Turn Into The Queen Of Beauty With Clip-In Extensions #AchieveTheLook

Turn Into The Queen Of Beauty With Clip-In Extensions #AchieveTheLook

A humble girl from Karnataka who went on to redefine beauty not just in the sub-continent, but all over the world. She is the true representation of South Asian beauty on the global map. Does this ring a bell? Not yet?

She was crowned Miss World in 1994 and is often referred to as the most beautiful woman on earth. Oh come on, we are sure you can guess whom we are speaking about now. Yes, it is the Queen of Beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan herself. (cue loud virtual cheer)

She started out as a pageant princess with her looks to die for and went on to become the Queen of Bollywood with her amazing style and acting skills. She is the definition of versatility. From a girl next door in a Tamil romance film Kandukondain Kandukondain to a powerful role in a British girl Provoked and an ultra-glamorous role in Dhoom 2 she has done it all.

What if we say you can inch closer to her by replicating her awesome sauce hairstyles with clip-in extensions. Excited right? So, what are you waiting for honey? Let’s go ahead! 

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Her natkhat character in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam stole everyone’s heart. That long and lustrous straight hair never goes out of style. Even today, you can turn heads in any party with the look.

Here’s how you can achieve the look. Quite honestly, the look is very straight forward. You will need long hair extensions, a few hair pins and a flat iron. Clip-in the long hair extensions (26 inches) in a way that the long hair extensions reach till your lower back. 

Now use the flat iron and straighten out your hair and the long hair extensions. Comb your hair to remove any tangles and create a mid partition. Start plaiting your hair from below the nape, leaving the top section free. Secure the plait with an elastic. Use pins behind your ears to pin up hair if needed.

And in a few minutes you are all set to look like Nandini. If you want to elevate the look a little more, pair it with a Bandhani saree or ghagra. 

Source: India TV


Back in 2004, when being conventional was the norm, Aishwarya Rai went outside the box with her look in Khakee. Her beautiful cat eye complimented her Bronze highlighted hair and side bangs. While actresses were big on straight hair, she went on to wear wavy hair like a bawse!

To achieve this look you will need clip-in extension bangs, bronze balayage clip-in extensions and a flat iron. Comb your hair out well. Put on the clip-in extension bangs and the bronze balayage clip-in extensions.

Trim the clip-in extension bangs well to fit your forehead well and straighten them out on one side to give the look of side bangs. Then use the flat iron and create long waves in your hair and the bronze balayage clip-in extensions.

You can finish it off with a teeny tiny bit of hairspray to create a glossy effect. There you go, you are all set!

Source: www.bookmyshow.com 

Fanney Khan

Who says an actress can’t come back with a bang after having a baby? Aishwarya came back with Fanney Khan and how! The fiery and sharp style in Fanney Khan is to die for. With luscious hair and red streaks, she redefined age in the film.

You can achieve this look at home super easily at home too. All you need are volumizer clip-in extensions, red clip-in extension streaks and a flat iron. You might be wondering why you need volumizer clip-in extensions. The hairstyle requires a lot of bounce and volume, in case you already have it with your natural hair, then the volumizer clip-in extensions can be skipped. 

Put on the volumizer clip-in extensions and red clip-in extension streaks in your hair. Comb out your hair nicely and finally use a flat iron to create long waves in the hair.

And voila, you are all set to go!

Source: Hindustan Times

You can also recreate Aishwarya’s looks in Dhoom 2, Ae Dil Ae Mushkil, etc by using long hair extensions and balayage clip-in extensions together. 

So, stop overthinking honey. All of these looks are achievable with clip-in extensions. Get yourself some clip-in extensions you so truly deserve, wear the look with pride and flaunt who are to the world. 

Always remember, you can recreate and get inspired by looks, but you are the most beautiful girl XOXO