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New Day, New Look: 9 Hair Products To Achieve The Looks of an Absolute Stunner

Persian Blue? Ash Brown? How about a dazzling Burgundy? We've all thought of these colours and how fabulous they'd make our hair look, but more often than not, we back out worrying about the damage that bleach might do to our hair. We've all adored watching our favourite actresses and pop singers experiment with their hair through different styles and colours, but right when we try to take this courageous step of going bold, our little hair strands weep for help against the dreadful chemicals that hair colours carry and the long term harm it might end up causing. 

Hair for women is like a powerful ammunition. Based on the way we style it, it ends up speaking volumes (quite literally!) about the way we carry ourselves and how we'd like to express ourselves. It's always fun to dust a little charm into our hair and make it look stylish and scintillating. Experimenting with hair is meant to be fun without having to worry about the side effects. We all wish for hair looks that make us look bold, confident and make us feel our absolute best and trust us ladies, we get it, we want the same for you too!

Therefore, your wish has become our command and we at 1 Hair Stop believe that our website is going to become your next favourite candy shop. We've got a variety of hair products that'll let you experiment with your hair and you'll not have a strand to worry about! Confused about what to start with? We present to you 9 hair products from 1 Hair Stop that'll not just enhance your looks but will make you feel you absolutely confident, unapologetic and unstoppable.

1. Braid Hairband

As little girls we've always had our moms and sisters braid our hair, and try different hair styles with simple braids. Whether it's Dutch braid, Fishtail Braid or even Feather braid, they'd make our look angelic, but with today's rush to get ready and walk out of the door ASAP we've got barely anytime to braid our hair. What's the quickest and easy solution you ask? We'll tell you.

1 Hair Stop's braided hairband is the best way to achieve the 'Cottage-core Dutch Girl' vibe. We offer our Braid Hairbands in a variety of colours; Bronze Balayage, Natural Black, Chestnut Balayage, Dark Brown, Caramel Balayage and Burgundy Balayage. These hairbands can be styled in so many ways, whether it's adding layers of streaks to the hair, or layering your hair with two or three hairbands, they just make your hair look oh so dreamy!




2. Clip- In Extensions

We're going to be taking you back to our classics. You can never go wrong with this. Be it an everyday look, a brunch with girls or a Friday night party or even a festive makeover, our Clip- In Extensions are the ultimate saviours. 1 Hair Stop's 7 Set Clip-In Extensions not just add volume but bring out the oomph factor that makes your hair look divine. We've got these Sets in some evergreen shades; Ashbrown Balayage, Bronde Balayage, Caramel Brown, Bronze Balayage and Chestnut Balayage.  

These colours are simply timeless. With one of these babies on, you can leave it to your hair to do all the talking!


3. Ombre´ Clip- In Extensions

We've all had our days where we just feel like dyeing our hair into different colours spontaneously but we also have our days when we'd want to achieve the 'Boss Woman' look in the most sophisticated way possible. The best way to have fun with colour but also exude elegance is going for Ombre´ Shades. They make our hair look lively but also bring a classy touch to it. Ombre shades are genuinely the best of both worlds. 

Our Ombre´ Clip-In extensions come in exciting shades of Caramel Brown as Burgundy that bring a layered beauty to the colour and ladies, with these extensions you just can't get enough!


4. Clip In Bangs

We've heard so many stories about how often women lose their luscious length while experimenting with their hair. Sometimes it gets cut too short and sometimes it takes forever for the hair to grow back. But from now on, in order to achieve a cute, new and fresh look, you can still hold onto your tresses because 1 Hair Stop's Clip- In Bangs gives your hair great definition. 

We've got a little surprise for you: along with these Clip- In Bangs, you also get side pieces that give a natural look and will definitely enhance your look like no other.


5. Curly Clip- In Extensions

We have a confession to make. We'd like to say sorry to our precious hair for making it go through hours of heat and damage while straightening or curling. Curls are beautiful. They bring joy and life to our hair, but while these precious ringlets are pleasing, the hot curling tongs are not! If you're wondering how to get some gorgeous curls without heating your hair, we'd recommend our Curly Clip- In Extensions that makes your hair look bouncy, lively and immediately brings a smile on to your face.



6. Clip- In Streaks

Ladies this is a PSA. We urge you to go all out! Bold is beautiful. Bold is fun. Persian Blue? Ash Brown? Lavender? Still thinking of adding these gorgeous colours to your hair? We say we're ready for it!

Our Clip- In Streaks come in so many colours- trust us, you'll want to try them all. From Teal Blue and Ombre´ Lavender, to Ombre´ Magenta, Ombre´ Toffee Brown and SO MUCH MORE! Confused on what to get? We say four simple words: "New Day, New Look"

We've got videos to suggest different ways to style these streaks too:





7. Ponytail Extensions

Trying to make a smouldering, sultry ponytail that highlights your features and also makes your hair look shiny and luscious? Our Ponytail Extensions is the best option around. 

1 Hair Stop's Ponytail Extensions come as Wrap Around Extensions as well as Claw Clip- In Ponytail Extensions that add a longer and fuller look to the hair. 



8. Messy Buns

Messy Buns hands down has been the easiest hair hack for us to style for years now. It barely takes any time and looks absolutely effortless. How about we take this look a notch higher? We've got variety in Messy Buns too. We offer Messy Bun Scrunchies and Curly Hair Clip- In Bun to accentuate these effortless looks. And for the shining greys, we've got a Salt and Pepper Messy Bun Scrunchie that'll end up being a lovely touch to complete your look. 



9. Accessories For Hair

We believe that accessories for hair are dazzling weapons that help achieve those killer hair styles. Investing in a little bling here and there is always a wise choice. We've got accessories for every occasion and every mood. From a Shell U Hairpins to a Hair Vine and even a Ruffled Band, these accessories are the ultimate head turners.





We told you it'll feel like walking into a candy shop didn't we? We've got so many more products on the website and so many options to choose from. Having fun with our looks and creating new hairstyles is always a the best way to start the day and instantly boosts our mood. As they say "Whatever makes the heart happy"! If you happened to create new looks with our pieces and enjoy our products, we'd love to see you share your looks. 

Reach us out @onehairstopindia on Instagram and watch out for all the amazing products coming your way. Until next time!