This summer, rock these Gigi Hadid looks!

This summer, rock these Gigi Hadid looks!

I love Gigi Hadid! She is swoon-worthy, freaking cute and sassy! She must be Californian by nature but if you look closely, her styles go far beyond beachy waves. A total style icon in the industry!

Did you know Gigi’s secret to having healthy and beautiful hair? All she does is, apply coconut oil, yes! Just that, nothing fancy at all but the trick here is to pull back all your hair into a bun and keep the oil in your hair for three days and then wash it vigorously to remove all the oil. Voila, you now have supermodel’s hair ;)!

Be it her natural hair or hair extensions, this supermodel knows how to nail any look!

Whether you’re looking for a fresh cut, your take on new styles for bangs or just cool hairstyles, we have listed a few cool ideas for you girls inspired by none other than Gigi Hadid! 

The soft beachy waves

This supermodel carried this look so graciously at the American Music Awards back in 2014. Her signature waves and how pretty are they? Get the same look with our 100% human hair extensions. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! All you gotta do is- clip-in these extensions and tadaa you’ve got those bomb like beachy waves! 

The French chignon

This low bun at the nape of the neck was popular in France during the early 1940s. Super chic and feminine! Hadid wore this falling-out chignon during the early 2015 and my god she carried it so effortlessly! Just pin all of your hair into a knot at the back of your head, use this human hair extensions messy bun to add extra glamour and volume and clip-in these wavy bangs to achieve this effortless look! ;)

Slicked back

We all know she has got a hairdresser on speed-dial but you guys..can her hair get ANY better? Had it been us styling this look, we would have definitely looked like someone who just stepped out of the shower *face-palms*.

She has nailed this look which would take hours for us to achieve it! Jealous much? NAh! Just add these hair extensions at the crown area to create more volume. Use a texture spray before blow drying and then brush your hair up at the roots at the crown of the head to add volume.

The long braid

If you're a Hadid fan, you’d know that she is a big fan of beachy waves or braided ponytail hair extensions. You’ll see her wearing braids in a parting line or on her ponytail hair extension- a style that looks great with an updo too! If you have short hair, our ponytail hair extensions are going to be your saviour! You no more have to fret about growing long hair or going for endless hair treatments!

Everybody’s all time style crush- Gigi Hadid is truly an icon in every way! From rocking a red lip look, glossy skin or wearing minimal makeup, the Hollywood it-girl nails each and every look of her so effortlessly which we try to achieve so desperately! But you guys, it is possible, really! Only with our super chic, 100% human hair extensions that would last you a lifetime, if of course maintained well ;)!