Get these trendy hairstyles with our hair extensions!

Get these trendy hairstyles with our hair extensions!

If you think about it, hair extensions really are a blessing in disguise! One time investment that’s going to reap you so many benefits.

As a young girl who’d always get excited on seeing different colour shades in hair extensions in a beauty supply store, for me hair extensions are a saviour in literally every aspect. Well, I’m sure you’d agree with me if you’re someone who loves loves to experiment with different hair colours and avoids getting your hair groomed up in a salon. 

Hair extensions’ hairstyles have been in the business for a very long time, but they emerged and won popularity during the 2020 lockdown when salons were shut down and people had nowhere to go to get their beloved hair some pampering, hence hair extensions came to their rescue! 

But honestly you guys, hair extensions have more pros than cons if you dig deeper into this goldmine product. 

  • Style it as you want in fact try out as many hair extension hairstyles as you want
  • No more splurging money every 3-6 months 
  • One time investment
  • Recolour, bleach and use heat on them
  • 100% human hair that blends seamlessly with your natural hair


See? Too many advantages right? 
Give an edge to your 2024 trendy hair extensions hairstyles! Here are a few we have curated for you lovely ladies-


1. A ponytail that’s more held together than your life (well, that’s really how our ponytails are :p)

We really think ponytails give women a different look, like they make you look super confident, sassy and bossy! No, really! You should maybe try it for one of your virtual or in-person office meetings!  

Here’s what you can do with our ponytail hair extensions-

Try the very flattering braided ponytail. It looks quite appealing on Ombre or highlighted hair as it will flaunt a parade of different shades making your ponytail look summery yet chic. Since these braids require long hair, you can clip-in our hair extensions to combine them with your ponytail. They are going to blend so flawlessly! 

Tip- to make it look extra, tie a satin scarf around it to elevate the overall look!
Strong side parting, curled ends and perfectly blown out lengths, this is what we call “The Plushy Ponytail.” Super chic and stylish!

Ponytails are no longer reserved for bad hair days or post gym, they are now a red carpet hairstyle look that every celebrity is obsessing over.

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2. Braided pigtails are our new go-to!

According to many hairstylists, pigtails are going to be hugee this 2021. They are cute but versatile too and can literally be styled on different hair textures and types.

  • The two-side braided pigtail

  • I personally find two side braided pigtails too cute and super comfortable regardless of the weather condition. They stay intact without making your hair fussy and disheveled. 


    3. The ultimate cute yet edgy hairstyle- space buns!

    A perfect combination of 90s vibe and an e-girl edge. Space buns had made a lot of noise back in 2023 and they continue to win popularity because of their versatility. 

  • Messy space buns with tendrils
  • The loose front tendrils only add more beauty to the overall look. Be it a round or a square face, it’s going to look super flattering. To nail the style, ensure that your space buns aren’t too tight because the messier it is the better!

    Tip- add a streak of your choice to make the overall look more vibrant! 

  • Space buns with loose hair

    If you’ve got long and thick hair and find it nearly impossible to roll your hair into space buns then try out this idea- take smaller side sections near the crown of your head and twist them into the buns. Secure them and leave your hair loose with big and bouncy waves. It’s going to make your long locks so glorious! 

    Tip- To make the space bun look voluminous, use our human hair scrunchie that will blend in with your natural hair.

    4. Scrunchies are back!

    This 90s colourful and vibrant hair scrunchies are now back in hair fashion! 
  • Messy half up ponytail

  • Pull over a casual T with blue jeans and throw your hair into a messy half up ponytail with a colourful scrunchie! This is definitely going to be your go-to overall look!
  • An updo scrunchie look

    Tie your hair on top at the crown area and secure it with a nice scrunchie. Make it extra and adorn it with some nice hair pins or accessories.

    This blog will be continued ;) as well always say, what we do has always been for you beautiful women out there. So let us experiment with more hairstyles and bring them to your table. Until then, try out these shown hairstyles and do not forget to tag us! :D

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