Common Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Clip-In Hair Extensions

The beauty influencers over social media simply show that it's very simple to put on hair extensions and go. They are not entirely incorrect but one must avoid some of the common mistakes while wearing clip-in hair extensions because this may spoil the worth of their extension. 

Hair extensions for women are a popular and convenient way to enhance the length and volume of your hair. Simply get the hair extensions, put them on, and pursue the process further. Even after a lot of effort, if you are a newcomer to the extension world, you might commit silly mistakes that may further lead to damage to your hair extensions. 

One needs to avoid these common mistakes at any cost when using hair extensions for a longer period. Here are some of the clip-in hair extensions mistakes to avoid while wearing: 

1. Choosing the wrong length 


It may seem ironic but let's be honest, if you have natural hair that comes just to your shoulder, and you wish to get a seamless look of 28-inch hair extensions, how will it be possible to blend the hair extensions with your natural length? Though clip-in hair extensions are designed to add volume and length, it's truly important to be realistic with the length of your natural hair so that the blend is seamless. 

Clip-in hair extensions for short hair are a gem. The length of your clip-in hair extension significantly impacts the overall appearance therefore always follow the below points to avoid silly mistakes while selecting the extensions. 

How to avoid:

  • First of all, you must know the exact length that you wish to have and truly match your natural hair. 
  • Generally one can look to get hair extensions that are 2-4 inches longer than the natural hair. 

2. Using low-quality hair extensions

In the case of hair extensions, generally speaking, you get what you pay for. There are several less expensive options with subpar hair extensions on the market. Due to their poor quality, they wind up being worthless because they shed rapidly. Purchasing premium hair extensions is crucial for women who want a smooth, natural-looking appearance. Look to select the highest caliber human hair extensions that stay for long without damaging the worth of your real hair.

How to avoid:

  • Always select and purchase hair extensions from reputable suppliers that provide the best quality hair extensions with 100% remy human hair, even if they are slightly more expensive. The quality human hair extensions will surely be worth the investment. 
  • Follow deep research on different types of extensions (e.g., clip-ins, tape-ins, etc.) and choose the one best suited for your hair type. 
  • We hopefully encourage you to Opt for 100% real human hair extensions, as they can be styled and treated like natural hair. Pursue and fulfill the dream of your longer hair at a very reasonable price. 

3. Incorrect techniques for attachment



The worth of clip-in hair extensions is only when it's attached with the proper techniques. One might think to position the clip-ins at the roots or up high on the crown. In reality, this is not the right technique to use for hair extensions. Do not attach your extensions more than the level of brows. Prefer half an inch between your scalp and clip-in to prevent the hair from becoming tangled. 

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How to avoid: 

To avoid this common mistake, you are just required to follow the right technique for the attachment of clip-in hair extensions. If you are looking for the right way to apply clip-in hair extensions, follow the below-mentioned steps to move in the right direction: 

  • Start with clean and dry hair. 
  • Divide hair above your ears. 
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair extensions.
  • Securely clip the extra hair above the section to prevent it from interfering with the processing attachment. 
  • Start from the lower part. 
  • After that open the extension clips.
  • Attach the extensions close to the roots.
  • Gradually move upwards. 
  • Mix different-sized extensions. 
  • Blend and style as per your preference and then finally you are done. 
  • To remove the clip, simply unclip the hair extensions. 

4. Ignoring the distribution of weight

When you are picking out the clip-in hair extensions the weight is something you need to consider while buying hair extensions. The clip-in hair extensions come in various weight choices from 50 grams to 200 grams and often even more than that.

The amount of hair in the extensions determines the total weight. Your natural hair and your desired length will help you determine the length required. Also, look over the distribution of the appropriate amount of hair over the head to offer a perfectly natural look. 

How to avoid: 

  • Attach the proper amount of hair at the exact preferred position that simply looks natural. 
  • Don't overweight any area of the hair root with a large amount of hair. 
  • Seamlessly blend it so that it looks more natural and effective. 

5. Blending is highly important



An unblended extension may grab you with lots of insecure feelings. Blending hair extensions is a very important step to get a seamless look with your natural hair. Therefore look to achieve a more natural look with the right extension. For blending the hair extensions you are required to look over the right color, cut, and style that you already have with your natural hair. Let's look over some of the points to avoid this common mistake: 

How to avoid: 

  • First of all, observe your natural hair and pick up the hair extensions that closely match your hair color. 
  • After that focus on the style of your natural hair or whichever style you wish to attain. If your natural hair is in curly form then get your hair extensions curled in the same way so that it can easily blend in the same go if anytime you are straightening the hair.  

6. Improper color matching 


Color matching is truly a tough task when selecting hair extensions. Selecting the wrong color can make the extensions stand out and look unnatural. Prefer to match the extensions to your tips and not your roots. It's because hair extension is all about extending your natural hair. 

How to avoid:

  • The first and foremost step in choosing the right color hair extension is to check and determine the natural color of hair in the natural light. This will help you in getting the best color option for your hair. You can even consider getting a little lighter shade as it will perfectly blend with your natural hair. 
  • Always think about getting a hair extension that complements your roots rather than your tips.

7. Using heat styling tools incorrectly

A large amount of heat can seriously lead to much damage to your extensions especially if they are made from synthetic materials. Even if you feel the requirement and the use of hot styling tools, maintain a low temperature and apply a heat protectant spray to save the extensions from any heat damage. Heat is drastic for your hair extension and may also act as an instant spoiler.

How to avoid:

  • Avoid excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can damage hair extensions.

  • Use heat-protectant products and opt for low or medium-heat settings when using styling tools.

8. Ignoring regular maintenance 


Maintenance of Hair extensions is extremely important to get a flawless and glamorous appearance. This is already a big issue if you don't follow regular maintenance and a proper hair care routine.

Whatever type of hair extensions you have, do maintain a routine for them to keep them in their best condition for as long as possible. 

How to avoid:

  • To maintain regular care of your extension, first of all, you need to avoid any knots or tangles by thoroughly brushing the extensions and also using a professional detangling brush. 
  • Use a hydrating conditioner to keep your extensions lustrous, healthy, and tangle-free. 
  • From time to time take the professional's advice and appointment to get over any issues with the extensions. 


These are the common mistakes you might be making while using clip-in hair extensions and the rescues to avoid them. Browse our website, 1 Hair Stop to get the perfect natural human hair extensions and reliable hair care tips and products. Every hair expert is always ready with just one voice to answer your concerns and help you select the best hair extensions that truly match your color and texture and help you achieve your perfect hair goals.