Get the Pinterest-perfect hair with our hair fibre powder

Get the Pinterest-perfect hair with our hair fibre powder

Hair fibre powders are a total gamechangers! You know why we constantly encourage you ladies to use hair fibre wax? Too many reasons associated with it but the first one of all being the transformation of fine, thin or thinning hair instantly! Just a few dabs and no one’s gonna know that it’s a hair fibre waterproof powder and not your real hair ;)

If you’re reading this blog then give yourself a pat on the back because you found that one product that’s going to change your hair-game and which is downright cost-effective, easy to apply and result-driven, our very own and favourite- Hair fibre powder! We are aware that hair loss or hair thinning can provoke you to opt for several treatments. But you know what are the disadvantages? 

  1. High pricing 
  2. Post-procedure swelling and discomfort
  3. Undergo multiple treatments 

Which is why hair fibre powder is a quick-fixer like Hair fibre Toppik! The product consists of naturally derived keratin protein that when applied is a dead ringer for human hair! 

You see those pictures on Pinterest with models, bloggers and celebrities with hair that look so sleek, patchless and absolutely stunning? You can achieve those styles with just a few dabs of our hair fibre wax. They come in 3 different shades namely- black, dark brown and medium brown. 

  1. They conceal thinning hair 
  2. Cover up grey roots, hairlines and bald spots
  3. Are water resistant 
  4. They blend in with our hair toppers and make it look natural and real

If you think that you probably need a hairstylist or some professional help to help you transform your hair then you’re wrong! Our hair fibre wax is super easy, odour-less and provides natural-looking coverage. They create an optical illusion on thinning areas and patches by instantly disguising them. 

Hair fibre waterproof powders gives an immediate effect of thicker hair whereas the treatments may take time to show the desired result. Our hair fibre powders have a magnetic effect that binds to your natural hair and hides thinning areas. Think of your head as a tree with branches and hair fibres like leaves on the branches. That’s the effect and overall look it delivers!

If you wanna fake a ponytail, a slicked bun or any sleek hairstyle, just dab the puff onto the powder and cover up the area with the tip of your fingers! These hair fibre waterproof powders can also be used to cover up the telltale signs of extensions! How cool is that?

Like hair fibre toppik, our hair fibre powders are not only life changing but economical  and very popular among our customers for obvious reasons :D! You can fill in your brows, bald spots and can use it for multiple and in creatives ways!


So here’s us introducing you to a product that is your hope to all hair issues!