1Hs Adjustable Band For Hair Toppers
1Hs Adjustable Band For Hair Toppers
1Hs Adjustable Band For Hair Toppers
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1HS Adjustable Band For Hair Toppers

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Are the front clips of the hair toppers causing pressure on your hair roots? Or you don’t have enough front hair to lay the topper flat? We now have the perfect solution for you!

Our adjustable band is an option you can opt for. What does it do?

  • Helps lay the topper flat if you don’t have enough hair to grip the toppers
  • Eases off pressure from your hair roots
  • Prevents damage to your natural hair roots 
  • Secures the topper safely

How do I tie it on to my topper?

There are two strings that need to be attached. Each of them goes through the ends of the hair clips on your hair topper. Simply just tie a tight knot to the hair clips to secure it well.

How do I wear it?

This is a great fix for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the front clips of the topper or has weak hair roots. 

Customer Reviews

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Sumi Bordoloi (Guwahati, IN)
Flawless product

I feel confident on wearing the topper...looks natural..no one can find that its not my won hair. Only problem is..being an alopecia patient I dont have much hair in the front...so it is painful for me to wear it with the clips.. though I have the adjustable band with me. Over all highly satisfied with the product 👍...look at my with and without topper pics.

Sweta kiran
Gd 1


Pragati Chattopadhyay (Bengaluru, IN)
For that natural look, go fo it !

The adjustable band for hair topper makes your look very natural and it is good for your hair if you have fine hair and weak hair roots.
Very happy with the product 👍🏼

Supriya (Guwahati, IN)
Adjustable band for toppers

Its a hair☺️ saver... sometimes the clips from the toppers tug n pull at my thin hair. This band has made it much comfortable to wear the toppers all day throughout.

Ayushi Mishra (New Delhi, IN)
It works like magic

Just waahhoo feeling after wearing it ❤️ dream comes true ... Great product ,light weighted but also very sophisticated.thank you so much for life changing element ❤️