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College Season: 15 Easy and Effortless Hairstyles for College

The college phase is undoubtedly one of the best phases of life. No matter how many submissions you've got or how tired you are, you'll always want to create new experiences, have fun and explore through all your opportunities. The rush to look amazing and keep up with all the beauty and fashion trends almost seems like a necessity. Young blood at college thrives to look their absolute best. But unfortunately the endless cycle between late night submissions, weekly tests, group projects and so much more barely leaves any time for some good self care rituals and routines.

Dressing up, looking and feeling good should be easy and fun especially for college students with such hectic schedules. This is just the right time to experiment and have fun with new looks and hairstyles. Expressing your personality through your hair can be such an interesting way to show how you're feeling or what kind of vibe going for at different times. We get how balancing between self care and academics during uni days can be a task but ergo you won't have to 'pull your hair' (literally!) over it because we've got some tricks up our sleeves that can help you achieve cool, fun and most important, EASY hairstyles that barely take up any time:

1. Braid Hairband

The easiest way to achieve a dainty, fun look is with 1 Hair Stop's Braid Hairband. These hairbands look so natural and come in colours that make your hair look effortlessly beautiful. These hairbands take absolutely no time and are the perfect accessory to achieve a minimal and stylish look.

 2. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Tired of having your falling on your face all the time but want to make your hair look good while it's put behind? A sleek braided ponytail is classy and holds your hair making you look oh so fine! Within five minutes, you'll end up achieving the dreamiest hair look!


3. Sleek High Ponytail

Famous amongst so many models for their "off duty hairstyles", this is not just the perfect definition of a ponytail but also makes your features look sharp and smouldering. 1 Hair Stop's Ponytail Extensions are the best add ons to achieve the most voluminous, high ponytail. 

4. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail is your 'go- to' hairstyle for making your hair look voluminous and beautiful. This hairstyle is the cutest way to have fun with hair and barely takes any time to get it right. 1 Hair Stop's 3 Set Volumizers gives that gorgeous density and does major justice to the look!


5. Bling For The Hair

Last minute Friday plans? Or an impromptu college party to attend? Regardless of a bad hair day, there's nothing that a little bedazzle can't fix. We have a variety of bling-alongs that make you shine brightest in the room. This quick fix not just brings the glamour quotient on, but barely takes a few seconds to put on.


6. Messy Bun

Messy Buns happen to be a universal favourite hairstyle for college girls for so many years. This easy hairstyle makes you look effortless but unfortunately sometimes our trusted messy buns end up looking flat or just don't do justice to the look. 1 Hair Stop's Messy Bun scrunchies add definition to our hair and still makes it look easy-breezy.



7. Waterfall Flower Braid

Waterfall Flower Braid barely takes any time but makes your hair look absolute angelic. These subtle braids can be combined with 1 Hair Stop's Streaks to create a hairstyle that makes you look nothing less than a princess! 

 8. The 'Hailey Beiber' Look

We're all in awe of how cute and gracious Hailey Bieber's side braids look. These side braids look fun and might just become your go-to hairstyle for brunch with the girls. Adding streaks of different colours can elevate the look to a whole new level. You can never go wrong with some burgundy and mahogany, it's just the pop of colour you need!

10. Side Twist Curls

We've all have our days when we've woken up right in time to get ready in a few minutes and literally rush to class. Thr transition from a bed head to looking fresh for class can be a task for the little time in hand. We believe that simple twisted curls have set "gold standards" for decking up just in time. Our sandy brown clip-in streaks are so easy to attach, that with these 2-minute side twists you're good to go!



11. Hair Vine 

Culturals and freshers is universally the best time of uni life. Whether it's the joy and the young rush around or just discovering your personal style and experimenting with looks, we end up creating memories for a lifetime. Looks for culturals and freshers are planned with so much enthusiasm and excitement, we love the energy! We have a little something that'll spruce your look up and create the look of your dreams with the easiest steps. Our Hair Vine has such intricate details, you'll just not want to miss out!



12. French Twist Hack

We'll admit to it, our Instagram fyp/feed has been filled with these cute banana clip and claw clip hairstyles that give a seamless look to the hair. But right when we try it, it looks nothing short of a mess! But worry not, we found the easiest hack to get the hairstyle right using 1 Hair Stop's Zig Zag Claw Clip.



 13. Flower Bands

Nothing beats the look of good old Jasmines or Baby's Breath beautifully strung into our hair or just placing a single flower into the hair for a cute summer look. But it breaks our heart to see these precious flowers get wasted. But with 1 Hair Stop's Flower Bands, you can instantly create cute summer looks.



14. Hair Sticks

Sometimes styling and straightening your hair with products high on heat can be damaging to hair and can cause hair fall and so many other issues. Maintaining hair on campus can be a little tough but at 1 Hair Stop we've got these Hair Sticks that create easy and cute hair buns in no time!



15. Scarf Braid

Ladies we might just have found the cutest thing ever! We at 1 Hair Stop have the cutest mini scarfs that can be styled with hair in so many different ways. We bet our multicoloured scarfs will bring the cutest smile on your face. There are so may ways to style the scarf but we love this extremely easy hairstyle of blending the scarf into the braid and it creates the most adorable look for your hair. 



Culturals, Freshers, TGIF, Group Presentations, First Day of Classes, there are so any memories that are made in these three precious years of life. Every day there's something to look forward to and we end up discovering so many ideas and hacks that we cherish for a lifetime.

To catch more ideas and hacks for easy and effortless hairstyles, don't forget to check out our instagram @onehairstop. Until next time!