Spilling the secrets about Halo Extensions

Do extensions with multiple clips to clip into your hair feel like a million-steps task? Do you not have the time or patience to work with them? Well, we understand your plight. 

A lot of new hair extensions users or the sisters who are super busy, don’t have the time to clip-in their extensions every morning. But, we don’t want you to compromise on your every day awesome sauce look.

That’s where halo extensions come to your rescue. 

What are Halo Extensions?

Halo extensions are extensions that fit into your head in just one single step. Yes, you heard that right! Halo extensions have a nylon fish string which should be worn around your crown after you section your natural hair.

So, instead of clipping multiple wefts which takes a while, halo extensions sit gently on your crown with the help of an invisible string. 

Halo extensions are designed in a way that the weight of the hair extensions is evenly distributed to make it comfortable to use. 1 Hair Stop’s halo extensions are made of 100% human hair extensions of the highest quality.

 The Halo Extensions by 1 Hair Stop are available in three lengths and weights.

  • 16 inches in 100 grams
  • 18 inches in 120 grams
  • 20 inches in 140 grams

To make our halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions versatile and inclusive, we have them in five colour options. Some of them include jet black, natural black, brown, etc. 

How do Halo Extensions fit my crown correctly?



The invisible wire which holds the Halo extensions together is adjustable, you can fix it based on the size of your crown. 

If you are worried about just depending on a string for support, we have two clips you can use on either side of the halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions.

How to style and care for Halo Extensions? 

Halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions just like any other clip-in extensions, volumizer extensions, ponytail extensions, coloured extensions, etc. But, you should definitely keep a couple of things in mind when it comes to their care and styling.

Don’t panic, it is just a couple of super small steps. And we will take you through all of them one after the other. 

1. When it comes to hair extensions with clips, you can style them after you wear them on your head. But, halo extensions are the contrary of it. As halo extensions are held together by a wire, we advise that you style them before you wear them on your hair.

You ask why? It is to make sure that you don’t burn the wire in the process of styling your hair. So, sister, you should always remember to style it first and slay it next when it comes to halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions.

2. Keep a check on how much you hydrate your halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions. Again, you must remember that the halo extensions are held together by a wire and you don’t want to get it too wet and spoil it. 

So hold off washing the extensions too often to make them last longer for you.

3. Also gentle with products and with your comb. Like any other clip-in hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions, make sure to use sulphate-free products which will stop your precious extensions from drying out on you.

We ask you to be gentle with the comb because that’s something you should remember for your own hair too. Your hair and hair extensions are very valuable, so must always be gentle with them.



Let’s Talk Pros & Cons Of Halo Extensions


  • Super easy to wear and style as you don’t have to deal with multiple wefts
  • It is quite light and secures around your head nice and tight
  • It adds instant volume and length to your hair
  • As it does not have too many clips to hold it together, it lays flat on your scalp


You cannot experiment with too many different hairstyles. This is because there a chance of the wire of the halo extensions showing, which we don’t want happening! 

How To Wear Halo Extensions?

Comb your hair to remove any tangles and do the same to your halo hair extensions. Then take a section of your crown hair and put it up in a bun.

Make sure to leave a certain amount of hair open in the front for a better blend. Now take your halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions and put it on, just like how to wear a headband.

Now open the bun up and blend your hair with the halo extensions. And there you go, you just added length and volume to your hair.



See how easy it is, sister? Go on and check out our halo hair extensions right away!