Getting you covered with our cover up patches!

Getting you covered with our cover up patches!

We all wish we had naturally luscious hair with no thinning or any other hair related issue. However, thinning of hair is a common problem in both men and women which arises due to certain inevitable factors like- age, stress, incorrect products and conditions like Alopecia. 

But we have you girls covered with our very popular hair coverup patches

Cover up patches have too many myths surrounding it but the hair bald patches manufactured at 1HS are procured from 100% human hair so you don’t need to worry about it looking real. This invisible coverup patch blends in with your hair so flawlessly that it’s easy to believe that it is actually your natural hair.

These hair patches for women come in two- 

  1. Invisible cover up hair patch
  2. Invisible side hair patch

Why should you be buying our cover up patches-

  1. 100% human hair 
  2. Comes individually, not in pair
  3. Seamless and very natural upon application
  4. Heat resistant and can be recoloured 
  5. Can last upto 2+ years if maintained well
  6. Can be used as side bangs 

Both work wonders if you’re someone with a broad middle partition or just likes to part their one side then this product is going to be your new favourite! ;)

We all love the middle part, don’t we? Seen celebrities nail that look but when we try to do it, the partition looks so broad making us go back to our sad look. Don’t fret about it anymore, just clip-in this Invisible cover up hair patch.

which is made from 100% human hair. You can clip-in this cover up patch on either side of your partition, comb it gently to let it blend with your natural hair. This also gives volume to your parting area. You’re all set to rock the look! 

You’ll see your favourite celebrities having hair extensions, cover up patches clipped-in to conceal the bald or thinning area. Don’t worry too much about it for we all go through it at some point in life ;). Which is why our cover up patches are here to rescue you!

If you’ve got curly hair, try these curly cover up patches on your parting area without having to put extra efforts!

If you are someone who parts their hair only one side and the partition turns out to look wide, just use our 100% human hair patches for women. These hair coverup patches blend in well and also create an illusion as if they are appearing from the roots itself because the base of these hair cover up patches is similar to the colour of a scalp which is why its close to impossible for someone to figure out that you’ve clipped in a cover up patch.

Hair bald patches help in covering up small bald spots or when you have less front volume. Find these cover up patches online on our website.


These cover up patches are a game changer in every way! We have always emphasized on how real they look and match exactly to your hair. So don’t worry anymore about them looking fake or cheap! Buy these cover up patches online and you’ll be spellbound to see the magic they’ll create on your overall look ;)