A Step By Step Guide On How To Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions

A Step By Step Guide On How To Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a crowd favourite and rightly so! They are simply amazing looking and very easy to use. If you’re new to extensions and don’t know how to use clip-in hair extensions then this is your ultimate guide. Learn how to put in clip-in hair extensions in your hair so that they blend seamlessly and do not fall off at any instance. Let’s get started!

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are pieces of hair that can be added to your own hair to increase the volume, length or both. They can be made either from real human hair or synthetic hair. You can attach these hair extensions using small clips that are built into the hair extensions.

The best part is that clip-in hair extensions are temporary and you can quickly add or remove them depending on the look you want. Good quality human hair clip-in extensions are so natural looking that you will not be able to differentiate them from your natural hair. Alternatively, if you want to add a spark of colour to your hair, clip-in streaks are also available in bright and beautiful shades and they do the trick in seconds without damaging your natural hair

How To Use Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Using clip-in hair extensions is really easy and you will be able to ace the process in just a few steps. Let’s look at the process of applying and removing clip-in extensions in step-by-step.

Attaching Clip-in Hair Extensions

First, let’s see how to apply your clip-in extensions. Read the steps for full details and for a quick roundup check out this video.


Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Before you attach the clip-in extensions, make sure your hair and scalp are clean. If needed wash your hair with a gentle cleansing shampoo and then condition them. Let them dry completely before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Detangle

After your hair is fully dry, take a thick comb and brush your hair starting from the bottom, moving up. This will remove all tangles from your hair and make them smooth and ready for the next step. 

Remember, do not brush your hair when they’re wet because the comb might pull upon your hair and cause breakage and damage. Let them dry completely and then brush and detangle.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

This is the most important step - creating sections in your hair based on where you want the extensions to be placed. Start by creating a horizontal section along the top of your ear, you can use a comb to create a neat section. Take all the hair above the section and hold them up using a clutcher. Now brush the loose hair to make them smooth.

Step 4: Attaching clip-in extensions

Take your clip-in extensions, one piece at a time, and snap to open the clip. Now place it along the section that you created and press gently to close it, this way it will be secured at the spot. Do the same for other clip-in sets.

Step 5: Cover the clips

Once you have attached all the clip-in extensions as needed, loosen up the top part of your hair and then comb over with the extensions. This will ensure that the hair extension clips are concealed and not visible at all. 

Step 6: Repeat as needed

You can repeat the above mentioned steps to attach hair extensions to the sides or near the crown if needed. The process will remain the same - just keep creating sections, attach the extensions, and then cover them up. Viola!

The above steps should help you conveniently apply clip-in extensions. 

Removing Clip-in Hair Extensions

Taking off clip-in hair extensions is easy-peasy! Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find the Clips

Look for the little clips that hold the extensions in place.

Step 2: Gentle Open

Use your fingers to gently open the clips. Press the centers to release them.

Step 3: Hold and Slide

Hold the extension weft with one hand and slide the clip out with the other. Be gentle so you don't pull your own hair.

Step 4: Release and Repeat

Do this for each clip, one at a time, moving from top to bottom.

Step 5: Untangle

Once all the clips are out, give your hair a soft brush to remove any tangles.

That's it! Your hair is free, and you can let it breathe. Remember, be gentle to keep your natural hair happy and healthy.

Tips To Make The Best Of Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are wonderful hair accessories that can help you style an amazing look within seconds. We’ve just seen how simple they are to use, even a beginner can use them efficiently. Additionally, if you have some expert tips up your sleeve, you will be able to make the best use of your clip-in hair extensions. And honestly, who doesn’t want that? Right?

So, here are some insider (expert) tips that will help you use your clip-in hair extensions in the best possible way and you will be able to achieve 100% style potential using your clip-ins. So, read on and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Tip 1: Start from Bottom to Top

When you're attaching the extensions, start with the bottom wefts and work your way up. It's like building from the base up!

