Hairstyles according to your face shape

Hairstyles according to your face shape

You know the most important factor that you need to consider when planning to get a natural hairstyle? Your face shape! After all, if you choose the trendiest of human hair styles and it does not match with the shape of your face, it will all be in vain.

I’m sure you’ve been to a salon with a photo of your favourite celebrity and requested for the exact cut only to be told to get a variation of that haircut so it will suit your face shape! See celebrities have got their glam squads at their beck and call who would only give them a haircut according to their face cut, yes that's right and that’s how it works. 

Although confidence is all you need to wear a new cut proudly, there's nothing wrong with consulting your face shape and angles to ensure that you choose the best natural hairstyle suited for your unique facial features.

Read on to figure out the best hairstyle for your face shape so you can rock runway-worthy hairstyles without having a personal glam squad ;)

Determining the face shape

I'm sure you have questions like- what is my face shape? How do I know which hairstyle would suit me? Let’s dig in!

Most of us think that our face is round but you know there’s so much to it than just thinking it has only one shape. When determining your face shape, ensure to consider these factors- your hairline, width & length of your face and your jawline. 

Pull all of your hair back, take a pencil, with the help of the mirror, trace the outline of your face and we are so sure that they are definitely going to fall in one of these categories- long face, oval face, square face, round face, heart-shaped face and diamond-shaped face. 

Oval face shape-

Face length is usually greater than the width of the cheekbones and the jawline is slightly narrower than the hairline. Celebrities with oval face shapes are Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Rihanna. If you’re born with this face shape then you’re lucky as it is considered to be the most versatile for human hairstyles. You can experiment as much as you want!

Hairstyles recommended- if you wanna go shorter, go for blunt bob or else choose a shoulder-length cut with subtle layers to add volume

Long face shape-

Easiest way to define a long face shape is that it’s an oval face shape just longer. Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Swank are few among many.

Hairstyles recommended- flat iron waves to get loose curls and waves or a salon-style blowout to achieve more volume and width. 

Square face shape-

They are wide and the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are nearly of the same width. A prominent and obvious feature of a square face is strong jawline like hailey Badlwin, Olivia Wilde and Gwyeth Paltrow.

Hairstyles recommended- to show off your strong jawline, experts suggest that you should try blunt bangs or a short bob. You can try our clip-in bangs to see if you can go ahead and take the bold step. 

Round face shape-

They are the same in width and length with no prominent angles or corners. They are known as baby faces making you look younger and giving you the liberty to opt for more youthful natural hairstyles. Selena Gomez and Kirsten Dunst will be your hair-spriation here!

Hairstyles recommended- short hair is known to be very flattering for round faces, try a deep side part and create more angles to a round face or pull your hair up into a high ponytail to elongate the face. If you’re daring then opt for a human hairstyle like a short pixie cut with volume at the top. 

Heart-shaped face shape-

It’s wider at the hairline and temples and tapers to a narrow chin that is slightly pointed. Your forehead here is your prominent feature. Your hair-spirations here are Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon.

Hairstyles recommended- high top knot, slicked back high ponytail or if you want to keep your hair longer then try a deep side part with loose waves.

Diamond-shaped face-

If your forehead and jawline are the same width and the widest part of your face is your cheekbones with a narrow chin then you have a diamond shaped face. Some of the celebrities with this face shapes are Vanessa Hudgens, Ciara and Halle berry

Hairstyles recommended- opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers or go for a short textured lob. You can also try a sleek middle part with your hair being tucked behind your ears or a sleek high ponytail to show off your bone structure. 


These hairstyles for your face shape are going to look dope on you! Try them and do let us know how have they turned out :D xx