Spilling The Secrets About Clip-In Hair Extensions - Part 2

Spilling The Secrets About Clip-In Hair Extensions - Part 2

Hey sister, how have you been? We know you have been waiting for this clip-in extensions sequel for a while now. We know we left you hanging with the part - 1 on clip-in extensions. But, don’t worry we are back again.

Here’s a quick recap of the clip-in extensions secrets we spoke about in the previous part.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Clip-In Hair Extensions?
  • Which Of The Two Types Of Clip-In Hair Extensions Good For Me?
  • What’s The Best Quality Human Clip-In Hair Extensions?
  • How Much Do Human Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost?

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We know you still have a truckload of questions about clip-in extensions, so let’s go on and answer them for you!

Should I Use A One-Piece Or Multiple Pieces Clip-In Extensions?

Well, this purely depends on the look to want to achieve. If you want to create multiple layers, volume and density in different parts of your crown, then you must use multiple piece clip-in extensions. If you are thinking of going for one piece clip-in extensions, then a faux scalp is the way to go. 

A faux scalp is weaved to make the human hair extensions fall evenly all over the crown. So to answer the question, to each their own. Decide what’s the look you are going for and take a call.

How Should I Choose The Right Colour Clip-In Extensions?

This is a question which plagues a lot of sisters like you. Choosing the wrong colour clip-in extensions will make your hair look like 50 shades of whatever colour your hair is (Just kidding, ladies!) The fool-proof thumb rule for choosing the right colour clip-in extensions for you is to match the clip-in extensions with the tips and not the roots. 

Make sure that the clip-in extensions match the colour of the major portion of your hair and you are good to go! 

Can I Colour My Clip-In Extensions?

Clip-in extensions made of human hair extensions are versatile to a point you can’t even imagine. Super cool right? What does that mean for you? 

Remy human hair extensions are super easy to colour. You can colour human clip-in extensions just like the way you would colour your own hair. And voila, you can colour your clip-in extensions to suit your mood and vibe.

Deep blue or the perfect ash brown, whatever your choice of colour it, you can use it on your clip-in extensions.

How Should I Care For My Clip-In Extensions?

Sister, one thing you must always remember, note it down if you need to. Always treat and care for clip-in extensions like you care for your own hair. 

Your clip-in extensions help you achieve the look you dreamed of and are made of human hair, which is why you must handle them like sweet, precious flowers. Okay, so we will get to the point. 

You should hydrate clip-in extensions with either water spray or wash them at regular intervals, based on how often you use clip-in extensions. You should try and not use too much heat on products, because it will damage your clip-in extensions, just like it damages your hair.

Run a comb through your clip-in extensions before and after you use them and most importantly, handle them with love honey. Doing all of this will help you double the lifespan of clip-in extensions

Read our blog for a deep dive on clip-in extensions care. 

Can I Sleep Wearing Clip-In Extensions

Ask any clip-in extensions veteran and they will tell what a bad idea it is to sleep wearing them. If you wear clip-in extensions overnight, then they will matt and tangle super easily. We cannot stress enough on what a pain it is to untangle those clip-in extensions the next morning.

It is going to take forever sister. Not just that, the clips will cause breakage of your real hair and you don’t want that, do you? So, to answer your question, no you should not sleep wearing clip-in extensions

How Long Does It Take To Wear Clip-In Extensions?

Wearing clip-in extensions is a piece of cake really. It takes no more than five minutes to put on clip-in extensions and not more than 60 seconds to remove them. 

A few ladies are under the misconception that clip-in extensions can only be fitted in salons by hairstylists. But, that’s the farthest from the truth. Wearing clip-in extensions is super easy and can be done at home.

So there you go sister. We really hope that we answered all the questions you wanted answers for. Now that you are empowered with all the information you need about clip-in extensions, go ahead, take that calculated risk, make the right choice and achieve the look you wanted.

Go and get yourself awesome clip-in extensions. You deserve them! XOXO