Why You Should Try Clip-in Hair Extensions: Top 5 Reasons

When it comes to looking good, we say it's the hair that helps us the most. If it's a good hair day, everything goes just fine, isn't it? A good hair day gives you the confidence to work and play along with anything you want. That is why, modernisation has made it easy to have a good hair day every day and to look gorgeous all the time.

Growing big smooth long hair in less time is next to impossible. But there's a secret that is used even by the TV stars to have a blast day. There is nothing to worry about when there are so many things available for the hair to look good, like different types of wigs, extensions etc. but I would suggest clip-in hair extensions for easy and amazing hair.

What are clip-in hair extensions?



Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to have big, long, shiny and stylish hair in less than a minute. Clip-in hair extensions are different from other extension types that need a lot of hard work to put on. But, with clip-in extensions,  everything is very handy as it has clips attached and you just need to put the clip like you do every day and it's done.

Clip-in hair extension is the best option for the person who needs long hair with different hairstyles to spread glamour. Clip-ins have no sticky material on them which makes it convenient for hair and does not hurt your natural root hair. It can be considered one of the benefits of clip-in hair extensions.

What is the difference between clip-in hair extensions and wigs?

If we wear wigs or extensions,  we think just of having the big human hair extension which will make us look pretty.  But, we must also think of the easiest way to do so which does not harm the natural hair growth or make hair fall. 

Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are made up of natural hair. 

Wigs are made of natural hair as well as synthetic hair. 

Hair Extensions can be installed using various methods like clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins etc. and it doesn't cover the whole part of hair. 

Wigs consume almost the whole part of the cover starting from the upper head. These are useful for people with hair loss problems or baldness .

Clip-in hair extensions are used to add volume as well as to style your hair in the easiest way.

Wigs cover the whole head from top to bottom.

Clip-in hair extensions touch and feel like natural hair as they are very lightweight.

Wigs are a bit heavy weight. 


Reasons to try clip-in hair extensions



To look good and confident in ourselves is all we crave, right? Therefore, clip-in hair extensions are available just for you with lots of benefits. 

1. They Give your hair an instant length and volume

The first perfect reason to try clip-in hair extensions is to make your hair look beautiful.  Clip-in extensions give instant volume to your health without any damage to the natural hair. Whether it's a wedding or Christmas,  these extensions will never let you down.

2. It is easy to apply and remove

For hassle-free thick and long hair in no time,  choose clip-in hair extensions. It is the easiest yet most convenient extension you will find across. It has clips attached which just need you to put it in your hair inside and you are good to go.
With all the ease in the world, it is easy not just to apply but to remove as well.

3. Versatility in Hairstyling

All we need is a variation to get the motivation to work. A similar applies to the hair. The same hairstyle all the time makes us feel bored and lessen our confidence.  We look the same all the time without any variation.  But, you have got the perfect choice with the best benefit of clip-in hair extension, which is Versatility in Hairstyling. With these extensions, you can have different hairstyles as they come in a wide range of hairstyles and lengths which makes you look new every time. 

4. Non Permanent solution

Some wigs and extensions provide the solution or Velcro in it which makes our hair get pulled and makes hair fall. Clip-in hair extensions do not have any solution or sticky material in them to use. It is the easiest as well as non-permanent solution to have long and different hair as you can easily remove and apply it whenever you wish.

5. Protect your natural hair

Clips are everyday use things for our hair and they also do not cause hair loss to us. Clip-in hair extensions just have clips in them to put which does not harm the natural hair.

It is made in such a way that your hair doesn't get pulled and there is no hair loss. One of the benefits of clip-in hair extensions is that it always protects your natural hair and gives you a sleek look.

How do I choose clip-in hair extensions?  

There are so many types of clip-in extensions that you may choose from. A wide variety of hair extensions provides you with styling hair extensions, patch extensions, volumizer extensions, toppers and many more.

Many of you got confused on how to choose the right clip-in hair extensions.
To choose the perfect go-to extensions for your hair, it is necessary to know the purpose and the look that you need first. For what purpose or what function do you need the extension helps you with choosing the hair extension that is made just for you.

How to care for clip-in  hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions need the same care as our natural hair needs.

  • Try conditioning it once or twice a week with  warm water to keep them in good health. 
  • Keep the extension combed to keep them untangled and benefactors for a longer period. 
  • Keep the hair extension at a safe place to avoid strangling. 
  • Make a rule to wash your clip-in hair extension every 12 to 15 uses.

Other types of hair extensions

1. Halo hair extension

Hair Bands are very convenient to carry all the time. That is why, the Halo hair extension is made with the invisible hair band. It's a quick and easy hair extension for short hairs.

2. Clip-in bangs

To get the great appearance of bangs without having to cut the hair, clip-in bangs are the perfect mate for you. 

3. Clip-in bun

Having a  thicker fun different styles to go and rock needs a clip-in bun. There are different ready-made buns available that ask you just to clip in with some separate clips that are already available with the bun.

4. Ponytail hair extensions

One of the go-to extensions is the Ponytail hair extension which gives you a sleek look for the office as well as parties.

5. Hairstreaks

Hairstreaks are like thicker highlighted hair extensions that go along with your hair naturally.

6. Tape in hair extensions

These are the types of extensions that need medical support. It has around one to one and a half inches of sections that are pre-taped. Tape-in hair extensions can last up to 6 to 8 weeks and are installed by a licensed cosmetologist.  If these extensions are installed properly,  it does not harm the natural hair.

Where to buy clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are available online as well as offline. You can search on Google for clip-in hair extensions and find a wide range of sites like 1 Hair Stop where you can find all the types of human hair extensions to make your hair look bigger, thicker and more beautiful than ever before.


Looking good increases confidence in oneself and hair plays a huge role in it. Of all the available options, clip-in hair extensions are the best choice to cause no damage to the natural hair at all.

Out of different types of extensions, you can choose the extension that has a lot more benefits for the perfect human hair extension

These extensions are available online as well as offline to make it easier for you to get. Clip-in hair extensions are the best choice as they make you look fabulous with a wide variety of clip-ins to choose from. Read the article above and get an idea of how to care for the hair extension and its benefits.