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Summer Lovin': 5 Trending Wedding Hairstyles featuring Hair Extensions

Got a stack of Summer wedding invites on your table? Awesome! Summer weddings are cool and fun and call for some cute summery hairstyles as well. This Summer wedding season, say hello to hair extensions and tie the knot with some mesmerizing hair styles that are perfect for any wedding guest or even the brides!

From bohemian, to glam and minimalist, we have a style for every personality.

Top 5 Trending Wedding Hair Styles 

1. The Classic Updo with Hair Extensions

The classic updo with saari has been a wedding staple for years, but it never gets old. Whether it's a sleek low bun or a messier look, an up-do is a sophisticated and elegant way to style your hair for a wedding.

How to do it?

An updo is simple to create - begin by adding your clip-in hair extensions. Once they are secured, gather all your hair up in a ponytail, you can decide the placement based on the height you prefer. Then twist the ponytail and form a bun. Fix the bun in place using some fancy clips or u-pins and we're done.



2. Bohemian Waves with Hair Extensions

Relaxed, care-free and 100% summery - bohemian waves are an absolute stunners hairdo for the Summers. It is easy to create also and looks sophisticated and cute. 

How to do it?

To create bohemian waves with hair extensions, start by adding 7 set clip-in extensions for extra length and volume. Use a curling rod to create some loose curls, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Use your fingers to separate the curls and create a tousled look. Finish with a texturizing spray for added volume and hold.


3. The Half-Up, Half-Down with Hair Extensions

If you're confused between an updo and wearing your hair loose, the half-up, half-down style is an ideal middle way. This versatile option allows for personal customization. You can add a set of hair extensions to get some added volume.

How to do it?

Section your hair into parts horizontally, then take the top part and make a ponytail or a bun. For the bottom section, brush them lightly and leave them open.


4. The Braided Crown with Hair Extensions

The braided crown is a romantic and ethereal style that's perfect for summer weddings. This style looks great with a  flowing maxi dress or a bohemian-inspired wedding gown. 

How to do it?

To create a braided crown with hair extensions, start by adding clip-in extensions for extra length and volume. Section your hair from the front and then within each section create three sections and braid them like a regular braid. Once you've created the desired number of braids, criss-cross them and pin as per your preference.





5. The High Ponytail with Hair Extensions

The high ponytail is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. If you've a sangeet night or a cocktail party to attend then this can be a great option as it looks modern and chic. It will add the needed modern galmour to your look. Amp it up with some regular clip-in extension or you can simply get our ponytail extension for a hassle-free hairdo.

How to do it?

To get the sleekest high ponytail, start by clipping in your hair extensions, then take a brush and make sure they're blended well. Then brush all of the hair towards the back but in upward direction, then using your hands bring them together in a ponytail. and secure in place with a hair band. To make it cleaner, take a small section of hair from the base of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band then pin the end using a small tick-tok clip or a bobby pin.

Alternatively, you can create a ponytail with your natural hair and add our ponytail extensions over it for an instantly upgraded look.

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Hair Extension Tips for Summer Weddings

Weddings call for a lot of fun and dancing, hence it is key that you think about these points before picking your hair extensions. Let’s untangle them for a flawless wedding look.

Choose the right type of hair extensions

If you have multiple functions and want to keep changing your look, clip-in extensions are a great option as they are easy to apply and remove.

We at 1 Hair Stop, have some great clip-in extensions that are versatile and can be used to create numerous  stylish wedding looks.

Match the colour of your hair extensions to your natural hair

It's important to choose hair extensions that match the colour of your natural hair to create a seamless and natural look. If you want to look more glamorous, consider mixing things up with some clip-in streaks (available with great colours).

Use heat protectant products 

If you're using heat styling tools like curling irons or flat irons, make sure to use heat protectant products to protect your hair and your extensions from damage. Using heating tools directly will damage not only your hair but your extensions as well. 

Use hair spray to keep your hairstyle in place

Summer brings with it your hair's worst enemy; sweat! Sweat can spoil a nicely done hairstyle and we don’t want that. To avoid such failure, make sure you get a hair spray as it will help keep your hairstyle in palce.

Choose hair extensions made from high-quality hair

The better quality hair extensions you pick, the more natural your look will feel. Instead of buying multiple cheap options, invest in a piece of good quality human hair extensions. Since they're made from natural human hair  they look extremely natural and will give you a flawless look.


Has it ever happened with you that you saw a really cute hairstyle and then tried to recreate it with your hair but all in vain? Because you hair just didn't have the right volume and length. Well, we've been there too!  But not anymore, becasue hair extensions give you that transformative power to play and experiment with your hair. Give hair extensions a try and trust us, once you use them, there is no turning back! Hair extensions give you the added freedom of styling without damaging your natural hair. So, do not limit yourself, try all the amazing hairstyles that we discussed and some more.


Can I wear hair extensions for my summer wedding if I have thin hair?

Yes, you can add some clip-in extensions to your hair and achieve a cute hairdo for your wedding. Clip-in extensions are easy to use and light and will not damage your natural hair.

How long do hair extensions typically last?

If you get good quality human hair extensions, they will last you 2+ years with good maintenance. Cheaper alternatives like synthetic hair extensions might look pocket-friendly but they do not last and hence are not a viable investment in general.

How do I choose the right colour of hair extensions for my wedding hairstyle?

If you want highlights of a different colour then you can try our coloured human hair extensions. But if you're looking to create a seamless natural look then go for hair extensions that have almost the same colour as your natural hair shade. Also the texture of the hair extensions should closely match your natural hair texture.

Can I style my hair extensions with heat styling tools for my wedding hairstyle?

Yes, you can use heat styling tools like curling irons or flat irons on your hair extensions, but it's important to use heat protectant products to protect both your natural hair and the extensions from damage.