Hair Extensions: How To Choose The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions Online?

Hair Extensions: How To Choose The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions Online?

That feeling of waiting for an ‘Out For Delivery’ message is blissful isn’t it? Online shopping has made ladies who aren’t huge fans of shopping also join the shopping army! Who wouldn’t want to shop from the convenience of their home, right? 

Online shopping has changed the shopping game completely. From clothes to home decor, you must have shopped online for something. Aren’t we right? It is time to take your interest in online shopping and combine it with your love for beautiful hair. Yes, we are talking about clip-in hair extensions. 

Oh yes sister, you heard it right, you can get your hands on great clip-in real hair extensions online. How wonderful does it sound? Especially during this time, when stepping out of your home feels like an episode of Fear Factor. 

But, we can totally relate to what you must be thinking right now. You must be wondering, “How will I purchase the best clip-in hair extensions without taking a look at them?” Well, keep reading and we will give you all the answers. 

So, here we go ladies, we are here to provide you the ultimate guide to buying the best clip-in hair extensions online. 


Top 6 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Clip-in Hair Extensions

1. Perfect Research About The Sourcing

A few websites which claim to use real hair to make clip-in hair extensions cheat customers. Hence is it extremely important that you understand all the 5Ws (where, when, what, which, why) and 1H (how) of how the website you are looking at sources their hair. 

Where: From where exactly the hair is coming from?
When: Are these hair freshly sourced and properly treated as well? Avoid companies with companies with no sourcing info.
What: What type of hair are they? The gold standard here is Remy human hair for great quality and high manageability.
Which: What type of processing methods are used? If harsh chemicals are used they can damage the extensions.
How: How exactly the hair is collected and processed as well? Transparency is vital.

When you get to the source, you can easily understand how good the clip-in hair extensions are. We at 1HairStop source all our hair from temples and vouch for the fact that all our clip-in hair extensions are clip-in REAL hair extensions 

2. Do Your Own Private investigation

When you purchase clip-in hair extensions online, the one source you depend on to understand the quality is testimonials. Sister, make sure you read and watch customer testimonials to understand where you are investing your money.

If you want to take it a step further and ensure that you have the best clip-in extensions, ping the darling who left the review and strike a conversation with her. Through this, you can understand how authentic the products and reviews are. 

At 1 Hair Stop, every review you read and watch are all 100% accurate. We love our customers and so do they :)

3. Stalk The Brand’s Social Media Handles

If you want to understand how authentic a brand is and how much of a demand does it have, you should look at the brand’s social media pages. You will get a bird’s eye view of the client portfolio, the customers, the product offerings, fun information and much.

In short, you will get a sense of if you want to go with the brand or no. Before you spend your hard earned money on clip-in hair extensions, make sure you do the stalking. If you would like to check out all the magic we do with clip-in extensions, please visit our Instagram page.

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4. Review The Policies

It is in human nature to ignore the long and boring review policies when we are about to make a purchase. But, ladies, if you are splurging your savings on something you always wanted AKA clip-in hair extensions, it is essential that you read the fine print.

Understanding the terms and conditions of purchase, return policy, etc is very important. Go on and check out 1HairStop’s website to understand how you can grab the best clip-in hair extensions in the hair market. 

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5. Book A Free Trial

A few clip-in hair extension online sellers offer free trials. If you are someone who is not sure of which clip-in hair extensions will suit you or someone who wants to physically touch and feel the clip-in hair extensions, you must do a free trial. 

Only a few sellers like 1HairStop offer free trials to our amazing customers. Not just that, you can also book a virtual appointment with our hair expert in case you want to have a conversation with them and free all the ambiguities you have in mind about clip-in hair extensions.  

6. Read Product Descriptions Carefully

Product description is not for just putting to the side. It is important and explains the process of our hair products as well as how to install and care for them. These product description processes will help you with the installation as well as how to maintain our products.

Where to Buy Hair Extensions Online? 

At 1 Hair Stop, we have one of the biggest and largest segments of different hair products from Bangs, Full Wigs, hair extensions, and much more. From budget pricing to sourcing the highest quality Remy Human Hair to extensive and highest quality processing to the final delivery, we are fully committed to giving our customers the best. Just hop on and choose our Bangs, buns, braids extensions, and much more, and style and look your best through our products. With our simple and easy delivery and return process, never stress when choosing the best for yourself.

These are the six thumb rules which will help you purchase the best clip-in hair extensions online. Still in doubt about clip-in hair extensions? Don’t worry, we understand your fears. We have something just for you.

Read our blog on clip-in hair extension to know everything there is to know about clip-in hair extensions. So what else are you waiting for? Get all the information you need, make a smart online purchase and rock it like a diva with clip-in hair extensions. 

Don’t forget to tag us on social media with all your lovely pictures. Until then, stay safe and stay stylish! XOXO.

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