Tip 2: Blend and Comb

Comb your natural hair over the extensions to cover all the clips. This will make your hair look more natural and pretty.

Tip 3: Go Easy on the Clips

Make sure the clips are secure but not too tight. Your hair will thank you for being gentle!

Tip 4: Change Styles

You can use different number of clip-in hair extensions to create various styles – little volume to hair drama and even coloured clip-in streaks! The possibilities are endless with clip-in hair extensions. Check out this blog on Amazing Hairstyles For Frizzy/Wavy Hair to see all the cool hairstyles that you can make using clip-in hair extensions.

Tip 5: Take Breaks

Your natural hair needs a break from hair extensions too. Don't wear the extensions all the time – give your hair some time to relax. If you are someone who uses hair extensions every day, then make sure that before sleeping you take them off and also give your natural hair some love and attention. 

Tip 6: Try Some Colour

If you want to have the same tone as your natural hair then find clip-in extensions in the same shade as your hair. If your natural hue is somewhere in between then go for a lighter shade and then you can dye them to match your exact hair colour. You can also try going for highlights in vivid colours as clip-in extensions come in the form of streaks and can instantly provide colour to your hair without damaging them.


Tip 7: Trim for a Perfect Fit 

If your extensions seem a tad too long, no worries! Just trim them a bit to match your natural hair length. It's like giving your hair a cute little makeover.

Tip 8: Smart Storage

When your extensions aren't in action, keep them comfy in a cool, dry place. 


In a nutshell, clip-in hair extensions are your passport to instant hair transformation. With a little practice and our step-by-step guide, you've unlocked the secret to achieving luscious length and fabulous volume in just a few minutes.

Remember, clip-in hair extensions are like your hair's BFF – they're here to enhance your style, boost your confidence, and bring out the inner hair artist in you. Whether you're aiming for an everyday look or getting dolled up for a special occasion, clip-in hair extensions have your back (or should we say, your hair!). So go ahead, rock those extensions, and embrace the world of limitless hairstyle possibilities. 


  1. How do you put in clip-in hair extensions for beginners? 
    All clip-in hair extensions are extremely beginner-friendly. Learning how to use them is easy and you should be able to ace the process in just a few practices. So, do not be overwhelmed, just check out the steps that we discussed in this blog, and within 5 minutes you will be equipped with all the knowledge that you need to attach and remove clip-in hair extensions on your own.

  2. Can you put clip-in hair extensions in yourself? 
    Totally! Putting on clip-in hair extensions is not a hard task. As compared to other types of hair extensions, the clip-in hair extensions are really easy to use and you can conveniently do it all on your own. If you have assistance, great! But if not, it should really not make any difference. Just section your hair first, and make sure they are free of tangles and knots. Then simply follow the steps listed in the blog above. 
    Also, removing clip-in extensions on your own is equally easy.

  3. Do clip-in extensions damage hair? 
    Clip-in hair extensions will not damage your hair, just make sure that you are using them correctly and not being harsh on your natural hair and roots. Snap open the clip-in hair extensions and close them gently at the spot where you want to secure them.
    Also, make sure that you allow your natural hair some time to breathe. If you’re using your clip-in hair extensions daily, then take them off before going to bed and then gently massage and comb your natural hair to stimulate blood flow. Using clip-in hair extensions is good, it does not damage your hair but still, a little TLC for your natural strands can go a long way.

  4. How long can clip-in extensions stay in? 
    Clip-in hair extensions are really secure and will not fall off on their own, provided you have applied them in the correct manner. Open the clips, place the extension where you want it, and then gently snap the clip to close it. This will hold the hair extension securely in place.
    After you’ve applied it, shake your head a little to check if it is secure, your clip-in extensions should not shake or move if they’ve been attached correctly.

  5. Are clip-ins safe for hair?
    Using clip-in hair extensions is 100% safe. It does not damage your natural hair. Just make sure that you are not harsh while attaching and removing them. If you pull too hard on your natural roots, it might result in breakage and damage. So be nice and gentle and you should be safe.