Why 1 Hair Stop is the Best Hair Extensions Brand in India

Why 1 Hair Stop is the Best Hair Extensions Brand in India

We know what you must be thinking after reading the title. Another hair extensions brand calling themselves the best. What a surprise!

Hey, we promise you we are not narcissists. We are making the claim to be the ‘best hair extensions brand in India’ only after thorough research. So, why don’t you go ahead and read how we substantiate our claim?

Why We Are The Best Hair Extension Brand in India

1. Our Quality Speaks

Remember the time you spent a ton of money on hair extensions only to receive low quality human hair extensions or clip-in extensions that snap just in a few uses? Our women-led e-commerce business puts quality at the epicentre. 

Our founders understand quality from a woman’s perspective and leave no stone turned to source high quality 100% virgin remy human hair. All our hair extensions are made with love, care and great attention to detail. We truly are a natural hair extension brand!

The clips with use in our clip-in hair extensions are tried and tested to ensure that they endure the harshest of conditions. In short, every aspect of our hair extensions come together to make us a credible and dependable human hair extensions brand.

2. We Spoil You With Choice

Ladies, we are not exaggerating when we say we have the widest range of human hair extensions on an e-commerce platform in India. We believe that our 1 Hair Stoppers' should be the showstoppers of their life and deserve a whole platter to choose from! Let’s take you through our collection

From volumizer extensions to clip-in streaks, from halo extensions to invisible hair patches, from ponytail extensions to clip-in bangs, we have it all. What will make your eyes pop even wider is that they are all made of 100% human hair extensions. 

We are a natural hair extensions brand in India that caters to everyone from tiny tots (to add a pop of colour with clip-in streaks or the bangs they want with clip-in bangs) to pensioners (to cover up any bald patches with cover-up patches or look evergreen with our coloured clip-in hair extensions). 

Don’t you agree when we say we are the best hair extensions brand in India?

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Here’s a sneak peek. 

3. We Are Reasonable

Sister, we are going to be honest with you here. Human hair extensions are a slightly expensive affair and there is no denying that. But, we make sure that our range of best clip-in hair extensions at a pocket-friendly price. 

We source our hair from the most reliable vendors and ensure that human hair extensions that reach you are indeed real and of the highest quality. Well we don’t mind reiterating again, we are a natural hair extensions brand. :)

Wearing our clip-in hair extensions will give you that extra boost of confidence you might need to rock the world. Talk to our customers and they will tell you that our pricing is what makes us the best hair extensions brand in India! 

And lastly, we don’t treat clip-in hair extensions as ‘just’ a commodity. After speaking to our customers, we understand that our natural hair extensions brand helps a few with gaining the confidence they need, a few with the courage they need to experiment and finally a few with the armour they need when fighting the adversities of life.

So go on and splurge on the website of the best hair extensions brand in India. You won’t regret it, sister. Until then, lots of love! XOXO