Add more volume to your middle part with our volumizers

Add more volume to your middle part with our volumizers

Just when TikTok was becoming an interesting place to allot our time to, the app was banned. Sad because we really did miss out on how it rapidly shaped the hair trends and the one group that is nailing it is Gen Z!

Gen Zs are those who are born after 1996, glued to smartphones and basically adept at newer social media platforms like TikTok. Hence, the hairstyles are born there before making their way to any salon!

Well we covered the recent hair trends and the origin of their emergence but what about the women hair volumizers which this blog is going to be all about? The middle part hairstyle worn by many celebs even today is something that has been brought back from the early 1920s. 

We are going to walk you through how you can give maximum volume to your middle part with our women hair volumizers. Some tricks, hacks and a rather good investment to make ;) lets go!

Long layers with a center part-

Our 3 set hair volumizers for women are perfect for creating this style. It looks flattering too if you’ve got the long and slender face like that of Gwyneth Paltrow. This particular hairstyle incorporates feathery layers with textured ends and a little frizz eliminating serum for a sleek finish.   

Center part pony-

This look is perfect if you’re attending a wedding and are wearing a nice classy gown. It is sure to give you a sleek look. If you’ve got less voluminous hair, our hair volumizers are just what you need to achieve this elegant look. This hair volumizers for girls come in a set of 3 which when clipped properly will give you a voluminous look. 

The center part low bun-

This high fashion staple is a favourite of many celebrities, namely- Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Kylie jenner and many others. What makes it so popular? Its sleekness! Year after year it only becomes more versatile. From formal events to cocktail parties, this look compliments your facial features and accentuates eyes!

If the front part of your head has bald spots or thinning and you want to get this look, the hair volumizers for women and the cover up patches are your instant fixer! They blend well and won’t give any bumpy appearance.

Centre part with 1960s soft volume

Back in the 1960s, hairdressing was considered very feminine. The curves, flowing lines spoke of the essence of a woman herself. Guess what? It's coming back now! Straight but with a hint of volume.

But here’s the trick. You need to have more volume on your crown area to give it a softly 1960s inspired look. Just clip our hair volumizer in the middle of the crown area to make it look slightly bumpy. 

Get the 1HS women hair volumizers to amp up your middle part game. You won’t regret it ;)! xx