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How To Care For Hair Extensions?

'Luscious locks', 'dazzling tresses', 'silky strands', we can go on and on about how we feel about hair and how we undoubtedly consider it as our 'Crowning Glory'. We're always looking for different ways to style our hair and enhance our hairstyles and looks. Come on ladies, we're all guilty of trying various hacks and trends from Instagram reels and google tricks to try achieve complete hair goals but more often than not we barely see any change. However hair extensions on the other hand have been proven to be the most practical and hassle-free way to achieve the length and volume of our dreams. 

Hair extensions are not just an amazing option to add length and volume but are easily the best way to switch up and style your hair without worrying about harm and damage. We at 1 Hair Stop offer a variety of Hair Extensions at a '7 Set Clip-In' range that comes in different colours and styles.

But hair extensions too, like your natural hair, requires care from time to time. If you're about to try hair extensions for the first time and are hesitant about how it works or simply wish to make your extensions last longer, you're at the right place! We've got some easy tricks to make your extensions last last longer and bring your A game on:

1. Get, Set and Go!

The most important factor to remember while using hair extensions is to set them in correctly. Regardless of how well you try to maintain them, unless they've been properly clipped, they may not blend in with your hair naturally. It may take a minute or two to get the hang of it, but we assure you, once you get the hang of it, it's nothing short of a cake walk!



2. Hydration is Key

Hair Extensions, much like your natural hair, need some care and nourishment too! The natural oils produced in our scalp might not help hydrate our hair extensions but there are a few steps that could help make your hair extensions look fresh and nourished. Products like human hair weave conditioner or conditioning and washing the hair extensions with shampoo around once a week or even once every ten days can help the hair extensions stay hydrated and look just as new as you got them. Bear in mind that over shampooing or over conditioning the hair extensions can break the bonds and the embedded strands of the extensions. Using the extensions to its complete capacity between washes and then gently washing them might just be the best way to make your extensions look brand new and absolutely pristine. 

3. Silk does for hair, what diamonds do for hand!

If you want your hair extensions looking just as good as new, a little silk cloth can do just thr trick. Use a silk pillow case or wrap your hair around a silk cloth to prevent dryness. This helps reduce friction on the extensions and keeps your hair safe from tangles and dreaded bedhead. Simply wrap your hair in the same direction using a silk scarf or let your hair fall in the same direction while resting your head on the pillowcase and that's it, this little bed time hack keeps your luscious extensions right in place.


4. We don't get too choose our time, but we do get to choose our hair!

Hair Extensions undoubtedly are game changers and elevate your look making you look your absolute best, however choosing the right set of hair extensions also happens to be one of the most important game rules. Within 1 Hair Stop's hair extensions range, we've got 3-Set as well as a 7- Set Clip in Extensions. The best way to make these hair extensions look seamless and well blended into your hair is by understanding what works best for you. If we've to explain it to you in simple terms, the 3-Set Clip In Extensions are meant to add volume to your hair whereas the 7-Set Clip In Extensions are meant to add both length and volume to your hair. We at 1 Hair Stop have curated everything you need to know about the difference between the both. Watch the video below, and in no time you'll know your perfect extension choice. 



 5. Brush your hair the 'Rapunzel' way!

We all have grown up admiring Rapunzel's luscious locks and how she'd brush them gently everyday to make it look nothing short of spun gold! While having your extensions on, brushing your hair just as gentle and fine as Rapunzel's can make your hair extensions look just as angelic! The best way to tackle mats and knots is by brushing your extensions gently before use. If you're using straight hair extensions, a paddle brush might work best, and if you're using curly hair extensions, then use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush when the hair is wet and conditioned. Remember that your hair extensions are brittle and seamless, therefore pulling them too hard might loosen the extensions and you won't be able to get a long wear out of it. 


Hair Extensions may seem tricky at first, and you'll probably find it a little difficult to get accustomed at first, but as we say, 'less is more'! With these 5 simple tricks we've suggested, we assure you, you'll be nothing less than a hair extensions pro. Now that you've got it figured, what are you waiting for? Hope those extensions on and slay!

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Until next time!