Hair Extension Horrors: Common Hair Extension Mistakes

Hair extensions are now a popular choice for people who like to add length, volume, as well as a splash of color to their hair. Human hair extensions may offer a brilliant way to get your desired style. However many people make some common mistakes while picking, applying, and maintaining hair extensions. Let's look into those hair extension horrors and view some professional recommendations & hair extension care for a seamless and stunning hair extension experience.

Common Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid & Tips to Overcome Them

Keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous by avoiding the common hair extension mistakes & following the tips mentioned below.

1. Choosing the wrong type of hair extensions

One of the most common mistakes people make while buying extensions is picking the wrong type of hair extensions for their hair type and lifestyle.

Tips to Dodge this mistake:

  • Understanding your natural hair texture (wavy, curly, or coily) is essential for choosing extensions that seamlessly blend with your original hair.
  • For a natural look, determine the thickness of your hair and opt for extensions that match your hair density.
  • Select extensions based on your maintenance routine and lifestyle to ensure they are a fit for you.
  • Explore different types of hair extensions, like clip-ins, tape-ins, bonded extensions, and colorful hair extensions to discover their application methods, durability, and styling possibilities.
  • Seek advice from a hair extension specialist or stylist to find the most suitable extensions for your hair type and preferences.
  • Check feedback from people who have used similar extensions to gain more insight into their experiences.


2. Extension overload


Wearing too many hair extensions at once is known as "extension overload." It may seem like a good idea to add a lot of extensions to achieve that volume, but doing so can cause discomfort, stress your locks, and lead to an unnatural look.

Tips to Layer extensions:

  • Pick the right amount of hair extensions to create the desired look.
  • Choose a more suitable placement of extensions to get the style you want without sacrificing comfort or hair health.

3. Choosing the wrong color 


Mismatched colored hair extensions have a significant impact on the overall look. It creates an evident extension line that interferes with the overall natural look you're trying to achieve and it can be very challenging to customize it.

Tips for Preventing Mismatched Colored Hair Extensions:

  • Explore various types of hair extensions and pick the ones that closely match your natural hair type and color.
  • Try blending various tones for a natural and chic finish or to create subtle highlights. 
  • Look for custom-colored extensions to create a more seamless look.

4. Sleeping With Clip-in Hair Extensions

Sleeping with extensions can cause tangling with your natural hair and breakage of both your natural hair & extensions. Clip-in ones shift or become loose while sleeping due to movement or friction as they rely on small clips that may not endure sleep movements.

Tips to avoid this:

  • Use a silk/satin pillowcase or a sleep cap to reduce friction and reduce tangling.
  • Braid your hair before sleeping to control tangling and breakage.
  • Ensure extensions are securely attached before sleeping to prevent slippage.
  • Best to remove extensions, put them in a bag or pouch, and detangle your natural locks before sleeping.

5. Inability To Follow Correct Hair Extensions Care Routine

Like natural hair, hair extensions too need a ritual to keep them looking amazing & detangled. This means washing, conditioning, and gently detangling hair while avoiding harmful chemicals and excess heat use. 

Tips for Hair Extensions care: 

-To maintain the luster and quality of the extensions, make sure to shampoo & condition your hair as you would your own hair. 

-Follow a good hair extension care routine 

-Keep the extensions detangled and secure in a pouch to avoid any external damage.


6. Wearing Extensions for a Prolonged Period

It might seem tempting to put on hair extensions for a long to get that picture-perfect look all the time. However, wearing them for too long can strain your scalp. Prioritize the holistic health of your scalp, natural hair, and extensions.

Tips for wearing extensions for long:

  • Limit wearing hair extensions to 6-8 weeks at most
  • Pause the use by removing the extensions for a few days or weeks so that your scalp and hair can heal properly.
  • Give your scalp and natural hair time to recover and repair.

7. Placing The Hair Extensions Too High

Placing extensions too high or close to your scalp might cause discomfort, scalp pain, and visibility issues.

Tips to nail the hair extension placement:

  • Begin by dividing your hair in half horizontally, just below the crown, then attach the extensions slightly below your natural hairline.
  • Make sure the extensions are properly placed, securely hidden, and combine perfectly with your locks so that they blend in with your natural hair. 
  • To prevent slipping or shifting during the day, make sure the extensions are firmly affixed.
  • Taking the time to correctly position and secure your extensions can give a more pleasing and natural look.

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8. Choosing low-quality hair extensions

Choosing low-quality extensions can lead to various issues, like -an unnatural appearance, rough texture, fewer styling options, short lifespan, tangling, shedding, inadequate attachment methods, and potential damage to natural hair. 

Tips to avoid this common mistake:

  • Avoid buying overly low-priced extensions, as they might be of poor quality.
  • Look for reputable brands that have a proven track record of producing high-quality goods and provide responsibly made human hair.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials to understand the quality. Ensure the brand has received positive reviews. 
  • Assess their quality firsthand by trying samples or testing the extensions before making a final purchase.
  • Consider consulting with a hair extension specialist for personalized recommendations and guidance.

Expert Tips to Transform Your Hair Extension Experience



1. Invest only in high-quality hair extensions

Prioritize quality over cost while investing in hair extensions to assure longevity and natural appearance. High-quality extensions made from 100% human hair will look more natural, last longer, and be easier to style and maintain. 

You can buy quality hair extensions from our website. Browse our human hair extensions and buy the ones that suit you best!

2. Limit the heat usage

Make sure you don’t use excessive heat styling tools or harsh chemicals as they can damage your natural hair as well as your extensions.

3. Good hair care products

Invest in quality hair care products for natural hair, extensions, and especially colorful hair extensions. Pick good hair care products specifically formulated for extensions to maintain their durability and manageability.

4. Regular maintenance appointments

Plan routine meetings with your hair expert to ensure proper placement, adjustment, and removal of extensions for optimal comfort and longevity.

5. Try different hairstyles and techniques 

Experiment with different hairstyles and styling techniques to find a suitable look and seamlessly blend extensions with your hair for a more natural and polished appearance.

6. Consider talking with a hair extension professional

A hair extension expert can recommend ideal extensions for your hair type, the right placement, and the removal of extensions for better comfort and durability. Talk to our specialist here and discover the best hair extensions for your dream look.


To prevent errors while using hair extensions, keep these expert tips in mind and ensure that you are taking proper care of your hair and extensions. This will help you enhance your hair without any difficulty every single time. Adding hair extensions to your hair care routine if done properly can offer a practical way to enhance the length, thickness, and color of your hair.