5 Hairstyles for Special Occasions With Hair Extensions

All the ladies struggle with getting that perfect and dreamy hair look. From using heating Straighteners to chemical salon-based treatments nothing is capable of providing a permanent solution. In such a case, shifting to a probable solution that can offer you that flawless dreamy look as per the situation without any harmful treatments can be a wise way. 

One such portable solution that is an ultimate choice for people with hair problems is the different categories of hair extensions. In this context, we will delve into the world of hairstyles for special occasions. You will discover how to get 5 amazing hairstyles done for different events this occasion season.

About the hair extensions 



Exploring the world of hair extensions opens different possibilities that will help you transform your hair without making extra effort. There are different types of hair extensions that cater to different preferences as well as styles. 

It includes clip-in that will give you an instant volume, tape-in that is especially designed to give you a seamless blend, fusion extensions that are the most permanent solution for you, and many more types that are easily available in the market.

Properly knowing the features and purpose of each of the hair extensions such as the material used for making them, how to apply clip-in hair extensions, and the most important factor i.e. their maintenance, will help you to select the perfect extensions to get your desired look. 

From adding length and volume to changing the colour of your hair, hair extension types ensure there is a style solution that is best for you.

Types of hair extensions

There are very different types of hair extensions available. Each of them has its uniqueness as well as appearance. Let's examine some of the types of hairstyles for special occasions.

1. Clip-in hair extension

This clip-in hair extensions is for those who want to add an extra desired texture to their hair. This perfectly blends with your existing curls, providing a bouncy look.

2. Clip in bangs 

This hair extension is very popular to provide a quick transformation, that gives you a chance to switch up your style and give your face a chic look.

3.  Coloured hair extensions

These extensions are the best way to give a bold look and also is a temporary way to use various shades and highlights to your existing hair.

4. Ponytail hair extensions

This ponytail hair extension is specially designed to add extra volume and length to your ponytail and will give you a trendy and casual appearance.

How to select the right hair extension

There are various types of hair extensions available in the market, but it is very important to know how to choose the right hair extension for you. Here are some of the tips that will help you find the most appropriate hair extension for you.

  • The first and most important factor to consider while selecting hairstyles for special occasions is to know the types of your natural hair, texture, and colour. This will ensure a perfect blend with the selected hair extension,
  • While choosing the hair extension for you, you need to define the hairstyle you want to get. There are types of hair extensions available for different styles, so knowing your type will help you to buy the right product.
  • While purchasing you should explore what will help you to give multiple options. You should know the pros as well as cons of each of the types, this will help you to make an informed decision according to your desire.
  • The most important step is to check the quality of the product. Always select those extensions that are made up of natural human hairs that will give you a more realistic look.
  • Generally, most people ignore the process of application, but it is important to consider the process of attachment that matches your comfort along with your commitment level.

To 5 hairstyles for special occasions

1. Stunning long wavy hairstyle 


This hairstyle allows you to achieve a glamorous look, you just have to carefully place the wavy clip in hair extensions. First, you have to section your hair then clip in the hair extensions, and the final step is to blend them with your natural hair, this will give you extra length and volume. Making a stunning long wavy hairstyle.

2. Bun with braids 



These hairstyles are considered one of the best hairstyles for special occasions. If you want to create this style with a rose then just need to simply elevate a bow bun with braids by incorporating the clip in the bun. Remember to place the bun and then intertwine the braids near it. Use a rose accessory to give yourself a charming look.

3. High ponytail with volume 


Having this hairstyle can give you a dynamic appearance. Simply tan from a ponytail in a voluminous statement, this can be done by using the clip-in ponytail extensions. Clip all the extensions along the length of your ponytail, this will give you a gorgeous appearance on your special occasion.

4. Boho half-updo hairstyles 



This hairstyle is gaining attention in today's time. To achieve this hairstyle, simply hold the bohemian vibe with a chic half updo by using the 7-set-clip-in hair extensions. Then section off your top hairs and attach the extensions to increase the volume. Then simply leave the remaining hair loose. This will give you a perfect and stylish boho look.

5. Barbie half updo hairstyles



This is the most popular hairstyle that has recently gained the attention of girls to get a perfect Barbie half look, channel the Barbie half updo by embracing the 7-set clip hair extensions by front bangs. Then carefully apply the hair extensions to get the required length along with the volume. Style the front area into a gorgeous half updo. This will give you a perfect Barbie look.

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I hope that after going through this content you will rock these 5 hairstyles on this occasion flawlessly. If these are done in the right way then,  you can get that complement-worthy look this festive season. In the end, preferring portable solutions like extensions over long-term damage of natural hair due to chemical treatments is always better.