A Cheat Sheet To Blend Clip-in Extensions Like A Pro!

A Cheat Sheet To Blend Clip-in Extensions Like A Pro!

Are you someone who can add clip-in extensions to your hair even in sleep or are you someone struggling with their first pair of clip-in extensions? Are you someone who makes their own Youtube video on clip-in extensions or someone who is looking for channels on clip-in extensions to understand how to clip your human hair extensions in right?

Then, honey, this is a blog you should definitely not miss! We believe that no matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new. If you are in the mood to learn and understand how to blend your clip-in extensions better then keep reading. 

Let’s go ahead and uncover insider secrets on clip-in hair extensions blending:

Clip your human hair extensions in at an angle

One of the most common methods that a lot of clip-in extension users use is to put their clip-in extensions in straight. While this does not cause any harm, if you want to add an extra edge to your hair, then you should put your clip-in extensions in at an angle.

What this method does is that it creates natural layers in your hair. Imagine, you don’t have to cut your hair to achieve layers anymore! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Not just that angling your clip-in extensions adds dimension to your hair. 

All your need to do is add two 2 clip-in extension wefts on either side of your head. The clip-in extensions weft towards your face should be placed a bit higher and the weft behind it a little lower.

This creates layers that frame your face perfectly.


Fold them to add volume

Say you just have a one weft volumizer hair extensions. The normal way you would clip-in your volumizer extensions would be to just lift a certain layer of hair on your crown and add the extensions.

Now imagine this scenario. You just watch an amazing ponytail hair tutorial and want to recreate it for your next outing with your girls. The only problem is that you need a thick ponytail to make it happen. You don’t need to frown anymore because you can add volume in one place to create a perfect ponytail, just by using the right technique. 

Take the one weft of your volumizer extensions and fold it together and clip it in right in the middle, where you will create the ponytail. And voila you are all set to create a thick and bouncy ponytail. Use these thick & folded clip-in extensions to experiment as much as would like!

Merge them together for a faster morning routine 

Need to be at work by 9 AM, but woke up at 8:30 AM? Damn, that’s a bad place to be in isn’t it? But we don’t want you to compromise on your daily dose of awesomeness because you woke up late. What we mean is that you don’t have to skip wearing your clip-in extensions, just because there is no time.

Instead a simple trick will help you put on the clip-in extensions in a jiffy. All you need to do is stack the wefts of your clip-in extensions together into one big weft. Then, you can just comb your hair, lift a certain section of crown hair and add one big weft of clip-in extensions in under two minutes

So, do you still think you have to skip wearing clip-in extensions on a busy morning? No right? Instead the busier you are, the better you should look to kick some ass. 

Add wefts to hide the tiny hair

Not a fan of short layers in your hair anymore? Want to create a unidimensional length which is so much in fashion right now?

Oh no, come on, we are suggesting that your hair will grow overnight. But, you can still hide those tiny layers with clip-in extensions. Are you waiting to learn and understand how? Okay, okay, we won’t hold the suspense anymore.

What you will need to do is add a two or three weft clip-in extensions right next to the partition and you will see the short layers in your hair magically disappear. All hail clip-in extensions, ladies! 


The other tips & tricks of the trade would be to stack three to four wefts one above the other, to add a lot of volume in one section of your hair. This comes in handy for updos and half updos. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? 

So sisters, why don’t you do ahead and try these different tips & tricks on your hair with clip-in extensions today. OMG we promise that it is going to change your hair game like you never ever imagined before. 

If you have decided that you want one, then visit our clip-in hair extensions collection and find one that matches your hair. And if you are someone who is still thinking about buying clip-in extensions, we insist that you read our other articles to make an informed clip-in extensions choice.

Until next time! XOXO