Style our hair extensions into these trendy braids this summer

Style our hair extensions into these trendy braids this summer

You know why braids hairstyles 2024 are my go-to? Because they are fuss-free and long lasting! I’ve had horrible experiences with trying to fix my complicated hair duo in the rearview mirror of the car while I’m parked outside the venue for my rendezvous and I’m sure you girls have been there too!

And believe me that’s no FUN!

Braids with extensions styles are unlimited and no matter what your hair texture, colour or type is, there’s a super chic braided hairstyle for you. Just that you’re yet to find that style. Hence, this blog!

Keep scrolling through this summer braids 2024 ranging from easy to advanced and which we think are super fun to style and wear this summer! Happy braiding you guys!

1. Braid on braid look

My all time favourite! Just try to incorporate two different styles of braid within the same look. Use a volumizing spray then create a loose French braid at the roots with our clip-in extensions (bonus points for its good length), blend it into a fishtail all the way down to your ends and voila, here's your cute braids hairstyles 2024

2. The tousled style braid

This cute hair duo is going to be your new go-to look for keeping your front bangs and short layers out of your face this summer. All you have to do is braid a classic three-strand on each side of your head and secure it with a thin almost-invisible black elastic. Place them strategically with bobby pins so they don’t move around. Use some texturizing pomade to the ends to create this cute and tousled look. 

Use a 3 set volumizer as braided hair extensions for short hair

4. Micro braids on your beachy waves

This summer braid style for black hair is gonna give off some beachy vibes! Try this summer braid to add sweet touch to your beachy waves. Braid your hair into micro braids on sides, at the crown area and the back and knot each of them with thin elastic. Tada you’re all set to rock this summer braid hairstyle.

Use these clip-in streaks to make those micro braids. 

4. The fauxhawk look

Braid it but make it punk! This Rockstar glam is easy and quick to do! Pull all of your hair in the centre and Dutch braid down the middle. To add more volume and length, you can use the halo extensions to give an instant increase in length and volume. This will give you an appearance of a mohawk! Then weave a French braid for a stunning French braid fauxhawk! Braids with extensions styles better and look more natural when they blend flawlessly with your original locks. Try this summer braid and rock the look!


For summer braid styles for black hair, try using clip-in streaks to make them look vibrant and obvious. There’s so much you can do with natural black hair! 

Braids are no longer a school hairstyle! From traditional cornrows, feed-in braids to  field braids, the styles are countless. Summer is the best time to get braids so that you don’t fret about everyday hairstyling!

This guide on braided hair extensions for short hair includes different styles for different occasions. You could wear the micro braids for a beach party and the fauxhawk look to a concert, it’s your call!