Seamless Three-Set Volumizer - Natural Wavy Texture

Rs. 9,360

Seamless Clip-in Extensions work the same as the Classic Clip-in Extensions but these are thinner, seamless for ultimate comfort, light on the head and lay flat when you put them on, without any bumps!

Increase your volume instantly with the Three-Set Clip-in Volumizer. This Volumizer has 3 clip sets - one that goes on the crown area and the other two go on the sides as demonstrated in the pictures. This clip-in extension is best for someone who's looking for a quick way to increase their hair volume in seconds and since the weight is distributed, you wouldn't find it to be heavy on your head.

  • Made from 100% Human Hair of the highest quality
  • Heat Resistant - Straighten, Curl & Style the extensions the way you like
  • The hair can be recoloured at any point in the future
  • Frequent wash is not necessary

  • Since hair extensions do not receive natural oils from the scalp like our own hair, they do not need to be washed on a regular basis. Wash your 1 Hair Stop extensions only after 20-25 wears or when they become unmanageable.
  • Washing the hair extensions is easy! Just wash it the same way as you'd wash your own hair. Apply shampoo first and rinse it off, then apply conditioner and leave it on for 5-10 minutes and while the conditioner is on, comb the extensions from bottom to top using a wide tooth comb. Wash the extensions after the conditioner is soaked in well and ensure that you get all of the conditioner off otherwise the hair would feel sticky! If you'd got the wavy extensions and want the extensions to be wavy after wash, make sure you scrunch the hair well when you wash them and leave the extensions to air dry, to get beautiful natural waves.
  • Be gentle with the fancy colours like the reds, blues, purples etc, as the colour will bleed a little everytime you wash them. 
  • Always brush the hair from ends to roots and hold the roots when you do so to get the tangles off and also protect the hair from breakage. 
  • Ensure that the hair is combed frequently with a broad comb to avoid any tangles

Take care of your extensions like you'd take care of your own hair and they will last you for years!

Customer Reviews

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Just Breathtaking

I am going to call this THE PURCHASE of my life
attaching before and after pik
if you have doubts just go for it
you wont regret

Excellent product

Feels like real hair...quality of product is very good and mainataincefree...extremely happy with it

Three set volumizer extension

I am suffering from thyroid and day by day losing my hair and that’s why I m losing my confidence as well. I m a businesswoman so have to attend some meetings and due to losing hair I was avoiding such a meetings as well as family functions and all. Then one day I got this page on Instagram and getting solution for my problem. It’s a 100% human hair extension so anyone can’t identify and complete merge with your own hair. I am going to highly recommending this product if you needed then definitely it will going to be worth each of your penny. Thank you so much team onehairstopindia 😊


Very silky and healthy hair. Color matches to my real hair. Waves are very natural.
22" natural black, 120gm

Look very real

The hair blends so well with your real hair that until unless you reveal your secret no one will know. Beautiful.