Ace The Anushka Sharma Look With Hair Extensions #AchieveTheLook

Her recent Instagram post made the entire country happy, oh especially the paparazzi who are waiting to pap away! Yes, we are talking about Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy post. Let’s get into a time machine and go back to where it began.

Daughter of an army officer and raised in Bengaluru, Anushka studied to be a journalist, but destiny had other plans for her. She walked her first fashion show in 2007 and moved to Mumbai in 2008 in search of more modelling assignments. She went on to debut against Shahrukh Khan himself in 2008. It is safe to say, rest is history. 

From glamorous roles to pathbreaking parts, she has done it all. She challenged the societal taboo of ‘married women don’t act’ and showcased some of her best worked after taking her vows.

From being an actress, she moved on to also become a producer along with her brother with her venture, Clean Slate Films. Well, we would keep going, but it is time to get to the point. She wowed her fans with her awesome sauce hairstyles from the very beginning. 

What if you can achieve all those hairstyles without cutting your hair? Courtesy clip-in hair extensions. Let’s dive in and teach you how you can achieve the look. 

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Yup, you guessed it right! The first on the list is the girl next door look that won our hearts in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. If you are someone who does not have long hair, don’t worry. Our clip-in extensions can do the job for you. 

To achieve this look, you will never long hair extensions, flat iron and a comb. You can use long hair extensions in 22-24 inches for this look. All you need to do is clip in the long hair extensions and comb your hair out to remove any tangles.

Straighten your crown hair and create long waves at the bottom of the hair. Once your hair and the long hair extensions are all styled, create a side partition. There you go! You are all set to look like Tani from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Anushka went all hot and spicy on us in the Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and experimented with the otherwise jet black hair in this film. She gave us colouring and bang goals with her hairstyle. 

To achieve this look, you will need clip-in extension bangs, Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions, flat iron and a comb. Firstly, comb your hair to remove any tangles in the hair. Once your hair is tangle-free, add the clip-in extension bangs and Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions. 

Take the flat iron and straighten out the bangs to create curtain bangs and create long waves in the rest of the hair with the flat iron. And voila, there you go! Your hairstyle is all ready and set!

HumanRightsForAll on Twitter: "Anushka Sharma Unseen Ladies VS Ricky Bahl  Photo"NH10

Anushka Sharma’s performance and style in NH10 set really high standards in Bollywood. She looked like a total boss with her caramel brown hair and curtain bangs. 

To achieve this look, all you need are Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions, clip-in extension bangs and flat iron. Comb out your hair and put in the Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions and clip-in extension bangs.

Straighten out the clip-in extension bangs to create the perfect curtain bangs and create long waves in the rest of your hair and Caramel Brown Balayage clip-in extensions. You are all set to look like a total boss!

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

When all the B-Town ladies went chop-chop and colour-colour, she went back in time and retro with her wavy long hair in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Her character Alizeh stayed with her for a long long time and her style was so wacky & out of the box. 

Would you like to replicate this look yourself? It is super duper easy to do with clip-in extensions. All you need are long hair extensions and flat iron. You can pick up long hair extensions in 24-26 inches based on your liking.

First, comb your hair to remove any tangles. Then clip-in your long hair extensions made of human hair extensions. Once you have clipped them in, use a flat iron and create long waves in your hair and your long hair extensions. 

If you want to take the look up a notch, you can also add brown clip-in extension streaks. It will add that extra edge you are looking for! 

So all your Anushka fans out there, get your clip-in extensions out and try these hairstyles right away. We will come back next week with another #AchieveTheLook article. Until then, stay safe & stylish! XOXO