4 ways to make a hair barrette look cute and bouge

4 ways to make a hair barrette look cute and bouge

Just how jewellery completes a look of an outfit, hair accessories and hair clips do too for your hair. We really do underestimate the power of hair barrette clips and hair extensions. Today, women are taking the 90s trend and transforming it with dainty embellishments and unique hair barrette.

From Alexander Wang to Donatella Versace, these top and renowned designers have sent their models down the runway in countless fashion weeks with hair clips, silk scarves, unique hair barrette and many other hair accessories. A go-to trend this season because hair barrette clips and hair extensions are versatile and match with every outfit!

Hair clips and other hair accessories have grown up and changed a lot since the early 90s with more designs and options than just clipping two on both sides of your head. 

Hair barrette for little girls is no more reserved for them. It’s a statement that has women rocking it either during their 9 to 5 or a girls night out! ;)

Hair barrette clip and hair extensions won’t cost you a fortune or any heavy styling, you can incorporate these unique hair barrettes to add a pop of colour to your monochrome outfit or just just glam up your hair with a leather hair barrette, here are a few easy ways to make your hair stick barrette game strong, cute and bouge ;) let’s dive in!

1. Go extra with your business casual

The king of accessories- Michael Kors himself says, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a women’s outfit” Well I fully agree with him. Whether you’ve got simple waves, straightened your hair or tied your hair into a topknot, hair barrettes for thick hair is going to add that sassy yet confident look to your overall look!

2. Embellish your messy bun 

Go for a low bun and make it look sophisticated yet elegant with a pearl-detailed hair accessory or you can add a leather hair barrette. It’s definitely going to elevate your overall look. 

3. The edgy and cool look

Statement clips and slogan barrettes give you an edgier look! Ashley Williams, this British designer is famous for adorning her models with hair clips that have crystallized words on them. You can sport these crystal-adorned clips with LBD or a sporty jacket with your hair pinned into sleek straight hair or a ponytail. If you want to add a dramatic look, then clip-in our hair extensions or streaks to play around with colours without damaging your hair. 

4. One for the bride

Clips that have details like florals carved from a crystal will definitely complement or replace your look with a more modern appearance. If you want to change your hair duo after the ceremony into a more edgy one, you can easily switch it! 

Hair barrettes for thick hair, hair stick barrettes, leather hair barrettes and hair barrettes for little girls can be found on our website. 

Next time when you style your hair, don’t leave it bland and boring, embellish it with style statement hair clips and complete your look! ;)