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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Hair Extensions In India

Rummaging through lifestyle and celebrity magazines and wondering how actresses have such thick, long and flawless hair? Here’s a reality check for you, most of them use human hair extensions. Not taking away from their original hair, but human hair extensions only elevate how their hair looks. 

Now that you know the truth, you can also achieve your hair goals with human hair extensions. Hold on, wait, we strongly advise you not to buy any hair extensions in India. We understand the sweat and blood you put in to earn your bucks and you should not waste them on the quality that is not worth you! 

Research is crucial before you narrow down and make a human hair extensions purchase. Of course, we don’t want you to have a 100 tabs open at once to understand the jargon behind human hair extensions, so we put together ‘The Ultimate Guide To Buying Hair Extensions In India.’

So, let us begin. 

Understand Your Hair

Even before you start choosing on which human hair extensions you want to buy, you need to understand your own hair. What’s your OG hair like? What’s the colour? How is its texture? What is its length? 

These are some of the most basic things you need to know about your own hair, before you go ahead. 

What’s The Look You Want To Achieve

Human hair extensions solve different hair needs. What is your need? 

Do you want to increase the volume of your hair to make it bounce like a basketball?

Do you want to increase the length of your hair to look like Rapunzel?

Do you want to achieve colour without damaging your own hair?

Or are you just bored and are looking to experiment? 

Decode The Human Hair Extensions Jargon

If you know the answers to the first two steps, then you have already crossed half the bridge. But beware honey, the other half of the bridge is extremely crucial and that’s where most people falter too. 

Human hair extensions are of many kinds. Let’s dive into each of them without any further delay. 

Virgin Human Hair Extensions: As the name suggests, virgin human hair extensions are hair extensions that have never been chemically treated and have all its cuticles intact. All its cuticles running in the same direction. You can get your hands on these and dye them in the colour of your choice!

Remy Human Hair Extensions: Remy Human Hair Extensions also have cuticles intact and run in the same direction. The only distinction between Virgin Human Hair Extensions and Remy Human Hair Extensions is that the former extensions are chemically processed for colour or texture. 

Remy Hair Extensions are the highest quality chemically treated human hair extensions in the Indian market.

Insider Tip: On the contrary to the popular belief of perfection, when you are making human hair extensions purchase lookout for the signs of split ends and grey hair. It only proves that they are original human hair extensions. 

Decide On What You Want To Buy

Now that you are an expert in human hair extensions jargon, you are all set to make the right decision on what you want to buy. 

Choose from long hair extensions, coloured hair extensions, hair patches, ponytail extensions and a whole slew of other human hair extension choices available in the market. 

When you are choosing the colour of human hair extensions, match it with the dominant colour of your hair and not the roots. Make sure you get it step right or you run into the risk of your human hair extensions looking visibly fake. Don’t stress, we are sure you will make the right choice.

Uff, that’s three fourth of the bridge crossed. 

Decide On Where You Want To Buy

This is the final bit of getting your hands on human hair extensions. There are a lot of hair extensions in India, both online and offline. 

You have to do your background research, understand their weaving process and before you decide to buy from them. Beware of sellers who pass on synthetic hair extensions for human hair extensions. Don’t forget to wear your detective hat on and do some background research. 

We urge you to obviously check out our range of human hair extensions, because we treat both your hair and money with respect. 

There you go, we’ve given you the five-step mantra to achieve the hair to always dreamt off. 

Don’t forget that human hair extensions are just like your hair. They need all the love and the care that your hair needs too. Wash them just like you would wash your hair and maintain them like it is truly your hair. 

The better the maintenance, the longer they last. 

Take the leap of faith, make the right choice and rock it in your new human hair extensions. XOXO