Tips and Tricks for Styling and Caring for Your Hair Topper

Tips and Tricks for Styling and Caring for Your Hair Topper

Are you ready to level up your hair styling confidence to the next level?

People who suffer from hair thinning and baldness try every possible way to regrow their hairs. Getting constant hair treatments to achieve hair volume, bounce and shine many times turns out to be negative. Excessive salon treatments often end up degrading their natural quality of hair.

Hence, in such a situation, human hair toppers come as the ultimate rescue. It has already been a choice of countless numbers of people to cover their bald spots and regain  their confidence and looks without all the trouble of medications and surgeries.

In this blog, you won't be just reading the basic information about such toppers but a complete guide will be available. It will provide effective direction ensuring utmost care for the hair topper to ensure its longevity and quality retention.

Understanding hair toppers and their purpose

Hair toppers have become a popular solution for those people who are facing hair loss or thinning hairs. These hair pieces offer you the most feasible way to hide hair thinning or baldness and increase volume. They are available in different types of options to choose from.

Let's look at some of the most popular types of Hair toppers.

Types of Hair Toppers

1. Clip-in hair toppers

These are the most common types of hair toppers among people. They feature a base with clips that attach them to your natural hairs. These toppers are very convenient for you as they are easy to apply and remove.

2. Crown toppers

These are the smallest hair pieces that are specially designed for the crown area, where thinking is most common. So, if you have less hair on your crown area then crown toppers is the best one for you. It also adds volume as well as coverage to the focal point of your head.

3. Lace Hair Topper 

Lace hair toppers is another type of hair topper that uses a lace or a lace like material as its base on which the hair strands are knotted. These bases are famous for their comfort, lightweight characteristic and affordable cost.

4. Silk hair Topper

Silk hair topper is just like the other toppers but way better as it uses silk as its base upon which all the hair strands are hand knotted. Silk bases are very popular for their scalp-like appearance as they give a seamless look.

Benefits of hair topper

Wearing a hair topper gives many benefits to you such as instant volume,cost effective and many more. Now let's see what else benefits hair toppers give.



1. Converge for thinning and bald spots

Hair toppers are the solution for you if you're having a problem of hair loss. They are perfect for concealing areas of baldness and thinning. It also gives you confidence.

2. Natural look

Generally most of the hair toppers are made with good quality of human or synthetic hairs, that gives you a natural look as well make you feel confident. Also the natural hair toppers its bases are especially designed to mimic the scalp. So you don't have to worry after wearing a hair topper.

3. Easy to apply

One of the best advantages of using hair toppers is that they are easy to use and can be applied easily at home without taking the help of professional assistance.

Choosing the right hair topper

Selecting an appropriate hair topper can be a game changer for the ones who are looking to increase their natural hairs. Lets see some of the tips which are as stated below.

There are various types of hair toppers to choose from. Before we dive into those mentioned above. Let us discuss synthetic and human hair toppers.

Synthetic Hair Toppers - Synthetic hair toppers are cheaper and easy to maintain but are not at all very good for long term wearing, styling and upon that you always live in a fear of someone noticing it to be unnatural and feeling insulted or embarrassed.

Thus we would suggest you to go for human hair toppers as even if they are costly, their long life span overweighs its price and the quality and styling features are way better than the synthetic ones.

Human Hair Toppers - Now within the human hair toppers there are various types that we have discussed above. Therefore it is important to select that hair topper that complies with your natural hair type, texture, as well as colour. This will help to ensure a seamless bound.

It is very important to know that you should do proper care for the hair topper. One should refer to their comfort and needs while purchasing a hair topper. Moreover lace, silk and monofilament bases provide different levels of realism. These days silk hair toppers are in great demand.

Preparing your natural hair

Preparing your natural hair is very important, it requires maintaining its health, vibrancy as well as its manageability. Well settled Hair can increase your overall appearance and make you feel confident.

Here are the 2 most important factors that you should consider while preparing your natural hair for a topper.

1. Cleansing

  • You should start by using natural shampoos and conditioners. Always use that product that matches your hair type. Using shampoo on hairs is a very good way to remove dirt and excess oil from the hairs.

  • Use Conditioners that are specifically made for hairs that help to moisturize the dry hair.
  • Using a brush to detangle your hairs so that no knots are formed and the wearing of the hair topper is smooth.

2. Hydration

Water is very important to keep your hair healthy. That is why use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week to give extra moisture to your hairs. You can also keep your hair hydrated by drinking enough water and fruits for maintaining an adequate balanced diet.

How to wear a hair topper?

Wearing a hair topper is a piece of cake but it is important to wear it accordingly so that you can make the hair topper look natural. Here are some of the ways that will help you to wear a hair topper properly.

  • Choose that hair topper that perfectly matches the color of your hair, texture as well as their length. You should make sure that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • You should prepare your hair for the installation part keeping them clean and well hydrated.
  • The most important step for preparing natural hair is positioning, always place the hair topper on the flat surface and orient it accordingly. Make sure that it must typically have clips, combs or tape for attachment purposes.




Hair toppers daily care routine

Now, since we understand that hair toppers can be our ultimate situation to deal with hair related issues. Hence, you always need to keep in mind the hair care routine to ensure an effective 'care for hair topper' that is highly essential.

Here are some of the simple yet crucial efforts you have to make:

1. Washing of the hair topper

Maintaining a proper hair wash cycle of your hair topper is something that you must keep a check of. It usually depends on the degree of humid conditions and traveling that you do on a daily basis. Generally, washing it after 10 to 15 wears is a must to ensure proper cleaning and hair dust removal.

Also, you can simply dip the set in a bowl or sink of lukewarm water diluted with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Gently rubbing it and avoiding comb while being wet is the ultimate technique.

2. Brushing your hair topper

Always prefer using a comb with wide teeth and or hair brush with soft bristles will avoid excessive hair breakage. This will retain the volume and quality of your 'human hair topper' over a long time. You can brush your hair everyday but avoid doing it forcefully.

3. Styling of the topper

Effective Styling to 'make hair topper look natural' is quite easy. They are resistant to heat hence, they can be styled using a hair straightener or curler effortlessly.


I hope that after going through this blog you won't be needing to struggle more with compressing your desires about styling your hair. Ensuring care of a hair topper is also something you should not forget at all. As, this will beautify your hair styling even longer and increase the worthiness of the topper you paid for.

Wish you a happy hair transformation!