Hair Extensions vs. Wigs: Which Is Right for You?

Are you searching for ways to change your hairstyle? And are you searching for ways to change your hairstyle without compromising on your natural hair like cutting them or coloring them? And if you want to add volume, texture, and length to your natural hair, then you should be considering these options which we will be discussing soon. Wigs or hair extensions, which one to choose right, is a big confusion for somebody who wants to change their hairstyle or aspects. 

When you look at both these options, both have their advantages and disadvantages and they directly depend on your personal choice, preference, and lifestyle. In this blog, we will be talking all about wigs and hair extensions and we will be helping you to decide which one is right for you.

What are wigs? 



Wigs are head coverings that are made from natural hair or made from synthetic hair. Wigs can be used for different reasons, like hair loss, medical reasons, religious practices, and fashion. Wigs can be needed for different styles from colors, length along densities and one can choose the skin shape and along with the skin tone. 

Types of wigs 

Wigs can be categorized into two categories: The two categories for hair wigs are Synthetic Hair wigs and Human Hair wigs.

1. Synthetic Hair Wigs 

These hairs are made directly from synthetic fibers, that are made to look like real hair. These are inexpensive than real human hair but also have many limitations. The limitations of synthetic hair are that it cannot be styled heat-treated or cut accordingly. 

Plus, with time, they lose their luster and shape. These can be a little bit easy to maintain but the limitations of synthetic hair wigs make it not a worthwhile investment to do it as they lose their properties over time. 

2. Human Hair Wigs 

The human hair wigs are produced using real human hair. These human hairs are collected from the donors. These are more expensive than synthetic hair but they do justify their cost through look and feel. 

Firstly, as the wigs or hair extensions are made from human hair, they provide a true natural look and feel that synthetic hair wigs can never provide. Another advantage of real human hair wigs is that they can be cut, styled, and colored and can be heat-treated(although rarely, but not recommended) according to your choice. 

Although they require more maintenance, this can be justified with the true natural look and feel of the wig. With proper maintenance and care, natural human hair wigs can last for a long time. 

For Whom Wigs Are the Best

Wigs can be a great option if you have these issues: 

  • If you are suffering from mild or severe hair loss or baldness due to underlying medical conditions.
  • If you want to change your hairstyle and don’t want to damage your natural hair. 
  • You want coverage of your complete hairline and scalp. 
  • If you have allergies related to hair products. 
  • If you have a busy lifestyle and you can’t find time to style your hair. 

What are hair extensions? 



So, you should also know what hair extensions are. The hair extensions are strands of hair that will be attached to your natural hair with the use of certain methods like clips. 

These can be easily attached and along with it can be easily removed. The hair extensions come in different types like a halo, clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in extensions. 

Types of hair extensions: 

As you know above, there are different types of extensions like clip-in, halo, tap-in, and sew-in extensions. Let’s discuss this one by one: 

1. Clip-in extensions 

The Clip-in extensions are the easiest along with the temporary types of hair extensions. These types of extensions are attached using the clips. These clips can be attached and removed easily.

These types of Clip-in extensions are great for special occasions like parties, weddings, photoshoots, etc. as these can be applied and removed easily. They also do not require any type of glue or sewing to hold onto your natural hair. They can blend with your natural hair. 

2. Tape-in hair extensions 

These are the extensions that can be categorized as semi-permanent extensions and that can be attached to your hair with the use of adhesive tape strips. The process of adding tap-in hair extensions in your hair requires a professional hair expert, who can create sections in your hair and thus place the tape-in extensions near your hair root using adhesive tape. The tape-in extensions can last for a long time depending upon the care you provide to them. 

3. Halo hair extensions 



The halo hair extensions are a particular type of extension that requires a thin wire or a band that goes around your head. The halo hair extensions are also called hidden crowns or flip-in extensions. 

The Flip-in hair extensions are applied using the band or wire over your head and pulling the natural hair to hide the extensions. 

The property of this extension is that they can be adjusted according to your head shape and size and these can be attached and removed in seconds. They can also be the most comfortable hair extensions of all the hair extensions. 

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4. Sew-in hair extensions  

The sew-in hair extensions can be categorized as permanent hair extensions. These hair extensions are attached to your hair using the needle and thread that sews the extension to your natural hair. 

When we talk about hair extensions the sew-in extensions can only be done by a professional hair stylist. 

The sew-in extensions can be categorized as the most versatile hair extensions as they can be styled and cut, colored, etc.

Who Can Use Hair Extensions?

The hair extensions can be used for or suitable for people: 

  • If you have hair loss that’s not widespread and hair thinning. 
  • You have to add some length, and volume along with the color of your natural hair. 
  • You want to have versatility and style in your hair. 
  • You already have healthy hair and your hair can withstand the look of hair extension to enhance the look even more. 
  • You have the budget and time for application, removal of extensions, and maintenance.

Pros of Wigs and Hair Extensions

When we talk about wigs or hair extensions you need to know the pros of both these: 


Hair Extensions

Provides a full coverage of hairline and scalp. 

Enhance the natural look of your hair and with added length, color, or volume. 

Provides different styles, lengths, colours along with densities

Provides more types of styling and versatility.

Protect the natural hair from damage and other environmental factors 

This blends with natural hair and provides a realistic look. 

Is super easy to apply and remove 

Is lightweight and comfortable


Cons of wigs and hair extensions

Now, we will talk about the cons of Wigs and hair extensions 


Hair Extensions 

Can be on an expensive side for human hair wigs 

The tape-in and sew-in extensions are on the expensive side. 

Can be uncomfortable in the hot weather

The Sew-in and tape-in extensions can be uncomfortable. 

Can shift or fall-off if not applied properly.

If not applied properly, some hair extensions can damage the natural hair. 

Can’t blend well, if not applied properly.

Can’t blend well with your natural hair, if not match well.


Difference Between Wig and Extensions Application Method


Hair Extensions 

Can be applied by a professional or yourself

Can be applied by self in case of Clip-in or halo and professionals for sew-in or tape-in 

Requires minimal amount of pinning like pinning or braiding or flattening 

Requires preparation like washing and drying, sectioning or braiding. 

Involves by placing the wig for natural hair and securing it through glue, combs or clips.

Using different applications like Glue, thread, tapes and thread, etc. 

Taking few moments for application 

Depending upon the type of extensions it can take from minutes to hours. 


How to Care for Hair Extensions and Wigs

It’s important to understand, that whether you know how to care for hair wig or human hair extensions, just keep these tips in mind to maintain your hair extensions and hair wigs: 

  • Whether a wig or a hair extension, use a mild shampoo and conditioner that doesn't have any kind of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, etc. 
  • Use a natural drying process for drying your wigs or hair extensions. Avoid heat drying and twisting it. 
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for wigs and hair extensions and avoid any kind of tugging or pulling of hair. 
  • If it’s a necessity to use heat styling tools, use a heat protectant spray to do it. 
  • Style your hair in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight for drying them. 
  • Follow the recommendations and maintenance of 1 Hair Stop or your hair professional for care. 


Whether you choose wigs or you have to choose hair extensions for short hair or any other styling, these two are best for different purposes. Whether you choose wigs or hair extensions it depends on you. If you want full coverage on your head then go with wigs and if you add length, volume, or style, then choose human hair extensions. No matter what you decide, you can get the best highest quality real human hair wigs and hair extensions from 1 Hair Stop, the one-stop destination for all your hair care and styling needs. We hope this blog helped you to choose which is better for you: wigs or hair extensions.