Get The Colour On With Clip-In Extensions

Get The Colour On With Clip-In Extensions

You must have asked all of your friends, confirmed it with family. Maybe even ran an Instagram poll on it. But, still, feel like it is a huge decision and requires a lot of commitment? 

No, no, we don’t think you are exaggerating at all. We completely feel you, honestly. Choosing the right colour and colouring method is a huge task, right? 

‘What if the colour doesn’t suit me?’

‘What if it looks good, but goes totally out of fashion in a bit?’

‘What if I don’t want to commit to the colour for really long?’

‘OMG, the hair damage that happens because of colouring. Am I ready for it?’

These are the various questions one has you sisters have in your mind when it comes to colouring. All of them are super valid. That last doubt of hair damage, trust us you do not want to go down on that route. 

No number of hair spas and hair treatments can completely reverse the damage that hair colour does to your hair. Don’t worry, we have the right solution for you and that is coloured clip-in hair extensions made of 100% human hair extensions.  

Whatever your style and colour choice, we have different human hair extension options for you. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Clip-In Extension Streaks 

If you are taking the first step towards experimenting with colouring your hair and don’t want to go all out, then clip-in extension streaks are the way to go.

Clip-in extension streaks add a hint of colour to your hair, just the want to like it. If you want to play peekaboo with hair colour, you can go ahead and use just a couple of clip-in extension streaks. If you want to take it a step further, you can add more than five clip-in extension streaks to your hair. 

Wondering which clip-in extension streaks to choose? We at 1HairStop have a whole of colours to choose from. Baby blue, sage green, red, caramel brown, ash brown, baby pink, lavender and a ton of other clip-in extension streaks are at your disposal. 

Why wait? Go and do some window shopping from the comfort of your home right away! 

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Balayage Clip-In Extensions

If you are a diva who is always dressed in style and loves to stay on top of trends, then balayage clip-in extensions are the right choice for you. If you are wondering what balayage is, it is a hair colouring technique that’s done using freehand.

Imagine painting your hair with hair colour, sounds exciting doesn’t it? If you use balayage clip-in extensions, you can enjoy this trendy hair colouring technique WITHOUT damaging your own hair. 

Deepika Padukone, Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez and a whole lot of goddesses of fashion have donned the balayage look so far. We at 1HairStop spoil you for choices when it comes to Balayage Clip-In Extensions. 

Bronde, bronze, caramel brown, ash brown, are some of the balayage clip-in extensions we have for you. Go on and browse our Balayage clip-in extensions collection. 

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Ombre Clip-In Extensions

If you are someone who likes to keep it simple on the crown of your head and add some colour at the tips of your hair, then ombre clip-in extensions are the way to go. 

Ombre clip-in extensions are the right choice for those ladies who want to keep it plain and simple, yet want to add a tinge of madness. Whether it is a meeting at work or brunch with your girlfriends, ombre clip-in extensions are something you can fall back on. 

All of this without having to use chemicals on your own hair. Perfect right? And yes, you guessed it right. We have a whole ton of options of ombre clip-in extensions at 1HairStop.

Ash brown, caramel brown, golden, burgundy, pink are some of the ombre clip-in extensions you can check out on our website. 

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If you want to go all out and create the colour effect globally, you should definitely try our halo extensions made of 100% human hair extensions. Go on and take a look.

If you are someone who loves and enjoys wearing a good old messy bun, we have the right colouring solution for you too. Our coloured messy bun scrunchies made of 100% human hair extensions, will add instant colour to your hairstyle.

All you need to do is create a bun with your natural hair and then secure it with our messy bun scrunchie. This scrunchie will add the colour you are looking for. 

Our messy bun scrunchies made of 100% human hair extensions are available in caramel brown balayage, ash brown balayage, bronze balayage, golden caramel, etc. Exciting right? Take a look now.

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Go on and colour your life, ladies. Stay safe and stylish! XOXO