Best Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Summer is here, bringing the scorching heat and humidity that can wreak havoc on our hair. Dealing with frizz and sweaty roots can leave one feeling uncomfortable and weighed down. But don’t fret!! We're about to reveal the top 10 summer hairstyles that are not only super cool but also easy to try, helping you stay cool and stylish all season long. Let's dive in:

Effortless And Easy Best 10 Summer Hairstyles

Why choose between looking good over feeling cool? When you can do both! These are some of the most effortless and simple hairstyles that will save both time and energy as you go through your day.

1. Half-up Ponytail

On a hot day, this is a classic lifesaver! Just brush and gather the top half of your hair at the back for your ponytail and leave the rest loose. Add a cute tie or a clip to give it a unique touch and complete your look!

How to Style

  • Begin by brushing your crown hair to create a smooth half-pony.
  • To enhance your volume and texture, you can also apply a texturizing spray before the final brushing.
  • Gather the crown hair and secure it with a hair tie at the bottom of the crown portion.
  • Adjust the tightness as per your mood for an elegant or casual look.
  • Let the remaining locks flow freely!

2. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Elevate the ponytail game with a sleek braid! This easy hairstyle gives you a polished look that's great for work or for a night out.

How to Style

  • Simply, start with a high ponytail and then secure that with a hair tie.
  • Braid the ponytail to the bottom and secure it using a hair tie.
  • Wrap a small section of the hair around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair tie and pin the end below it. 

Styling Tips

Adding Braided Ponytail extensions can work wonders for your ponytail if you have thin hair or just want to create a bold fashion statement. Ponytail hair extensions are ideal for trying out easy hairstyles that involve braiding as they don't tug or pull your hair.


3. Bubble Ponytail

This is a playful hairstyle that adds a fun twist to your regular ponytail. It’s perfect if you're looking to add more texture and volume to your long hair. 

How to Style

  • Brush and gather your hair in a high ponytail.
  • Starting from the top of the ponytail, add a clear elastic after 2-3 inches and fluff it up by gently pulling the hair outwards, creating a bubble-like shape.
  • Repeat this throughout your ponytail, until you reach the bottom.
  • This is an easy and simple summer hairstyle for long hair as it transforms your hair game while giving it a voluminous effect.


4. Messy Bun

An effortless yet stylish bun for the lazy summer days! This bun is simple, good-looking, and keeps the hair out of your face. Sometimes when you are just not ready, or your thin and frizzy hair gets in the way, a messy bun comes to your rescue! To make it easier, try a Messy Bun extension and achieve a natural-looking messy bun look with them.

How to Style

  • Gather the hair loosely into a low ponytail or a bun, at the back of your head.
  • Don’t strive for perfection, a few loose strands falling on your face add charm to the overall look.
  • Wrap the messy bun extension around your bun, secure it with bobby pins, and loosen some strands for a relaxed or messy look. 


5. Brunch Hairstyles

These hairstyles will make you look effortlessly stylish on your brunch dates or outings with this hairstyle! They are easy to create and suit all kinds of outfits and occasions!

Styling Tips

Consider your hair length before trying brunch hairstyles. Explore various hairstyles like buns, braids, and half-updos, and pick as per your mood and getup.


6. Double Dutch Braids


Channel your inner athlete with some cool braids. The double dutch braid may look intricate and difficult, but it can be mastered with some practice. Dutch braids are different from regular braids. Instead of crossing hair strands over each other, you cross them underneath the middle strand, which creates an inside-out and raised effect. 

Styling Tips

  • Start with slightly damp hair. Create a clean middle parting that goes all the way down to your nape to achieve a symmetrical look. 
  • Begin from one side, by taking a small triangular section at the front of the head. 
  • Divide the section into three equal chunks and start braiding while adding small sections of your hair from both sides. This will provide the thickness and make them look voluminous.
  • While braiding keep it tight at the scalp and secure with a hair tie when you reach the base. 
  • Repeat on the braid on the other side of the partition and secure with a hair tie. Use clear elastics for a simple and chic look. 

7. Scarf Braid

Add a touch of color and Bohemian flair to your hair with this braid. Scarf Braid is a great way of incorporating unique summery accessories into your hairstyle!

Styling Tips

  • Section your hair into three equal chunks at the back or either side of your head.
  • Take the scarf and put its center under the middle chunk of your hair.
  • Hold the sides of the scarf with your left and right hair chunks while you braid your hair.
  • When you reach the bottom, use a hair tie to secure it, or just tie the scarf around the end of your braid.


8. Knotted Hair Bun

A perfect hairstyle for a brunch date or a summer wedding! The knotted hair bun is simple to create and offers a polished, clean look.

Styling Tips

  • For an elegant look, opt for a low bun, or try a high bun for a playful vibe.
  • Achieve a sleek look by straightening your hair, or create a relaxed aesthetic bun by leaving it wavy.
  • There are various methods for creating knots, choose the style that matches your vibe the most.
  • Secure the bun with bobby pins, and ensure the bun is firmly fixed in place.


9. Chignon Bun

This classic French bun is perfect for achieving a sophisticated look. It's easy to create and perfect for hot summer days.

Styling Tips

  • Start by loosely gathering your hair at the nape of your neck and twisting it upwards.
  • Coil the twisted hair into a bun and use bobby pins to secure the base firmly.
  • Tuck any loose ends and pin them for a clean finish.
  • For a relaxed look, gently loosen some strands around the face for a casual touch.


10. Braided Crown

This type of Hairstyle is great for adding a swift romance in the summertime. A look that can work for a day out or picnics, etc. If you feel or don’t have the thickness required to create this hairstyle, you can add clip-in extensions for a fuller-looking crown. These extensions will blend seamlessly with your natural hair to create that perfect braided crown look.

Styling Tips:

  • Begin by detangling your slightly damp hair. 
  • Make small sections at your crown and attach the clip-in extensions near the hairline.
  • Take 1-2 inch chunks of hair below your left ear. Divide this section into three parts and start braiding.
  • Using the' inside-out' French braid method, add chunks of hair as you go from left to right.
  • Secure the braid with hair elastic and secure that with bobby pins underneath your right year creating a half braided crown.


Tip: You can also use a braid hairband to give a braided crown look instantly, without going through the hassle of braiding. 

    Simplicity doesn't always require sacrificing style. With these top 10 summer hairstyles up your sleeves, you're set to conquer summer in style! These hairstyles offer the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, ensuring you're prepared for whatever summer throws at you. You will look and feel like your best with these versatile hairstyles.

    However, if you’re hesitant to try these looks due to thinning hair or simply don't want the hassle of styling, consider hopping on the hair extension bandwagon! A high-quality hair extension from 1 Hair Stop offers you the confidence boost you need to rock any hairstyle, instantly. Crafted with natural hair and ready to dazzle, these extensions are true showstoppers, anytime!

    So, embrace your inner diva and explore the hairstyles that resonate with you. With enhanced style and increased confidence, you will be unstoppable this summer!