How to blend in balayage clip-in extensions

How to blend in balayage clip-in extensions

Balayage clip-in hair extensions are a great way to experiment with colours and a variety of different shades which your favourite 1HS offers! It’s a good option to stick to rather than committing to getting your hair coloured in salons and end up damaging them. 

If you’re new and had difficulty achieving the flawless look with our balayage clip-in hair extensions, we are so sorry! But.. we are here to help you girls and we will walk you through some key tips and reasons as to why it happens. 

Did you recently splurge money on balayage clip-in extensions? Are you a little confused as to how you can blend with your own natural hair without making it look as if those are balayage hair extensions weft?

Here, follow us along!

Step 1- The first thing that needs to be done is brushing your own natural hair and the balayage clip-in hair extensions. This is to ensure that they are tangle-free. 

Step 2- If you’ve got your hands on our 7 set seamless balayage clip-in extension, then you may first make a circular section at the crown area. Clip the hair into a bun. Start clipping the invisible clip-in hair extensions in an orderly manner to ensure they lay evenly and help in better blending. The weight of balayage hair extension weft  is also evenly distributed across the entire scalp making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

Step 3- remove the clip from the top and blend your natural hair with the balayage hair extensions weft. Section each side of your head and clip 2 sets of 1 clip on each side of the face. Comb the balayage hair extensions nano gently and you’ll see how flawlessly and seamlessly they blend with your natural hair making it look as though you just walked out of a salon ;)

But why didn’t my balayage hair extensions weft blend in earlier?

Honestly there are many reasons as to why you faced difficulty in the beginning. But the most important reason could be the difference in hair type and cut. While many girls are quick to clip-in these balayage clip-in hair extensions without much difficulty and assistance, others might face a barrier in doing so. 

For instance, let’s say if you have lots of layers throughout your hair then you will have to layer your invisible clip-in hair extensions so that it matches with those layers. 

Could there be more reasons?

If you have purchased the incorrect weight for your actual hair type or hair length or could be that you have a unique hair cut like a lob or a blunt cut. 

Any additional tips you can provide for future assistance?

1. Trim or layer your balayage clip-in hair extensions

Don’t think it's a waste to cut off hair you’ve just spent every penny in, you need to keep in mind that the most important thing is to achieve a natural flow so that it's not at all obvious where your real hair ends and the extensions begin. If required and if you’re unsure about cutting them then get assistance from a professional hairstylist. 

2. Hide the bottom layer of your hair 

If you have a lot of hair strands that keep peeking out of your balayage clip-in extensions then you may need to pin back a portion of your hair for a seamless blend. Firstly, section the bottom of your hair from the middle of your ear to ear, braid it and tie with an elastic band and secure it with a few pins. Then go on and start clipping in your invisible clip-in hair extensions set by set. Once they are all secured you can let down your hair and the end result will look very natural. 

3. Curl your balayage clip-in hair extensions with your natural hair

This is a great trick- just take a few strands of your own hair and a few from your balayage clip in extensions and curl them into each. This will blur any possibility that differentiates your hair from the extensions. Brush your hair and they flow seamlessly into the extensions. 


We hope this blog helped you understand and also gave you enough tips, tricks and reasons on blending the balayage set clip-in hair extensions. If the problem still persists. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! More than happy to help you girls. :D xx