We are sure you didn't know of these hair extension hacks

We are sure you didn't know of these hair extension hacks

You name anything and browse for any info, Google will list out millions of articles! Google indeed is full of weird but time-saving and informative content including some crazy hair extension hacks! 

Human hair extensions are a convenient way to switch looks. It’s a plus point that clip-in extensions aren’t glued or sewed onto your hair for you to be committed to one hairstyle for months or until you decide to hop onto another hairstyle trend. 

We, at 1HS, produce only natural hair extensions which are procured from 100% human hair. These are super easy to use and the maintenance is also very inexpensive. Once you get a hang of how hair extensions are used under your natural hair, I promise you, you wouldn’t want to go back to all those hair treatments and invest your energy & time into hair-related expenses! 

If you struggle with how to get started, here are four super easy and idealistic solutions we’ve curated for you to get the best out of your natural hair extensions-

1. Backcomb your roots for extra hold

If you think your hair extensions need extra help to stay in place, this solution is for you! Get a teasing comb, separate a section of your hair where you will be clipping in your natural hair extensions, backcomb your roots and apply a little bit of dry shampoo to ensure your hair gets more texture and hold. This will also help the clip-in extensions to stay secured without slipping. 

2. Use a hanger for easier styling

Styling your human hair extensions beforehand is easy and can save you a lot of time. Styling them like curling or straightening them when clipped in can move them out of place and can get a bit annoying. Use our carrier as it makes it easier for you to style your extensions. 

3. Do a bottom braid to hide shorter hair

If you’ve relatively shorter hair, they can easily peek through the extensions. If you want your human hair extensions to look natural, gather the hair at the nape of your neck and braid it from the bottom up. Place this braid flat at the crown area or just at the bottom of it and secure it with bobby pins. Now place your clip-in extensions just above the bobby pins. Once your long hair extensions are secured, undo the braid.

You can also try this as a separate hairstyle if you are going to use a ponytail hair extension. It’s going to look so dope, trust us! ;)

4. To achieve a layered look, place your long hair extensions diagonally 

Have you got layered hair? Then you are definitely going to love this hack ;)

Clip-in your long hair extensions or short hair extensions diagonally if you wanna fake the layers. This will give your hair a natural high to low look that will blend perfectly with layered hair. Our seamless 7 set clip-in extensions are perfect to achieve this look without having to cut your hair.

These hacks for all hair styles from long to short hair extensions

Invest in high-quality hair extensions so that they remain for a long time!