Date Night Looks With Clip-In Hair Extensions

Date Night Looks With Clip-In Hair Extensions

“Date night, really? In this time of social-distancing?” Is this what you are thinking? Oh sister, don’t be silly! 

Who says you have to go to a fancy restaurant for a date night? You can transform your dining room into a beautiful candle lit dinner table. All you need is your loved one along with you and of course an AMAZING HAIRSTYLE! No going out does not mean you don’t have to be stylish, right? 

Grab a pen and paper honey, because we are going to tell you how to achieve 5 awesome hairstyles at home with clip-in extensions

Before we give you the hairstyle treasure, we will explain what clip-in extensions mean. Well it is quite simple, they are hair extensions which are weaved together on lace with clips. All you need to do to use them is to clip them into your hair. 

Hairstyles You Can Try With Clip-in Hair Extensions on Your Date Night

1. Braided Pony

Take your date night up a notch with this beautiful hairstyle that starts in a braid from one side of your crown and goes down to form an elegant bun. 

All you need to achieve this hairstyle are volumizer extensions made of human hair extensions to add volume to your crown. The volumizer extensions will make your braid look thick and your bun look fluffy. Go on, try the hairstyle and get transported into a tropical dream!

2. Date Night Waves

How does a red carpet look straight out for the 1940s for a date night sound like? Perfect right?

Date Night Waves looks super dressy, but is still super easy to achieve. All you need are long clip-in extensions in 26 inches, which will take your hair to the hip level. Put on the clip-in extensions and comb your hair to make it nice and smooth.

Take a flat iron and add deep waves throughout the hair. 

And...tada….you are all set look like a queen from the 1940s!  

3. Boho Romance 

If you want to experiment with your look and achieve a boho & chic date look at the same time, then this is the hairstyle for you!

How about some Balayage in your hair? Oh don’t worry, you don’t have to use chemicals in your hair to achieve it. Get our Balayage clip-in extensions in bronde and you can achieve an amazing boho chic look in a jiffy. 

Okay, let’s get back to the hairstyle now. Put on the Balayage clip-in extensions and comb out your hair well. Once your hair is all smooth, take a part of your hair from the crown, manipulate it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. 

And there you go, your boho chic date night look is ready to rock!

4. The Twisted Bun

Want to add a little twist to your date night? Then honey, you are looking at the right hairstyle. To nail this look, all you need are volumizer clip-in extensions and a couple of bobby pins. 

Put the clip-in extensions in your hair and admire how nice, bouncy and volumized your hair looks. Now that you’ve admired what a real beauty you are, let’s back to the hairstyle. Divide the hair from your nape into two halves. 

Comb it out to remove any tangles, pick both the halves up in your hands and tie them over each other at the nape. Now take half and manipulate it into a bun around the knot and secure it with bobby pins. 

Repeat the same step with the other half too. And voila your twisted bun is ready to twist your man’s world around!  


5. The Easy Peasy Look

Want to look at nice for the date night, but not in the mood to put in too much effort? Well then, we have the perfect solution for you. Our messy bun scrunchie made with human hair extensions will do the job just right. 

All you need to do is comb your hair and secure it into a bun. On top of it, you use our messy bun scrunchie to create the perfect messy bun look. And that’s it, your date night look is ready, Easy peasy, isn’t it?


6. The Ponytail Princess 

Minimalism sometimes brings out the best in you. That’s exactly what this hairstyle can do for your date night. All you need to do is comb your hair out neatly, secure it in an elastic and put on our clip-in ponytail extensions.

That’s it, it is done! How easy was that right? 

This hairstyle will make you look both nice and naughty at the same time. So get ready for a fun date night. 

Don’t let the social distancing dampen your spirit and style. Even if it means date night at home, so be it. Dress up, put on your cocktail gown, use clip-in extensions to achieve an awesome sauce hairstyle and enjoy your date.