clip-In hair extensions

Spilling The Secrets About Clip-In Hair Extensions - Part 1

Chew the ears off your entire gang, looked and looked all over Google, watched a ton of Youtube videos, but still not sure? It is alright sister, take a deep breath and calm down. Choosing the right clip-in hair extension can be confusing.

But, now, we are here to hold your hand (virtually ofcourse) through the entire process. Here is everything you need to know about clip-in hair extensions before you enter the OTP on the payment gateway. 

So get ready for a fun tutorial on clip-in hair extensions.

What Are The Different Types Of Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Well this one is easy peasy and we are sure you already know the answer to it. But anyway, we will go on and answer that for you. Clip-In Hair Extensions can be broadly divided into two types.

  • Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions: These clip-in hair extensions are made of synthetic material. So, they are not natural, but are synthesized in a lab.
  • Human Clip-In Hair Extensions: As the name suggests, human clip-in hair extensions are made of real human hair. They give you a natural look just like your own hair.

Which Of The Two Types Of Clip-In Hair Extensions Good For Me?

So, before we answer this question for you, we have to come out clean. We are obviously biased towards Human Clip-In Hair Extensions. Not just that, any hair extensions company which really cares for their customers will be biased towards Human Clip-In Hair Extensions. Before you ask us why, here are a few reason we can think of in less than a minute:

  • Nothing can look as real as Human Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Human Clip-In Hair Extensions Blend Like Butter
  • They can be styled super easily are very versatile
  • Also because you deserve the OG Clip-In Hair Extensions. And nothing can be more OG than Human Clip-In Hair Extensions

Oh, we promise you that we actually could jot all those down in less than a minute!

If you are debating between synthetic and human clip-in hair extensions, then would definitely suggest human clip-in extensions for you. Although the technology and material used to make synthetic clip-in hair extensions is getting better by the day, it can never look as real as human clip-in hair extensions

So sister, trust us and invest in those beautiful human clip-in hair extensions you had your eye on for a while now! Take a look at our hair extensions collection and find the ideal one for you.


What’s The Best Quality Human Clip-In Hair Extensions?

“I heard you and I decided to go with human clip-in extensions. So, what’s next? How do I know which is of the best quality?” Is this what’s going on in your mind? We have the answer for you.

Ask any hair expert what’s the best quality human hair extensions and they will in a jiffy tell you that ‘Remy Hair Extensions’ are THE BEST. 

Remy Hair Extensions are human hair extensions which are considered to be of the highest grade. They have their cuticles intact making the hair smooth and shiny. Oh, nothing can look more real than Remy Hair Extensions.  

Not just that, Remy Hair Extensions are aligned in a unidirectional fashion to make them look just like your own hair. All these super-duper qualities are what make them the human clip-in extensions of the highest quality. 

Silky, shiny, relatively tanglefree, and ofcourse super duper real. What else would you want from clip-in hair extensions? 


How Much Do Human Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost?

We know you were waiting for an answer for this question from the very beginning. And, why not? Human Clip-In Hair Extensions have a notorious impression of being extremely expensive. Only something actresses, models or ultra-rich people can afford. 

This was the scene when there was monopoly in the Human Clip-In Hair Extensions business. One of the main goals for us at 1 Hair Stop is to make Clip-In Hair Extensions as affordable as possible. 

Our Classic 7-Set Clip-in Hair Extensions start at a very affordable price of Rs 8,500. 

Not a right price to pay to get your hands on the Clip-In Hair Extensions you deserve right?

Our Clip-In Hair Extensions come in 2 textures, 6 colours and in 6 hair lengths. We want to spoil you for choice and make sure that we are truly inclusive :)

Ufffff, too much information on clip-in hair extensions to process? Haha, it is okay! We do not want to overwhelm you. We answered the basics of Clip-In Hair Extensions like which type, quality, price etc. 

Why don’t you sit back and ruminate on it a little more? We will be back again with the more advanced version of this in a bit. Always remember, a purchase of clip-in hair extensions is not like a fling, but like a long term relationship. So you want to be absolutely sure and get the best you deserve.

That’s all for now folks. Keeping watching the space for the Part-2 version! XOXO