Get Summer Ready With 1HS!

Get Summer Ready With 1HS!

Our whole idea behind establishing this flourishing business was to pump up every girl’s confidence level which we believe we were so luckily able to do so. 

Now that summer is upon us, we all need a good hair update that can lighten our mood! Don’t we? 

Without any access to a hair salon, finding some super chic and summer-friendly hairstyles online and trying them at home is likely going to be the most realistic solution. 

You guys i cannot stress enough on how MANY hairstyles you can achieve with our hair extensions! If you think it’s limited then you are so very wrong! Trendsetting is a big deal and our hair extensions are one of the primary contributors ;) 

We desire to switch to a newer look every now and then to add a little flavour to our daily grind and what better way to do it then by using our 100% human hair extensions?

I’ve rounded up my personal favorite simple hairstyles that are going to enhance your look without a hassle. 

1. The No-Effort look!

A look that suits all hair types and an ultimate simple hairstyle on days when it is scorching hot or if it is your second-hair day ;)

A wrap around ponytail extension and bangs! That’s all it takes to make this look super stylish :D

2. A fresh 2000s twist!

Side braids with loose hair are the simplest and the coolest hairstyles if you’ve got short hair! Face-framing side braids are a great option to give your hair a beachy and textured look with a fresh 2000s twist without any extra effort.  

Add clip-in streaks to make it a little more vibrant and bouge! 

3. Low pony but with a twist!

This no-mirror low pony twist is the perfect pre-lunch updo that can be quickly and easily achieved at your desk or in the back of an Uber ;)

You can find these U-shaped clips on our website.

4. Bringing back them Y2K hair duos!

TikTok has become a major source of Y2K hair inspo! Hairstyles from the early 2000s have made a sweeping comeback during the 2020 lockdown and are quite popular among several celebrities. 

From face-framing streaks and braids to braided ponytails and pigtails, the playful nature of Y2K styles have been embraced since the 2000s until now. Achieve this look with our hair extensions only!

From Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid to many other renowned celebrities, each one of them has mastered all these looks on the red carpet. What’s stopping you from doing so? 

Ladies, these hairstyles are gorgeous and low-maintenance that are as chic as cool ;) 

Recreate these hair inspos with our hair extensions and do tag us! We’d love to see it on you lovely ladies xx