5 Simple Care Tips For Long Lasting Wigs

5 Simple Care Tips For Long Lasting Wigs

When it comes to hair wigs for women, they have been in use for as long as we can remember. I’m sure you’ve watched quite a few movies and dramas from the ancient British or Egyptian era where the people from the royal family wore it as a statement of their power and position. Since then, making wigs and crafting them in different styles and lengths have come a long way!

Human hair wigs for women are easily found anywhere online, just type it on Google search and you’ll come across a million of pages. All that is good and helpful but will the quality of that human hair wigs for women be any good? Is it guaranteed to give you a very natural look? Oh yes! You have to think it through before you splurge a hefty price on something that won’t do any good.

Imagine you’re at a grocery store or in a cocktail party, people have their eyes on your hair more than your face, won’t that make you uncomfortable? Which is why you have to make sure the hair wigs for women are virgin hair so that they give you more of a natural look.

You should read this blog "Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Hair Wigto find out which type of wig you should choose that is comfortable and can give you a natural look.

1 Hair Stop wigs are 100% human hair. These wigs for women have gone so viral and popular that we have many women of different age groups come back for more. That’s what matters the most to us! The quality and the trust our clients place in us.

Well, let’s assume you’ve got your wig, you love it and you’re wearing it quite often. Then what? How many times have you washed it? How are you maintaining it? Is the quality of the shampoo and conditioner you’re using on it is any good? As much as we care for our own hair, we have to care for these human hair wigs for women just as much! 

We have made a pretty guide for you lovely ladies on how to care for these long lasting hair wigs. If you’re someone who uses hair wigs for women on a daily basis or has just gotten it or plans to purchase it, this one’s for you!

5 Care Tips For Human Hair Wigs

  • Apply and Removing Wig Properly
  • Gently Washing Wig
  • Use Mannequin Head
  • Style Wig Carefully
  • Storing Your Wig

Care Tip #1: Gently Apply and Remove Hair Wigs

Gentle application and removal of hair wigs is essential as it ensures longevity of the wigs and also protects your natural hair as well as your scalp from any kind of potential damage. When you think of wigs care, application, and removal become essential. With careful handling, you prevent any kind of hair breakage (both on wigs and your natural hair), and it also maintains the structure of that wig and you avoid any type of stress on your scalp thus ensuring a natural and comfortable look.

How to properly put on wig:

  • Start with detangling the wig using a wide tooth comb.
  • Slip in with a wig cap for a great and secure fit.
  • Start positioning the wig from the hairline and go back gently while you press it and adjust accordingly for a perfectly natural look.
  • Secure it.

How to properly take off human hair wigs

  • Start removing the wigs by removing the clips (if any are attached).
  • Slowly and gently hold from the nape, and start lifting it upwards and peeling it away slowly from your head.
  • Do use a wig stand or mannequin head to store and maintain a wig.

Care Tip #2: Wash your wig, but go easy!

It’s important how you wash and maintain these human hair wigs for women. They should be thoroughly washed and correctly handled. You should wash them every 7 to 10 wears to ensure their greater durability, health and appearance. Be sure to wash them very gently and smoothly.

Best rule of thumb? Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners as they won’t destroy your wig over time. Air dry it to maintain its lifespan.

How to Wash Human Hair Wigs: A Step-by-Step Symphony

Prepare the Bath
Start with filling the basin with normal water and add in some amount of gentle shampoo that’s designed for wigs or hair extensions. You can also use a mild shampoo that is free from sulfates and parabens.

Submerge and Swish
Dip the wig in that water completely and slowly and gently swish the wig back and forth for a few minutes.

Condition it
Apply a layer of conditioner that’s mild and does not damage the wigs. Leave it on wigs for 5 to 10 minutes.

Rinse and Repeat
Rinse the wigs with normal or cool water until all the traces and shampoo and conditioner are removed. Repeat the above steps with care if you feel like the wig is not cleaned.

A Gentle Squeeze
Squeeze out the extra water gently, but avoid any kind of wringing in the wig. Pat it dry with a towel.

Care Tip #3: Get a mannequin head!

After spending so much money on a wig, the worst thing you could do to it is taking it for granted. When you wash them, do not, I repeat do not ever lay them flat on your nightstand or table or even worse put them back in their bags. Leaving it on a flat surface can lead to a deformed base and a plastic bag can become a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

To ensure they remain intact even after washing, ensure to place them on a mannequin. You’ll find one on amazon or any other beauty supply store.

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Care Tip #4: Style it like those celebrities!

Be it Beyonce, Cardi B or Gigi Hadid, all and every celeb has their own hairstylist. But you, you are your own hero, don’t you agree? You don’t need an army of stylists to keep your wig intact. All you have to do is blend it in with the following care instructions. 

  • Use a powder and concealer to mask the base and blend it into the skin along the hairline
  • Brush lightly with the powder and concealer, parting the hair as you go
  • Just dab the concealer into the lace 
  • If you blend it in the lace, the color will match with that of your skin and will give more of a natural look!

Care Tip #5: Storing Your Wig!

You just need to be a little caring with your wig (s) when storing them. Invest in a mannequin head or wig to maintain the shape of the wig and prevent tangles. Store that wig away from sunlight in a dry and cool place. You can also use a silk or satin scarf and cover the wig for extra protection.

Tips for maintaining shape and avoiding tangling:

  • Use a wider teeth comb for detangling the wig after every single wear.
  • Avoid any kind of heat styling tools and if you have to use them minimally with the lowest heat settings.
  • Loosely tie or braid the wigs when storing for longer times.

By just following these tips, you can ensure that your wig retains its luxurious look forever and ever.

Good quality never fades!

Our wigs for women don’t fade in colour but since they are hand tied, they can easily break if they are not maintained well. So if you wear it daily then ensure to wash it when needed and go easy on the base of the wig. 

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    Long lasting hair extensions can be maintained keeping such simple tips and tricks in mind. Long hair extensions have a history since the ancient period and they are definitely your best investment if you jump into buying a 100% human hair one. 

    Be it long hair extensions or wigs for women, you will reap the benefits only if you take care and maintain it with love and utmost attention.