Why 1 Hair Stop looks good!

Why 1 Hair Stop looks good!

It's only almost a year and a half ago when 1 Hair Stop made their presence digitally but we have been very closely associated with the hair industry since the past 12 years. 

Just like any other business, our focal point is to deliver our customers what exactly they have been searching for, hence, the name One Hair Stop. It truly is your one stop destination to all your hair needs. Our products are 100% virgin remy hair which are sourced from temples in South India. 

We understand the Indian hair market quite well and our main focus was to provide you girls with cost-effective, more durable and a variety of hair extensions

The initial process involves rigorous shampooing and cleaning to remove dust, lice and all other impurities. They undergo a meticulous separation process that eliminates unwanted hair strands like grey hair, dyed hair making it easy for you ladies to recolour it however you wish. 

We have an array of products perfect for every occasion, event and plans! 

We won’t deny that there are many other hair businesses out there who sell the same product but we sell in a variety and the final hair product when clipped into your hairline gives an illusion of the hair appearing from the roots itself and they last super long when taken care. 

Our  7 set clip-in hair extensions  are a massive hit among our young ladies. Why wouldn’t it be? We are literally saving you from spending money on your salon trips and endless hair treatments. See, we do agree that hair treatments do work but they also take too long and they charge you a bomb for every session. Don’t you think it’s better to invest your money in something that's 100% human hair, has a variety of hair extensions plus colours plus textures for every occasion of yours? This  7 set clip-in hair extensions gives you volume+length+colour (if you wish to have), imagine getting your hair problem solved in just one go? I wouldn’t bargain further honestly!

Not to forget our cover up patches! If you wish to not buy these long hair extensions and want to cover up only a few bald spots that keep peeking out then use these and they look so real! Can’t stress enough *facepalm*. These cover up patches are a hit among those who have hair thinning, bald spots and a broad middle partition.

Our silk toppers are such a gamechanger and a total hair issue saviour! Just place it on your crown area, clip-in and voila see how they blend so beautifully with your natural hair. These silk toppers come in a variety of sizes, you can go onto our website and check out what suits you best!

Honestly, writing a long blog won’t suffice to all that our business is about. Our ladies have been tremendously happy with our products and services. It's because our products are so trustworthy that we were able to build an international clientele base. 

 Follow our page on instagram, visit our website, get your hands on our products and we will let them further talk about us ;) after all its only after what one sees will they believe, right? 

Until then, xoxo and keep supporting us! Much love <3