Have You Explored the Latest Hair Extension Trends? Here's What's In!

Hey Queens! Have you tried the latest hair extension trends of 2024 yet? Confused about which one to pick? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Let’s check out these latest trends so that you can pick the best hair extensions for you!  

Did you know? Human hair extensions have been here for centuries. It all began with individuals using materials such as hair, wool, and plant fibers to add the length and volume of their hair. Today, hair extensions have become incredibly popular offering a range of options to meet everyone's preferences. So let's delve into this world and discover more!

The Most Trending Hair Extensions

Add some glamour and confidence to your look with hair extensions! You can effortlessly add length, volume, texture, and even a flash of color to your hair with hair extensions. Extensions are a simple and easy way to elevate your look, whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just want to switch up your style!

Here's a quick rundown of the newest hair extension trends and their main attraction before we move on. 



Hair Extension Type

Reasons for Popularity

Clip-In Extensions

Easy to use & remove, functional, fit for short-term use

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Voluminous & longer ponytail, various colors & textures, customizable.

Tape-In Extensions

Blends easily, realistic-natural look, semi-permanent, easy-care.

Halo Extensions

Easy to use, comfy, blends seamlessly, voluminous, flexible.

Colored Hair Extensions

Adds personality, available in fun shades, safe to use, hassle-free.


1. Clip-In Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors. Made up of small chunks of hair attached to clips, these extensions can help you to customize your look. Use them to add length and volume to your natural hair or simply add some highlights to your hair! Just clip them on, brush to blend, and voila! 

2. Ponytail Hair Extensions


Ponytail hair extensions are ideal for adding some volume and personality to your ponytail. These are created with long hair sections that are fastened with a drawstring or clipped around your natural ponytail. You can style them your way for a fun and playful look or a smart and stylish look!

3. Tape-In Hair Extensions


A natural-looking, semi-permanent, and comfortable option to add length and volume to hair is using tape-in hair extensions. They are lightweight, blend in well with your hair, and last for weeks with the right care. Made up of special adhesive tape, tape-in hair extensions are excellent for enhancing your hair volume without straining or harming your hair.

4. Halo Hair Extensions


Halo hair extensions offer you a gorgeous new look in just a few minutes!  hair extensions halo. These halo hair extensions are linked to an invisible wire that lays gently on your head while adding length to your hair. They won't damage your natural hair and are easy to put on, wear, and take off. The extensions are ideal for experimenting with new styles, patterns, and colors as they mix perfectly with your natural locks to give a voluminous look.

5. Colored Hair Extensions


Colored hair extensions provide a range of shades and textures and are a pleasant and easy way of adding a pop of color to your natural locks without causing damage. Colored hair extensions are a superb choice if you want to experiment with a new color or style, or just express your mood or style. Choose from clip-in, tape-in, or halo extensions and add some personality to your hair!

Preparing for a New Look in 2024: Try These Hair Extensions!

Transform your hair game with hair extensions! You can choose and achieve any look you like with various options available. Here are some hottest human hair extension trends for 2024 for you!

1. Teal Blue Streaks

Give your hair a unique makeover with colors. Love the vibrant hair colors of K-pop idols? Add some teal blue streaks to your hair with clip-in extensions to experience their colorful vibe. The cool shades complement all skin tones and hair colors. Mix and match with other shades of blue for an edgy look without harming your natural hair texture. Stand out with a unique hair makeover!

2. Clip-In Bun

A marvelous way of giving your hair some glamour and elegance is using clip-in buns. They are available in many sizes, shapes, and styles and are simple to attach. With clip-in buns, you can create basic hairstyles like a side, high, or low bun while saving time and effort on hairstyling. Give them a shot and style your hair without any mess or fuss!

3. Clip-in Bangs

Get ready to become Barbie again with clip-in bangs! Clip-in bangs are a form of hair extension in which small, short sections of hair are linked to a clip and lined onto your hair to form fringes. With clip-in bangs, you can easily change the way you look and draw attention to your greatest features. They come in a wide range of shades and lengths. Try them for a mess-free, charming, and young look!

4. Braid Hairband

Add Some Boho and Romantic Vibes to Your Hair! Looking for something boho and romantic for your hair? Try a braid hairband! It's an extension with a braided headband with a long piece of hair attached to a thin elastic band. You can choose from different braids and colors for a bohemian look. Plus, you can help you pair it up with different types of hair extensions and achieve a different, trendy look every time!

Hairstyles You Can Try

Now that you have learned about some of the most trending hair extensions, it’s time to get some styling inspiration! So, here are some quick ways, tips, and tricks on how to style human hair extensions!

1) Open Wavy Hair with Highlighted Strands

Try using clip-in extensions that are a shade darker or lighter than your natural hair color for an effortless hairstyle. To produce gentle waves, use a curling iron or flat iron and do the following:

- Brush and section your hair. 

- Clip in extensions and blend with natural hair.

- Apply heat protectant spray to both hair and extensions.

- Wave hair and extensions with a curling or flat iron.

- Curl them in different directions for a more natural look.

- Loosen waves with fingers or comb.

- Set style with hairspray.


2) Crown Braid and Bun

Keep your hair off of your face by creating a stylish and elegant look. To get this look, use a clip-in bun extension and a braided hairband. Take some hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray, and do the following:

- Brush your hair and make a bun using a hair tie.

- Clip in your clip-in bun extension or wrap the bun with a bun scrunchie. 

- Wear the braid hairband around your head.

- Use hairpins to hold it firmly in place.


3) Bubble Braids with Bangs

This style can give you a cute and playful look! To achieve it use some clip-in hair extensions that are slightly lighter or darker than your natural hair color and some clip-in bangs. Keep some hair ties, a comb, and some hairspray handy, and follow these steps:

- Brush your hair 

- Divide your hair into two sections, creating two ponytails, and fasten them with hair ties.

- Use a comb to tease both sides to add some volume and texture.

- Add more hair ties along each ponytail, leaving some space between them.

- Pull and fluff each section to create a bubble effect.

- Clip in your bangs extensions to create a fringe on your forehead.

- Use hairspray to set and hold the style if required.


4) Half Up Ponytail

Another way to showcase your hair extensions while creating a beautiful and voluminous look with ponytail extensions is as follows:

- Add some volume, by brushing your locks and teasing the top of your hair with a comb.

- Gather the top portion of your hair into a half ponytail and seal it with a hair tie.

- To create a naturally fuller ponytail, clip your ponytail hair extension onto the original ponytail and be sure to combine it thoroughly. 


These were some of the most fun and popular types of hair extensions and ways to style them. For more extension hacks and hairstyle inspirations, check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages. Stay tuned as we bring you more unique and trendy hair hacks!