ponytail hair extensions a complete guide

Ponytail Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

You are bored with the simple and lifeless ponytails and dreaming of beautiful and bountiful hair? Then why don’t you try ponytail hair extensions? Enter the world of ponytail extensions that will transform your appearance in no time, turning that mundane look into a truly exceptional style of hairstyle.

But before you dive into the beautiful world of ponytail extensions, you need to know everything about these hair accessories. Let’s jump in now!

What are Ponytail Hair Extensions?

What are Ponytail hair extensions?

The ponytail hair extensions are like the ultimate superpower in your normal life. The hair extensions are pre-made pieces of hair that are designed to get mixed with your natural hair seamlessly. These add length, thickness volume, and a great deal of wow factor to your ponytail. Let’s jump into the vlog now!

Different Women, different choices 

With many options available for Ponytail hair extensions, you can fall for the wrong type or don’t know how to start with the Ponytail Hair extensions, Here is a simple and quick rundown of all the popular hair extensions: 

  • Clip-in extensions: The basic ponytail extension for convenience and simplicity. These are the basic confidence boosters. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail and secure those with a band and then start with clipping in these extensions and you are ready with these extensions. Now put on your normal hair. Just luscious and long locks, at your service. 
  • Wrap-around ponytail Extensions: These extensions are great if you want volume and thickness. Start with simply wrapping around the natural hair and then secure it with clasps or velcro. And here you are, ready to rock with fuller and thicker. 
  • Drawstring extensions: Feeling art? Take the Drawstring ponytail extensions and take that control. Start the process of drawstring ponytail extensions by weaving the drawstring directly into your ponytail and then tightening that like some kind of magical corset and you are ready to rock that hairstyle in no time. 
  • Claw Clip Extensions: Get these extensions if you want a style for sophistication and sleekness. These claw clip hair extensions can be your best friend. These ponytail hair extensions come in with claw-clips that easily grip your hair (without damaging your hair) for a clean and clear hold. Think of these hair extensions to give you the edge and channel your inner style. 
  • Wefted extensions: From the start, these extensions do require a professional touch and finesse, but the results you get out of them are worth it. These Wefted ponytail hair extensions are directly attached to your natural hair through micro links or with the use of tape. The result you get is a truly natural ponytail, that will make it look like a natural ponytail that’s indistinguishable from your natural style.
  • Braided Extensions: The braided ponytail extensions are one of the classy ponytail hair extensions that give a fabulous and effortlessly cool look. This will take your hairstyle action to the next level. If you want to ditch the boring look, these are the hair extensions to go for. 

Let’s Be Clear, the best ponytail hair extensions that give the best look, and are super simple to use are clip-in extensions, wrap-around, and braided extensions that will give you the best and most fabulous look that you will need for a long time. 

If you want to know how to buy a perfect hair extensions for yourself, then read this informative blog the ultimate guide to buying Hair Extensions In India.

Why you should rock these extensions 

Comfort Queen: These ponytail extensions are a gentle touch to your hair. These Ponytail extensions have zero-scalp pulling and no tight braids. 

Get these on Quick:  No need to spend hours in any hair styling sessions. These hair extensions just need some minutes to apply. Perfect for those mornings when you have to leave now. 

Wash and Wear: Treat them like your hair 50%. You can wear them and then wash them occasionally and they will shine like natural and new always. 

No More “I wish”: No need to “ I wish my ponytail was longer” With these ponytail hair extensions, you can instantly get those beautifully long ponytails in a jiffy. 

Style Champion: Become a true styling champ and change your style in a click. Whether it’s the long ponytails or short ponytails or a bun or a sleek braid, there are endless possibilities. 

Budget Kings: Just compare these extensions to the permanent hair extensions and these are the most budget extensions you will get at prices. The designer look you will get at this price tag is just mesmerizing. 

Time Saver: No more messing up the hairstyle and tackling with those limp ponytails. Just put these ponytail extensions and you are ready in no time. These are just perfect for those busy mornings or those last-minute outings. 

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Mastering these Ponytails: How to install these extensions 

Let us tell you that every Ponytail Extension has a different way of attaching. Don’t fear as all the steps are simple and quick. Let’s put these on now!

Clip-in Ponytail Extensions 

  • Just gather your real hair into a ponytail accordingly secure your hair with the help of a band and try to tease your hair for that extra volume. 
  • Unclip the clips in a ponytail and just start with locating the combs and clips attached. 
  • Slide these combs or the clips use the underside of your ponytail and start attaching the clips there. 
  • Wrap the small section of the hair and the base of your hair and ensure that the clip is secured properly
  • You can also secure these with Bobby pins for extra safety. 

Wrap Around Ponytail 



  • Start with brushing your hair and choose the right height for making the ponytail. 
  • Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • Unfold the ponytail extension and just hold it vertically behind the natural ponytail. 
  • Just wrap the extension around your ponytail by starting from the base and going ahead. Make sure that the velcro is fastened well. Tuck any type of loose ends and you are ready. 

Drawstring Ponytail

  • Start with brushing your hair and choose the right height for making the ponytail. 
  • Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • Locate at the base of the opening of the extension and simply thread your ponytail through that. 
  • Now pull that drawstring for tightening the extension around your natural ponytail. Smooth the look of these extensions by adjusting any flyaways, etc. 

Claw Clip Ponytail Extensions:




  • Start with brushing your hair and make a ponytail according to your desired height. 
  • Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • First, open the Claw of the Hair extension and slide the ponytail through it and thus ensure that the grips held that securely. 
  • Close that claw clip and Smooth the look of these extensions by adjusting any flyaways, etc. 

Wefted Ponytail Extensions

  • These extensions do require a professional to put on these extensions but these are still not as complicated as other extensions that require full professionals to do it. 
  • A hair stylist will simply attach the weft with the use of tape or micro links to ensure that it blends well with your natural hair.

Braided Extensions 




  • Start with making a ponytail of the desired height of your natural hair and secure it well. 
  • Tie the braids of your natural hair. 
  • Now take the braids and set them apart add the hair and braid them together. 
  • Secure the braid with the strand and just wrap the hairpiece 
  • Secure that with the use of Bobby pins. 

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Beyond Applying: How to care for these extensions

You know how to apply these extensions, let’s jump into some pro tips on how to make these extensions shiny and happy: 

  • Gentle Cleansing: Wash your extensions occasionally or more but always be gentle with them. Use hair products that are sulfate and paraben-free. 
  • Conditioning them: Use good quality conditioners to keep your extensions soft and shiny. Just doing a great hair mask can work wonders. 
  • Heating them: As much as possible avoid any kind of heat products for styling. If you are still doing it, then use these products with low or medium levels of heat. 
  • Store them nicely: Store these extensions in a clean and dry place away from sunlight. Avoid any hot places to store these. 
  • Tame those Tangles: Brush these extensions gently before and after using them to avoid any kind of tangles and work up towards the root and then go up. 

Leave the Basics: Styling these extensions 

Just let your inner hairstylist come out and you can try these styles from these ponytail hair extensions

  • Bubble Ponytail 
  • Braided Ponytail 
  • Textured Ponytail 
  • Super High ponytail 
  • Sleek ponytail 


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