Ponytail Extensions - The Perfect Solution For Every Occasion 2.0

Ponytail Extensions - The Perfect Solution For Every Occasion 2.0

Did the research and stalked multiple hair influencer pages 

Thought about it over multiple sleepless nights and spent your bucks 

Finally had the eureka moment & purchased great ponytail extensions

Check, check, check. Did you check all the above sentences? That’s great, congratulations on purchasing ponytail extensions. Do you think ponytail extensions can only be used to wear a ponytail? Nahhh..That’s where you are wrong sister. 

Ponytail extensions are super-duper versatile and can be used in multiple ways to create very interesting hairstyles. Surprised? Well, we are telling the truth! Ponytail extensions can help you elevate your look, make you look very classy and give you the look you aspire without having to commit to long hair.

Thank god, you don’t have to put yourself through waking up an hour early, just so that you can wash your hair, dry it and get dressed in time for work. Oh oh, sorry we are going off topic. So, let’s tell you 5 fun hairstyles you can achieve using ponytail extensions. 

One last thing before we begin. We had taken you through multiple hairstyles you can achieve with ponytail extensions in our last blog ‘Ponytail Extensions - The Perfect Solution For Every Occasion 2.0’

If you haven’t read it yet, go back and read it for more juice on Ponytail Extensions!

A High Braided Ponytail

Just stepping out for a beach day with la familia or stepping out of a fancy car for the wedding of the year, here’s a hairstyle that will help you slay both of them like a total diva. We’ve also spotted some dope celebrities wearing this look on red carpets. 

How To Ace The Look?

To achieve this look, you will need wrap around ponytail extensions, a comb and an elastic. 

Comb your hair out nicely and secure it in a high ponytail. Now, take the wrap around ponytail extensions and manipulate it around the ponytail you just put together with your own hair. Now, comb out the ponytail, divide it into three sections and plait it using the classic braid method. 

Do it until almost the very end of the extensions, maybe leave just the last half to one inch. Now secure it using an elastic. There you go, your high braided ponytail is ready to be a stunner!

The Classic Don’t Mess With Me Bun

If there is a hairstyle that screams ‘Do not mess with me’ since the 50s, then it is a classic bun. A classic bun is what it says, it is classic!  No nonsense and no tricks. It can wear this look to almost every occasion without thinking twice. Whether you are wearing a saree or a cocktail dress, this look goes with every attire. 

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com 

How To Ace The Look?

To achieve this look, you will need wrap around ponytail extensions, hair spray, bobby pins and a comb. Comb your hair out well and secure it in a high ponytail. Then take the wrap around ponytail extensions and wear it around the ponytail you created. 

Comb it out once again to ensure that there are no rule breakers hanging. Use hairspray to make sure that your hair stays in place. Now manipulate the extensions around the place you secured the ponytail to create a clean bun.

Secure it with bobby pins and add a tiny bit of hair spray again. There you go, you are all set to look classic in a classic bun! 

The Sleek & Sexy High Ponytail

How could we finish this series of hairstyles with ponytail extensions without talking about the most must in-style hairstyle? Ariana Grande or Kareena Kapoor, all celebrities across oceans and even back home tried their hand at this hairstyle. 

How To Ace The Look?

To ace this look you will need ponytail extensions, a flat iron, hair spray and a comb. The ponytail extensions can either be wrap around ponytail extensions or clip-in ponytail extensions. Comb your hair out well, straighten it with a flat iron and secure it in a ponytail. 

Then put in the wrap around ponytail extensions or clip-in ponytail extensions, after straightening the extensions also with a flat iron. Finish it off nicely with hairspray to make sure that the ponytail looks sleek and sexy. There you go, your hairstyle is all set and good to go! 

That’s the end of the two-part series of the hairstyles you can achieve with ponytail extensions. Well, we could go on with a few more hairstyles, but that’s for another time. Sister, the main takeaway is that ponytail extensions are versatile and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

So, go on, get ponytail extensions for yourself and show the world how to rock different hairstyles with them. XOXO