your inner fashionista, one stunning look after another.
So, get ready to rock these trendy hair extensions hairstyles and make some heads turn with your updos!

Hairstyles You Can Try With Clip-in Extensions

1. Half Updo Hairstyle

Half-updos, paired with human hair extensions, offers a bouncy yet face-free hairstyle that effortlessly adds personality to your look.
Let’s create a cute updo with these simple steps:

  • Detangle your hair and clip away the crown part with a claw clip over your head.
  • Add your clip-in hair extensions below the sectioned part.
  • Take out some hair horizontally from the claw clip covering the clip-in hair extension and place the claw clip back.
  • Clip on the extensions below the part line and remove the claw clip.
  • Now, make a half ponytail with both your natural hair and the extensions.
  • Divide the ponytail into two and braid them.
  • Secure the braids with clear hair ties.
  • Wrap them like a bun and pin them like this:

2. Double-Braid Hairstyle

Double braids, with clip-in extensions, draw attention to your facial features and hair accessories while adding volume to your hair. This tutorial will help you showcase your colorful extensions in a chic, double-braided look:

  • Brush your hair, divide the crown part of your hair, and hold it with a claw clip on the top of your head.
  • Securely attach your extensions below the part line.
  • Remove a chunk of your hair from the claw clip so that it covers the clip-in hair extensions.
  • Clip on the extensions below the part line and remove the claw clip.
  • Make a loose ponytail at the crown, and loop it through a split above the hair tie.
  • Divide the entire hair length into two parts.
  • Take small, equal sections of hair from one side of the hair and tie it loosely with a hair tie at the back of your head. Repeat this two or three times, as per your hair length.
  • Follow the same for the other side, and gently join them at the bottom with a hair tie like this:

3. Boho Hairstyle 

Be it a girl's day out, a beach day, or just another brunch, this boho hairstyle, along with hair extensions, gives a voluminous look and enhances your style! Just follow these easy steps to elevate your hair game:

  • Attach colored hair extensions near the crown for a highlighted look.
  • Create a half ponytail with a hair tie.
  • Split the ponytail and braid both sides.
  • Wrap one braid clockwise over the ponytail, and fasten it with a hair tie and a bobby pin.
  • Similarly, wrap the other braid anti-clockwise and pin it, forming a bun.
  • Braid equal chunks of hair between the bun and your ears, secure with ties like so:

 4. Bubble Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Jazz up your simple ponytail with this bubble braid ponytail and your colored extensions:

  • Add extensions to your hair, and make a simple ponytail with a hair tie below the crown.
  • Wrap a hair section around the tie and pin it with a bobby pin, creating an invisible ponytail look.
  • Leave a 4-5-finger gap and secure your hair with another tie.
  • Create another invisible ponytail and poof up the hair between the ties to create a bubble-like shape.
  • According to your hair length, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the end of your hair length.
  • Brush some glitter eye-shadow on the wrapped hair as shown in this tutorial:

5. Crown Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Interested in a unique braided look but you don't have that much time, you have a hair thinning issue, or you want a ponytail hairstyle for some event or party, you can also opt for a ponytail hair extension, which could be a lifesaver for you.

Try this elegant crown braid ponytail tutorial with your colored extensions.:

  • Attach the extensions to your crown.
  • Create a semi-low ponytail, leaving the crown section of your hair.
  • Split and braid both sides, secure it with a tie, and gently loosen the braid by pulling hair from the pigtails.
  • Tie both the braids together at the back.
  • Twist the pigtails above the hair tie and pull your low ponytail over the split.

6. Mermaid Braid Hairstyle

Enhance your charm with a mermaid braid, blending your hair with sparkling extensions, creating a look as captivating as the sea itself. Add some mystical touch with the intricate twists and textures in your style.

  • Brush your hair and add extensions around your crown.
  • Take a small chunk of hair on one side and add a hair tie near the roots.
  • Take a ball chain or tinsel longer than your hair length and knot it to the hair tie.
  • Create a braid with the same hair chunk and the ball chain or tinsels.
  • Secure with a hair tie and place it across your crown, on the opposite side.
  • Take a similar chunk of hair from below the braid and make a rope braid.
  • Position it right below the previous braid.
  • Taking equal sections of hair from each side, make a twisted braid at the back of your head until you reach the bottom of your locks like this:

 Advice About Using Hair Extensions To Create Gorgeous Hairstyles

  1. Choose clip-in hair extensions that match your hair type and texture.
  2. Invest in human hair extensions for optimal blending and styling.
  3. Maintain hair extensions and your natural hair by using gentle and sulfate-free hair products and light-hold hairsprays while styling.
  4. Avoid sleeping with wet extensions, and minimize heat styling to prevent damage.
  5. Clip the extensions on the teased hair roots for better support and volume.


Embrace the transformative power of hair extensions hairstyles and let your creativity work its’ magic! With the right clip-ins, care, and a touch of imagination, you can achieve several stunning hairstyles that make a statement. So go ahead, experiment with your hair using 1 Hair Stop's hair extensions. Step out confidently, knowing your hair looks as fabulous as you feel. Remember, hair extensions aren’t just about volume or length; they’re about expressing yourself in a new light.