How To Blend Clip-In Hair Extensions Into Short Hair Like A Bawse

How To Blend Clip-In Hair Extensions Into Short Hair Like A Bawse

Tried every tip and trick in the market? Watched every Youtube video on ‘How to grow your hair fast?’ Invested a lot of money on expensive products that promise to help in hair growth only to be left disappointed? 

Honey, now is the time to break the news to you. You are NOT the only one. There are so many ladies out there, going through the same thing you are. But don’t lose your heart. Unlike that bad relationship or a stubborn stain on your white shirt that you can’t change, you can totally change your hair situation. 

Ask us how? Come on, be a sport, ask us. With clip-in extensions, obviously!

Here’s what clip-in extensions can do to your hair. They can increase the length of your hair like you never imagined or should we say, like you always imagined. Clip-in extensions can help you achieve the bounce and volume like that of your favorite outdoor bush plant. Arelia or Syngonium, you choose honey. 

Hey wait, here’s the cherry on the cake, if you always wanted to colour your hair then coloured clip-in extensions have come to your rescue sister. You can achieve the look you want without having to use chemicals in your hair. 

But, to make sure that clip-in extensions look seamless in your hair, you should be able to blend them in using a few tricks or the trade. Read on to learn how to blend in clip-in extensions in short hair like a bawse baby!

Pin The Pesky Little Hair Away

One thing you must remember when you are wearing clip-in extensions is that most of them are pinned around and above the nape of your head. When you have short hair (shoulder length), the hair at the nape can be super tiny and will interfere with the clips of the clip-in extensions

You can fix this problem in just two minutes. All you need to do is take the rest of the rest, leaving behind the hair at the nape and put it together in a clutch. Now take the hair you left open at the nape and pin it up using bobby pins. 

By doing this you are providing the surface area needed by the clip-in extensions to blend in seamlessly. Once you put on the clip-in extensions, you can remove the clutch you put on the rest of your hair and witness how easily and smoothly your hair has blended.

Tease Those Roots For A Tighter Grip

If your hair is super smooth or super straight, the clip-in extensions will struggle to get a grip. Damn, sometimes perfect hair texture can also be a problem. Who knew, right? Okay back to the point. 

In such a situation, there is a simple fix that will help the clip-in extensions get a better grip and also blend like butter in your hair. All you need to do is tease the roots of your hair, where you are going to put in the clip-in extensions

This makes the roots a bit dense and provides a great grip to the clip-in extensions. Sounds easy right? It is super easy!

Go Higher For A Better Blend

So ladies, here’s a fact about clip-in extensions. You need them to cover as much as natural hair as possible so that they blend it well and look as natural as possible. Wondering how you can do that, especially when you have short hair? 

Well, we are going to tell you sister! 

You need to pin your clip-in extensions higher than usual just so that it covers as much as your natural hair as possible. This will ensure that your clip-in extensions look as natural as the stars in the sky. 



What type of extensions are best for short hair?

Getting hair extensions for short hair can be tricky if you’re a first time hair extension wearer. The best kind of extensions to increase your hair length, if you have short hair would be the 7 or 10 set Clip-in extensions. These are great as they are clipped in layers and make the transition much smoother when your increasing your hair length. They blend in well and also don’t feel as heavy since they’re placed in layers, spreading the weight across your entire scalp. 

What are best short hair extensions for thin hair?

If you have thin hair and are looking for hair extensions for short hair, halo hair extensions are a great option to opt for. Since thin hair cannot hold a lot of weight, the clip in extensions wouldn’t be the right fit. Halo extensions have a wire that is placed around the crown area which makes them super lightweight. These are great to increase both length and volume if you have short and thin hair. 

Hair extensions for short hair price?

The price for hair extensions for short hair vary depending on your need. If you’re looking to just add colour and volume using Clip-in Streaks, the price would start at ₹550 for 100% human hair extensions. Whereas if you’re looking to increase hair length and have short hair, the price would vary from anything between ₹10,000-₹30,000 depending on your need. 

Waves With Smoothen The Blend 

There is no magic that a little bit of waves cannot do. Wondering what we are saying? Ask any veteran clip-in extensions wearer and they will tell you that their biggest concern is the clips puffing a bit too much and showing easily. 

The easiest way to deal with this is to add a bit of waves to your hair. Take a flat iron and create long waves in your hair and your clip-in extensions. This will create volume and bounce in the crown, making sure that the clips don’t show no matter what! 

Frame It & Flaunt It 

Framing clip-in extensions around the widest part of your head, behind the eye line, will help you blend them easily. Add clip-in extensions pieces above your ears etc to make it look natural and smooth. 

If you have been holding back from buying extensions, just because you have really short hair, here’s some flash news for your sister. You can still rock those extensions just like anyone else, if you follow the above tips & tricks. 

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