How To Buy Human Hair Extensions On A Budget?

How To Buy Human Hair Extensions On A Budget?

Oh yes, we are fully aware. You must be wondering, “Human hair extensions. Wait, wait, human hair extensions on a budget. Is it a joke?” But sister, we are not joking. Human hair extensions are much more reasonable today than they were before. 

Back in the day, real hair extensions were super duper expensive in India. This cost is the courtesy of:

  • How alien the concept of human hair extensions is in India
  • And the monopoly in the human hair extensions market in the country

You could find a pair of real hair extensions very rarely and that too in some retail store at the end of the city. These retailers used to quote prices for human hair extensions based on their whims and wishes.

But darling, this situation is the thing of the past. The market for human hair extensions has fairly opened up right now. 1HairStop’s online store is the perfect example for that. Today we source 100% human hair extensions of the highest quality from temples across the country and offer them to you at great prices. \

Without any middle-man in the way, you can get your hands on A grade human hair extensions at a very affordable price. Oh trust us when we say these prices will make you want to buy human hair extensions right now!

For someone who just wants to increase their length, we have long human hair extensions. For those who want to add bounce and volume, we have volumizer human hair extensions. For the divas who want to experiment with colour without causing any harm to their natural hair, we have a clip-in hair extensions streaks, coloured human hair extensions and more. 

If you are battling with serious hair fall, we have human hair extensions to help you too. Not just that you can jump on the trend train with our offerings like clip-in extension bangs, balayage human hair extensions, etc. 


Oh, trust us, there is no limit to the amount of experimentation that is possible with the help of human hair extensions that we have to offer you at a great price. 

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Well, well, that’s not it. We have a few hacks in our arsenal and we are just about to reveal them to you!

Cover It Up With Patches:

If you are someone who has thin patches on certain parts of your crown and doesn’t want to spend your bucks on a whole set of human hair extensions. We have the perfect solution for you at a great cost. You can get invisible side patches made of 100% human hair extensions and cover up the patches like a bawse!

You can make this happen at almost half the cost of how much a whole set of human hair extensions would cost. Awesome, isn’t it?


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Beat It With Bangs:

The infamous receding hairline. Don’t we all just hate it? Some of us don’t really like the broad forehead we are blessed with and we feel you completely.

What if we say you can cover up the broad forehead in style? Did we get you excited? So ladies, here we go. You can say bye bye to a broad forehead with our clip-in extension bangs made of 100% human hair extensions.

Curtain bangs, blunt bangs, umbrella bangs, side bangs, whatever your choice of bangs you can achieve it all with our clip-in extension bangs made of 100% human hair extensions. The cost of these clip-in extension bangs made of 100% human hair extensions will make you want to own them right away.

Check Out our clip-in extension bangs made of 100% human hair extensions.

Get The Messy Bun You Deserve

Are you someone who is into messy buns? Hi5 girl, we love messy buns too! How can you not, right? 

Whether it is an important meeting at work or a chill brunch with your girl pals, a messy bun will never ever let you down. We can help achieve the perfect messy bun look with real hair extensions. 

Presenting to you our messy bun scrunchies made of 100% human hair extensions, that too at prices you cannot even imagine. No kidding, ladies. See it for yourself.  

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Oh wait, how can we forget. Our messy bun scrunchies made of 100% human hair extensions are also available in balayage style, in case you want to take your style quotient up a notch. 

Now that you have all the information you need, go ahead and get your hands on great human hair extensions at the best price possible.