Home bound hairstyles that you must try

Home bound hairstyles that you must try

Here’s the thing you guys, having long hair and styling it into a super chic hairstyle isn’t a cup of tea. I'm super lazy when it comes to styling a hairstyle for my straight hair and so are you (at times :P). But you’d find me scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for some WOW hairstyles but if that particular hairstyle for straight hair is going to take more than five minutes, I’m sorry I’d rather just let my hair loose or tie into a low bun with no fancy styling. 

But lucky you ladies! I’ve combed through pages on Instagram and YouTube to come up with some super easy home bound hairstyles for long hair that you girls can wear daily and it’s a win-win deal for you since you’ve also been working remotely ;)

I’m going to be jotting down the top 4 hairstyles for thin hair that you will be able to style in between the mad rush of snoozed alarms and “I’ll be joining the call in 5 mins” texts! It’s going to be a piece of cake! Let’s stylee!

1. The “Shit I’ve got only 5 mins to join the call” hairstyle for long hair

This hairstyle for long hair is super easy yet is going to make you look fancy. Just take a few strands of hair from the front and separate them from the rest. Roll all of your hair into a knot and clip it. To make it look cute, just tie a silk scarf at the bottom with double knots and voila, easy and such a cute hairstyle for short hair!

2. The “Bella Hadid” hairstyle for medium hair

If you’ve got greasy hair and are literally in no mood to wash them, don’t worry! We’ve a solution for that- tie all of your hair into a sleek bun. Make ample use of all of your natural oil to create this Bella Hadid worthy look ;). An ideal hairstyle for short hair and hairstyle for medium hair. But if you want to add extra volume to your hair, you can pick our volumizer!

3. Raquel Murillo hairstyle for straight hair

Money Heist fans will know this and love this! I’m damn sure after watching Inspector Raquel roll her hair into a bun and secure it with a pencil, you’ve tried it, haven’t you? But it’s actually so easy if you think about it. A perfect hairstyle for short hair and hairstyle for long hair, it’s effortless! 

4. Half up knot hairstyle for thin hair

If nothing really works out and you think you have to put an extra effort, then go for this messy half up knot hairstyle for medium hair! Let your hair loose, take a bunch of hair from the front section and tie it into a messy bun. Take a few strands of hair and twirl them to give it a cute final look. You can tie a scarf around the bun or just wear a bandana, either ways it’s going to look chic and effortless!

These homebound hairstyles for long hair and for all the other types of hair are super simple! It’s going to take you a minute or maybe two! It’s about time to upgrade from the usual hairstyles you wear on a daily basis. More than anyone, always make sure to look good for yourself first ;) happy styling!!