Transform Your Look: A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Hair Toppers Like a Pro

Ever dreamt of fuller and thicker hair? The hair toppers are the best solution for adding volume and concealing hair-thinning areas. They're perfect for anyone who wants to be more confident and more glamorous look without having to wear a full wig.

What is a Hair Topper?


A Hair Topper is a hairpiece that adds volume and coverage for specific areas of the head, typically the crown part of your head. Unlike the full hair wigs that cover the entire head, the toppers merge with a certain area. Hair toppers are like luxurious hair extensions that can be clipped right in.

Here is a simple table to help you understand the differences between the hair toppers and the full-head hair wigs:


Hair Topper 

Full Wig 

Coverage Area 

Crown of your head

Entire Head 


Add Volume & Conceal Thinning

Complete Change of Hairstyle 



Requires straps to secure the adhesive. 

Things You Need

Hair toppers are easy to attach and remove as they are attached with small clips that give a secure hold. Gather these essentials before embarking on the application process of your Hair Topper.

  • A Brush or a Comb 
  • Hair Clips (Optional for Styling) 
  • A Hand/Small Mirror
  • And Definitely, your Hair and Hair Topper

Full Step-by-Step Application for Hair Toppers

Ready to transform your hairstyle and enhance your look? Here is a full step-by-step guide on how to apply hair topper like a professional:

1. Prepare Your Hair:

Begin by detangling your dry hair. Part your hair as you normally do or you can create a different parting for a new look. Before you apply hair topper, you can slightly tease your crown hair near the roots for better grip.

2. Position The Toppers:

Locate the pressure snap clips of the toppers, generally located at the back of the toppers. Hold the topper's base with clips that are facing down and align them with your hairline where you desire to add volume. 

3. Secure the Clips:

Secure the clips by opening the pressure clips and pressing them gently toward your scalp. Ensure that they are gripped onto your natural hair but aren't pulling your hair to establish a secure and comfortable attachment. 

4. Blend it:

Now it’s the time for real magic! Just gently brush your natural hair with the base of the topper for seamless blending. You can also style with a hair dryer on the lowest setting to help the hair integrate properly.   



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Tips On How To Make Hair Toppers Looks Natural

These are some of the best tips for making a hair topper look natural. Here are the simple tips for achieving a natural appearance:

Matching Your Hair

It's crucial to choose the right hair topper that matches your hair and fits your needs. Start by selecting a hair topper that matches the texture and color of your natural hair, providing a flawless blend. You can also consult a hair professional if you need help selecting a hair topper. 

Styling Together

Style your hair toppers with your natural hair as you normally do. Be creative & don't be afraid of styling your hair. Just make sure you use a heat-protectant spray or cream before styling. Straighten, curl, or give waves to your hair for a personalized and combined look. 

Concealing of Base

If some part of the hair toppers peeks out then you can use other methods to conceal them. Experiment with a different side partition before you apply hair topper. You can even use a root touch-up spray that matches your hair color to give it a subtle camouflage.

Removing Your Hair Topper with Ease:

When you are done with your hair topper, removing the topper is just as easy as putting it on!

  • Start by clicking and opening the pressure clips one by one another.
  • Gently lift the topper off your head.
  • Topper placement is super simple and removal is like counting 3-2-1. 

Daily Hair Topper Care for Long-Lasting Beauty:

To keep the hair looking the best and ensure its long life follow these toppers caring tips. If you want to know how to make hair toppers look natural then these tips are your real savior: 

Dedicated Storage: When you are not using your hair toppers, you can either use a mannequin head or a wig stand to maintain the shape of hair toppers and prevent any tangles. 

Regular Brushing: Brushing is highly effective in making the hair toppers look the best. Use a brush with soft bristles and brush gently to detangle the hair and prevent damage by minimizing tangling and breakage. 

Washing Care: Try the mildest shampoos and most moisturizing conditioners when you are washing hair toppers. The frequency of hair washing does depend on the frequent use of hair toppers. Use sulfate and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid damage to the hair toppers. Wash them gently without applying extreme pressure or force to avoid breakage. 

How to properly clean and store your hair topper

Now let's dive into the cheat sheet of Cleaning and Storing the Hair Toppers. Let’s look at the basic routine that can prolong the lifespan of your toppers: 

Cleaning and Conditioning Tips

As we discussed above, remember to wash the hair toppers, and use the most mild shampoos and conditioners. It does not matter how frequently you use the toppers; you should wash them periodically if you feel they are dirty. To avoid harming the hair toppers, use shampoos and conditioners free of parabens and sulfates. Avoid damaging the hair toppers' strands, by washing them carefully without using too much pressure or force in some spots. 

Application and removal of Toppers

Always do the topper placement and removal of the toppers in steps as mentioned. Taking some extra time to apply and remove them and not hurrying up in this process can easily prevent your toppers from being damaged during the application or removal process. 

Storing and Keeping Toppers

Storing toppers is also a key aspect for prolonging the life of the toppers. Store the toppers in a clean and dry place away from the sunlight. Use the bag provided with the toppers to keep them tangle-free. To retain their texture, keep them away from moist spaces, like washrooms.  

Troubleshooting Common Hair Topper Concerns:

Even long-time hair topper users may encounter various challenges. Here are some of the problems one may face with the best solutions: 

Slipping Topper: If your hair toppers feel like slipping or loose, you can try some of these things.

  • Ensure that clips are secured properly. 
  • Try different parting placements and tease your hair before attaching clips to get the best grip.
  • Using a volumizing powder on the crown part can create a good base for attaching toppers. 

Bulkiness in Base: If you are feeling bulky on your scalp or the hair toppers do not feel comfortable, they can be too thick. Consult a hairstylist who deals with hair extensions. They will help you choose the right hair topper according to your head and hair. 

Tangled Topper: Toppers that are made from human hair are prone to tangling. Brushing the hair toppers can easily prevent tangles. If tangles are still occurring, then use a wide-tooth comb and a detangling spray that is specially designed for these hairpieces. 

Embracing Confidence with Hair Toppers

Now that you know how to apply hair topper. You can master this task with practice. Implementing all the tips and tricks will allow you to become a hair topper pro! The newfound confidence you gain from thicker and more voluminous locks with hair toppers, will let you experiment with different hair styles. So, go on and embrace the true transformation that hair toppers provide and rock your favorite hair topper!