Summer Guide For Hair Extensions- Tips & Routines

Summer Guide For Hair Extensions- Tips & Routines

Hair care is by far my favourite and most interesting topic. It’s crazy how hair care has gone beyond the conventional ways. It’s no more only about oiling, there are too many ways and home remedies that will aid in giving your hair extensions in summer a luxurious and flawless look.

Summer is here and so is the demand to give more & more attention to your hair and skin. While we love the idea of unwinding and getting ready with our bright summery dresses, the scorching heat laughs at our hopes for this bright season. 

Unlike any weather, summer demands a special treatment for both your hair and hair extensions. In this summer guide for your hair extensions, we give you a few tips and a care regimen that you can follow to protect your hair extensions in summer without turning it into an endless battle!

1. No-No to heat styling tools

Avoid the excessive use of heat tools like straighteners and curling irons on your hair extensions in summer. You can instead try braided styles or go for heatless curls. Dampen your hair a bit but ensure 80% of your hair is dry. You can achieve it by using a sock or a robe tie.

2. Sea salt sprays can do more damage than good

You don’t want anything to weaken the bonds of your hair extensions, do you? So avoid spraying sea salt near the roots and instead you can make a concoction of water, Aloe Vera juice and Avocado Oil. It’s handy and can be used whenever moisture builds up. You can also use Argan Oil mixed with water.

3. More conditioning and less shampooing!

Keeping your natural locks and hair extensions in summer should be your biggest priority. In this summer guide for hair extensions, I cannot stress enough on the importance of using a conditioner. They hydrate and give your hair a shinier look. Do not condition the hair roots on the hair extensions’ strip as it might weaken it.  You can rinse it with apple cider vinegar diluted in water for a natural conditioner. Post that use some coconut oil or Shea Butter to de-frizz your hair. 

4. Do not let your hair extensions get tangled

Use a wide tooth brush to brush your hair extensions to avoid them from getting tangled and knotted. There are brushes specifically designed for hair extensions that you can use to avoid nagging at the strip. Whichever brush you use ensure to take care to remove tangles at the end of your hair.


We hope this summer guide for your hair extensions will serve the purpose. Follow this routine and tips to protect your locks and keep your extensions healthy all summer long!