Different Ways To Part Your Hair While Using Clip-in Extensions

Different Ways To Part Your Hair While Using Clip-in Extensions

Ever experienced another life? Did you ever have an experience when you felt like your entire face changed all of a sudden? Woke up one day and felt like your life changes? If you answered with a yes, then we know you already are on the clip-in extensions bandwagon! 

If you answered with a no, oh sister, you should totally try clip-in extensions now. We swear we aren’t exaggerating. Trying on clip-in extensions can make you feel like a different person altogether. Whether it is clip-in extension bangs or coloured hair extensions it will change who you are overnight. 

A lot of how your clip-in extensions look on you depends on how you decide to part your hair. Trust us, it is not rocket science. It is all about self-reflection and making a couple of right choices. So without any further delay, let us dive into the various ways you can part your hair while using clip-in extensions

The Mid Partition 

This is the OG style of parting and the easiest method. Whatever look you are going for formal or just casual, this parting does the job. Mid partition is one of the most preferred parting methods by sisters around the world. The best part is that it looks great on all face shapes, but is the most flattering for ladies with round faces. 

With equal hair falling on both sides, a round face looks more elongated. 

Mid Partition With Clip-In Extensions

Whether you are using plain clip-in extensions, balayage clip-in extensions, ombre clip-in extensions or hair patches, a mid partition is very easy to achieve. 

First thing to do is comb out your hair nicely to remove any tangles. Then, use a wide toothed comb and create a partition right in the middle of your crown. If you need a reference point, use the middle of your eyebrows.

Once you create this partition, lift a layer of your hair on one hair of the partition and put in 1-2 wefts of your clip-in extensions. Repeat the same on the other side of the partition. Make sure you use the same number of clip-in extensions on either side. 

You can place the clip-in extensions at the height same as your temple or maybe a teeny bit higher, based on your preference. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, place the remaining clip-in extensions at the back of your hair.

And there you go, you just achieved the perfect mid partition with clip-in extensions. The mid partition you create using clip-in extensions is very quick and easy. The best part is that it hides your clip-in extensions so well that sometimes you yourself might forget that you have them in your hair. 

Whether you want to add volume around your face or wear a sleek ponytail, a mid partition is the right choice. 

Deep Side Parting

If you want to create waves in your hair and make yourself look taller, then Deep Side Parting is the way to go. When you want to add waves in your hair right from the crown itself, then a Deep Side Parting is the perfect parting for you, as it adds a ton of volume.

An amazing side effect of this volume being added is that you will end up looking an inch or more taller. And who are we kidding sister, whether we are 5 feet or 5.8, we would all love to add height to ourselves.  

Deep Side Parting With Clip-In Extensions

Okay, we have to be honest with you. If you want to create a deep side parting with clip-in extensions, balayage clip-in extensions, ombre clip-in extensions or hair patches, it can be a little tricky to ace the position of the clip-in extensions.

Firstly, comb your hair out nicely and create a deep side parting on the side of your choice. Use a wide tooth comb to make the partition precisely. Now the next step, once you have your parting in place, lift a layer of hair on the deep side of the partition (we mean the side with more hair). Now add two 2 weft of your clip-in extensions.

Repeat the same process on the other side too, but just add one weft of the clip-in extensions there. What is tricky is getting the height where you put in your clip-in extensions absolutely right.

On the deep side of the partition, layer out the clip-in extensions one on top of the other, as on the other side you will be placing the clip-in extensions at a slightly lower height.

Finally, add waves to your hair and clip-in extensions for the extra oomph factor. This parting style can sound tricky, but trust us, practice will make you perfect it. 

So folks, that’s enough partition gyaan for today. We will come back to you with the continuation of this article soon. Until then, stay strong & stylish! XOXO